1. B


    :timetopar Yes, finally freestyle concert in fresno,Saturday August 6 heres the lineup: Stevie B Cynthia Cover girls Lisa Lisa Shannon Debbie Deb Sweet sensation
  2. L

    Freestyle Explsion Concert San Jose, CA

    August 13th 7:30p.m. HP Pavilion Performers are: Stevie B., Lisa Lisa, Shannon, Newcleus, Nice and Wild, Connie, Pretty Poison, Seduction, Sweet Sensation and The Sugar Hill Gang Where's Cynthia? Gioia? Cover Girls? Debbie deb? They were in L.A. and going to Fresno but why the not Bay Area?
  3. J

    Freestyle EXPLOSION Concert. VIP get in FREE!

    SUNDAY, JULY 3RD "FREESTYLE EXPLOSION" (watch the fireworks show from new york city) Pre- 4TH OF JULY CONCERT @ THE SANDBAR JERSEY CITY, NJ 3 INDOOR ROOMS And The OUTDOOR TIKI BAR Doors Open 8pm-- Show Time 10:30pm hip hop --reggaeton--classics--latin (ticket info will be posted next week)...
  4. E

    La India In Concert In Chicago

    INDIA LIVE! @ Zentra Her voice has found a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. It has conquered diverse musical markets, from dance to salsa, in English and in Spanish. That voice is unique. That voice belongs to India ... PERFORMING HER INTERNATIONAL DANCE HITS LIVE - FOR THE...
  5. B

    Copa Freestyle Concert Pics

    Hi everyone. Someone had posted a link to some really good pictures from the show. It linked to or something but now I can't find it. Does anyone have the link? If so, can you let me know exactly what it is. I really appreciate it! Cookie
  6. B

    upcoming fever concert video?

    Can anyone tell me if the upcoming concert at copa on the 29th may will be filmed/video? if not is there a reason why? is it a contract or money thing? As i live way too far to attend and I sure I am not the only one who would love to see all the great acts.
  7. B

    Club exit concert video?

    Hi Does anyone have a good copy of the club exit concert performances, which was recorded about 2 years ago on a hand held camera. I had a copy but have recently moved and now can't get my hands on it. Also looking for any other concert/club tour performances, dvd, video, vcd?
  8. P

    I Am Looking For Any Footage Or Concert Or Videos Of?

    I Am Looking For Anything On Video Tape Or Dvd On Face Clear Touch Girls Club Tru Voices Daize Lasssiez Farie Tiana Joee
  9. D

    Freestyle Explosion Concert !!!!

    Freestyle Explosion Concert in Southern California at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. Freestyle performers include.... Stevie B , Lisa Lisa, Debbie Deb, Shannon, Cynthia, The Cover Girls, Pretty Poison, David Torres (formerly of Nice & Wild) and the Sugar Hill Gang all taking place on June...
  10. Company B

    Orlando concert CANCELLED!???

    Is this true? What happenned????????????????????????????
  11. raquii

    KTU Freestyle Flashback Concert at Avalon (3/24)

    So apparently there's gonna be Freestyle at New York's Avalon this Thursday. I might go. It's free for ladies up to midnight if I get on the guestlist. Anybody know about this?
  12. NVDisMa729

    Freestyle Concert In Orlando

    on april 30...who going? I AM!!!!!!!!! :nah
  13. O

    Freestyle Concert In Miami April 2005

  14. La Mas Grande

    Usher's Concert on Showtime

    Overall it was an awesome concert. The boy does know how to give a performance. My daughter loved it. He had a few special guest come on and do their thing, like Daddy Yankee,Fat Joe, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris and a new artist on his new label name Rico Love. Also Beyonce came on and to be honest...
  15. Edalgiere

    Ministers Protest Nelly Concert in Ark.

    March 3, 2005, 7:43 AM EST JONESBORO, Ark. -- Ministers from 20 churches have banded together to protest Nelly's upcoming performance at Arkansas State University. "When we started seeing some of the vile and filthy lyrics ... we thought we should get involved," said the Rev. Adrian Rodgers...
  16. A

    freestyle legend concert in detroit!

    did anyone go to this concert on 2/11/05 at club sevin? if so how was it and any pics? the last few concerts in detroit u guys have been slacking with the pictures for us to enjoy! lol performing was collage,lil suzy, & angel
  17. A

    2/11/05 Freestyle Concert In Detroit!

    This Is To Be Held At Club Sevin In Pontiac! So Far I Have Heard Collage,lil Suzy And Angel From Cover Girls Will Appear! Should Be A Great Show!
  18. B

    concert / club footage?

    I looking for any concert or club footage from any of the numerous freestyle concert that have happened over the past couple of years. The last one I had, before I misled it, was the club exit fever reunion. Can anyone help?
  19. C

    O.K When are we having another FREESTYLE CONCERT in CHICAGO?

    Hey feestyle freaks! Does ANY of you know when there will be another freestyle concert thrown in Chicago? I seemed to have missed the last one. Thanx. :)
  20. Company B

    THIS SUX!!! (Miami Concert)

    It's showtime in a minute, & I am not able to use my tickets in any way. Something came up, & we're not able to go to Miami. Even worse, since we purchased the tickets to be held at the Box Office at the Miami Arena under my name & card number, I can't even sell them if I tried. A friend &...