1. J

    Info for not So Silent Night Concert

    Here's some info for those that are going to party 93.1 "Not so Silent Night Concert" Tickets Are Still Available and Will Be Sold At the Miami Arena Box Office (North Side of Arena on 8th Street) NO Cameras Are Permitted. NO VIDEO CAMERAS! NO LASER POINTERS! Video Cameras and Laser Pointers...
  2. A

    Freestyle concert after party

    Not So Silent Night Freestyle After Party with Stevie B held at Ruby Lounge 623 Washington Avenue, South Beach Saturday December 11th. Doors open at 10pm and close at 5am. For more infor and vip list call Alyssa @ 786-236-5099 or email her @
  3. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Copa Freestyle Fever Concert 11/24

    Ok here are the pictures enjoy!!! Speedy from KTU
  4. A

    any pictures from detroit concert?

    can anyone post some of the pics from the nov. 19 concert in detroit? stevie b., rockell, cynthia, johnny o? I heard it was off the hook! please post some guys!
  5. Company B

    Sweet Sensation & Trinere in CONCERT!

    That's right! South Florida's Party 93.1's "Not So Silent Night" concert will kick off Sat December 11th, at The Miami Arena, starring: Lisa Lisa K7 /TKA Erotic Exotic /Secret Society with Los Suscios Amoretto Cynthia Johnny O Judy Torres Coro Angel of The Cover Girls Lisette Melendez Lil'...
  6. M

    Miami Freestyle Concert 12-11-2004

    Party 93.1 Presents: “NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 3” Saturday December 11, at the Miami Arena. Starring: Cynthia Johnny O K7 featuring Kayel of TKA Rockell Lissette Melendez Lil' Suzy Judy Torres Angel, The Original Cover Girl Erotic Exotic with Rudy Gil of Secret Society Betty D...
  7. A

    Detroit Freestyle Concert 11/19/04

    Just Heard About It! It Will Be At Club "sevin" In Pontiac Scheduled To Appear So Far Are 1. Stevie B 2. Rockell 3. Johnny O 4. Cynthia Sounds Great So Far!
  8. crazygirl

    R. Kelly Pepper Sprayed at NYC Concert

    NEW YORK (Oct. 30) - A member of rapper Jay Z's entourage released pepper spray at R. Kelly during a joint concert at Madison Square Garden, Kelly's publicist said. The spraying happened about an hour into Friday night's show, when Kelly walked on stage and said he saw two people in the...
  9. J

    Shannon Concert Contest!!!!!!!!!!

    Ladies and Gentleman, Tomorrow night one of the original Queens of Freestyle will be gracing Toronto, the T Dot, with her musical stylings and vocal acrobatics! has 2 (TWO) tickets to giveaway to the first member who can post and correctly answer the following Shannon...
  10. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Freestyle Concert October 10

    Ok It was called the "Mega Freestyle/Dance Concert" but as you all read it wasn't, but there were some artist that did perform... here are the pics of the ones that DID perform!! Joey Kidd
  11. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Tonight's Mega Freestyle/Dance concert

    First let me start off by saying the concert was totally unorganized and SUCKED. First I waited almost 2 hours to get in the place when the doors were sopose to open at 9:00. The show started around 12:30 Joey Kidd came out, then instead of continuing with the rest off the acts the DJ played...
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Freestyle Dance Concert @ Backdrafts~*~

    Check out the link.........
  13. RetRoxNaTion

    freestyle concert pics:erotic exotic,sandee,and the miami party 93.1 concert

    hey everyone.. i have some pics here that i took at the miami freestyle reunion concert back in dec 03.. the frst one is me with sandee the second one is me with Gus from Erotic Exotic...
  14. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Mega Freestyle Disco Dance Concert~*~

    MegaFreestyle Disco Dance Concert !!! (OneNight Only!) Performing Live Soave (Cryin over you), Lydia Lee Love,(Don't take your love from me) &more(You'll never find another love like mine), George Lamon,(Bad of the heart) Coro,(Can't let you go) Noel,(Silent Morning) Judy...
  15. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Just Got IN Fm Miami's Freestyle Concert~*~

    I have to say that I had the time of my life in Miami for the Power 931 Freestyle Concert! It was the best so far! Shannon, Joyce Simms, "& MORE", Lisa, Lisa, David of Nice and Wild, Debbie Deb, Aby, Stevie B., Coro, Will to Power and George Lamond performed their hearts off. :) Out of all...
  16. LilMsBoop

    ~*~Just Got Back Fm Miami's Freestyle Concert~*~

  17. Freestylepete

    Party 93.1 FM Concert Was Great

    Just wanted to say The Party 93.1 FM concert in Florida was a total sell out with over 7000 fans having the time of there lives. Now People we need you to hit up and click on where it says your thoughts about the historybreaking concert and write them you want to hear new school...
  18. HennyLuv159

    Freestyle Concert ???

    My boy 2wayed me yesterday in regards to a Freestyle Concert in Rhode Island in Sept., I'm grateful that I came to mind when he heard the info. Problem is he didnt have much 411......not good. Anyone have any info on this event, any 411 would be appreciated. Also before I forget, whats the deal...
  19. S

    Miami Freestyle Concert Party 93.1

    Party 93-1's Freestyle Reunion: Concert UNO An Event 20 Years In The Making!!! Party 93-1's Freestyle Reunion: Concert UNO Coconut Grove Expo Center Saturday Night - August 28th Starts At 7pm Featuring Freestyle Legends: Debbie Deb (When I Hear Music, Lookout Weekend) Shannon (Give Me...
  20. Delisious

    Hilary DUff Concert

    Last Night in Jersey with Veronica her little Girl Jasmine and my two Nyasia and Kiana. This concert was for them. They all worked so hard this year and they deserved it. The Concert was packed, had to take a bus to the Arena. Started off with Haley Duff, Hilary's Sister. My little girl Nyasia...