THIS SUX!!! (Miami Concert)

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Nov 27, 2001
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Boston/ NYC/ South Florida
It's showtime in a minute, & I am not able to use my tickets in any way.
Something came up, & we're not able to go to Miami.
Even worse, since we purchased the tickets to be held at the Box Office at the Miami Arena under my name & card number, I can't even sell them if I tried.

A friend & fellow CF-er needed tickets, & I wasn't able to sell them cuz the Box Office will only sell them to him if "I" am present with my I.D. & card.
So I can't use 'em.
Nor sell 'em.

Just my luck. It's not the first something like this happens.

I am soo F***ING HEATED cuz it's Trinere's last performance, & I was dying to see the entire line-up, especially Betty Dee of Sweet Sensation.
Well kiss it good-bye, along with the over $100 I spent on the tickets to nothing. Gone with the wind.
I must say it's a very "SUCKY" feeling to spend money on "nothing".

Well jus wanted to share my Freestyle misfortune. :(
Hope all that go have a great time.