1. M


    does anyone know what the deal is? they haven't had a "miracle on 34th" concert anymore, anyone know the reason behind this?
  2. chinkstha84

    another concert in CT "freestyle extravaganza 2"

    so jealous i couldn't get tickets for the 1st one and decided to google freestyle concerts and found this 2nd concert called Freestyle Extravaganza 2, no info on which artists are going to be there so if anyone has any info on this concert please post asap. here's the link to the ticketmaster...
  3. D

    Stevie B. COncert November 11th...

    hey everyone... can't wait till Stevie returns to Toronto... just wanted to know if hes going to do a meet and greet after the show or maybe b4.... i really wanna get a hold of his new album...
  4. damianwild

    Gwen Stefani Rocks Freestyle At Msg Concert!

    I just came back from seeing Gwen Stefani in concert at Madison Square Garden..The Black Eyed Peas opened up for her (with special surprise guests soul legend James Brown and Justin Timberlake)....after the BEP performed Gwen guessed it...80's music playing which then turned to...
  5. heidee14

    GL & Dino Latino@Daddy Yankee Concert

    Our very own George LaMond & Dino Latino were a success as one of the Opening performances at the Sold Out Daddy Yankee Concert at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL..Here are some photos George would like to share: plus a pre concert article: Daddy Yankee Changing Latin Music Rythm
  6. J

    NE 1 Going to Freestyle Concert MIAMI

    This Friday, October 14????? I am going to be there..... SEE YOU THEN!!! :dancingb
  7. jazzy4u

    10/7/05 Krystal's Benefit concert

    JAzzy, Ashley, Deli and My only , Ayna and me annd Krystal dancing with Sam
  8. Latin Nation

    Krystal's Benefit Concert pics

    Remio & Pete of DOS Lamatrix, Heartbreak **grrrr***, DJ Paradise, Phillip Anthony's Girl and Phillip Anthony Nyasia & Sam Savon Performing Brian of Pure Tren, Dengel, Nina Martinez, Me & someone else??? Sam Savon Singing to Krystal Fans watching: Wait is that Gemini, Josie's Mom, &...
  9. NVDisMa729

    Did people get the email about the concert tonight?

    the concert aint gonna be held at the Borinquen Nightclub. It's been changed to La Martini Lounge.
  10. J

    To Everyone Attending The Concert Tonight

    WAZAAAAAA CF PEEPS! I want to personally give a HUGE shoutout to all the CF peeps who are attending tonights benefit concert. I did not personally get involved in this event but what I do know is that the funds are all going to our very own Super Moderator KRYSTAL whom has taken a huge...
  11. Tony G.

    Nina Sky Concert and Nu Image

    The Nina Sky concert @ USF went great. There 3 Reggaeton acts rockin the crowd and it was was an anticipation to see how the crowd would receive Nu Image and our NEW Music. The Crowd was awsome with their response to the Urban Dance Sound aswell to the Reggaeton track we performed and the...
  12. Edalgiere

    102.7 Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert

    i had an excellent time talk about time travel. first a special thanks to scotman ALISHA's manager for inviting me back stage it was very surreal first off what a great place to see a show out side on the lawn the music started with CAROL WILLIAMS the voice of sdalsloul orchastra she was...
  13. damianwild

    Free Freestyle Concert Tomorrow Night To Benefit Katrina Victims!!

    In today's NY Daily News "Radio Dial" column there is an item - WNEW radio (102.7 FM) is holding a FREE Katrina relief concert tomorrow (Friday September 23rd) starting 7PM at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in Eisenhower Park, which is in East Meadow, L.I. Artists performing include : ALISHA...
  14. ChuckD

    9/23/05 102.7 Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert

    Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert Please join MIX 102.7FM, Nassau County and the American Red Cross in helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. On Friday, September 23rd at 7:30pm at The Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY, MIX will host a free Hurricane Katrina...
  15. victorvega

    Red Cross Concert for Katrina in Atlantic City

    On September 24, 2005 The Red Cross will be holding a benefit concert at The Walk in Atlantic City with performers coming in from all over the United States. I will be performing at this event. I will be selling CD’s and all proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross. Showtime 11:00 AM to 8:00...
  16. CandyLandGirl

    Stevie B Concert Review

    Check out the STEVIE B Concert Recview from last nights Concert
  17. D.J. Paradise

    FREESTYLE CONCERT At SOHO LOUNGE Downtown Miami October 14th

    FREESTYLE CONCERT At SOHO LOUNGE Downtown Miami October 14th. Make Your Plans NOW!!! You have plenty of time to lock this date and invite your friends.. SOHO LOUNGE MIAMI DOWNTOWN DISTRICT Date: October 14th. 2005 Performing live: CYNTHIA JOHNNY O GEORGE LAMOND ABY formerly of TKA DJ MICKEY...
  18. E

    La India in concert in Ny

    India and Orchestra AUGUST 28 HIGHLAND PARK BROOKLYN ,NY
  19. O

    Rare Noel Concert Poster 1988 up for grabs!
  20. NVDisMa729

    **Freestyle Concert**

    7/29 I heard it's gonna be in Orlando at some club called Studio 58. George LaMond Noel Rochelle and others