1. Delisious

    Prince Concert

    The Beginning of the week was the best catching Prince here on Long Island was a great treat, Not even knowing he was here Because I never watch TV or Read the paper. Well I got a call from Nelson FFWD Cruz who happens to have 3 All Access Back Stage Passes to the Prince Concert. I was like Yeah...
  2. M

    Freestyle Concert 2004

    I was wondering if anyone is gonna show up to this concert. Alot of great acts are performing. I'm taking my younger brother with me to see it. He's not 18 yet so I thought this would be good since stuff like this with the all age pass don't happen too often.
  3. Company B

    D'Luna@ O'Zone Miami/ Free 2004 concert tix!

    "THROB NIGHTS" at O'Zone nightclub in Miami, in association with Fever Records, presents a special Monday night of Freestyle, Electroclash, & Miami Bass, with a performance by the Miami Breaks Diva, - D'LUNA! Along with a special FREE ticket giveaway to the FREESTYLE FEVER 2004 Concert!!! NO...
  4. M

    July 30th Huge Freestyle concert in Miami

    I just received a flyer for a concert on July 30th in Bongos Cuban Cafe a big classy venue for Freestyle Fever 200. The artists performing are K7 featuring TKA, Johnny O, The Cover Girls, Noel, Judy Torres, Nayobe, Cynthia, Sandy, and GIOGIA. Thats two huge concerts in one month here in Miami...
  5. A

    Grove Concert 2004

    Has anyone ever bought the VIP tickets for freestyle concerts in the past? If so....are they worth the Hundo?
  6. C

    PARTY931 concert miami

    hey guys... Party931 freestyle concert... I have my tickets for the show... August 28th here in miami who else is going???
  7. J


    i heard that there'll be a freestyle concert in San Jose, California sometime next month (aug 2004)!! get your tix now if you're in the area:D lineup includes: lisalisa, expose, stevie b, cover girls, debbie deb, johnny o, and cynthia!! i think that there are more people, but im not too...
  8. B

    MAJOR Freestyle Concert in Sacramento!!!-Freestyle Explosion

    Finally a huge freestyle concert coming to Sacramento. I have been waiting for this for DAYS!!! Now all of you, my Bay Area friends, have a reason to come up here to Sacramento! Here's the info... “Freestyle Summer Explosion” Performers: Stevie B., Lisa Lisa, Debbie Deb, The Cover Girls...
  9. Unique_Freestyle

    Freestyle Concert In The Bay Area!!

    Saturday, August 7th, 2004 in San Jose Stevie B "Party Your Body" "Spring Love" "Because I Love You" Expose "Come Go With Me" "Let Me Be The One" The Cover Girls "Show Me" Debbie Deb "Lookout Weekend" "When I Hear Music" Lisa Lisa "Head To Toe" "Lost In Emotion" "Can You Feel The Beat"...
  10. G

    Freestyle Concert in Salisbury, MA

    Anyone hear about this? My bro told me about it yesterday when he was listenin to Star 93.7 and he said that the concert will be hosting Stevie B and George Lamond and he said he couldnt remember the other names... *rolls eyes* But anyone have any info on this and the age u have to be to get...
  11. P

    chicago freestyle concert 6/05/04

    how was the concert? any reviews/pictures? any news to report?
  12. lilshygyrl

    there's a freestyle concert coming to chicago!!!!

    :yeey i was turning channels in my car and i stopped on B96 cause i heard Safire, it was a commmerical Freestyle Flashback i think its called. with Safire, Noel, Seduction, Will to Power, and Coro. im gonna have to find some more info bout it
  13. ChuckD

    Pics for laughs....the "concert" outfit...LOL

    Ok, I told LaMatrix and Krystal that I was gonna wear my rubber bracelets and "ROO" belt buckle to the Madonna show on the 17th. They wanted to see the pics....and what's a little public humiliation between here they are.
  14. sExXxe

    Eye 2 Eye & Lil Suzy Concert Flyer!!

  15. sExXxe

    Lil Suzy and Eye ][ Eye Concert in Detroit

    Hey peeps another great event going on in detroit the Freestyle Rush 04!!!!! Saturday May 1st at Bleu Room! 21 and over with proper id please! Doors open at 10pm! Dress to Impress! Tickets available at or Planet Rock Music 313-554-4525 or VIP...
  16. A

    Another Detroit Freestyle Concert Planned!

    I just heard that on May 1st this year at the same Club Bleu there will be another concert and so far i have heard that Lil Suzy will be there and others guests to be named! will follow up when i get some confirmation!
  17. latinocop

    Prince Concert

    Finally.! DAMN!!! Am I tired. Just finished buying tickets for thr PRince Concert here in MSG for my mom. Ibought some nose bleed tickets, then found out they put out a second day and got another set of tickets alot closer. :D So of course she's getting the better ones. Now I have to sell the...
  18. J

    Jonny O Concert in Austin, Texas

    Some great news for the Down South. Jonny O will be preforming live in concert at Carribean Lights in Austin on Friday March, 12th. Tickets On sale at the club or you can buy them at Turntable Records on 505 W.Mary St. Tickets are 10 dollars pre-sale and 12 Dollars at the door the night of...
  19. A

    Detroit Freestyle Concert!

    Freestyle Is Coming Back To Detroit! Sat March 20th! At Club Bleu Downtown Detroit! So Far The Artists Will Be Rockell And The King Of Freestyle Himself The Great Stevie B! Tickets Are $20! Thru Ticketmaster!
  20. Nyasia

    May 30th Freestyle Concert @ Latin Quarters!

    Now many of you have been to the concerts that Angel Cosme (Safires brother) has thrown at Club Bliss, Well he's back and doing it al over again! May 30th he is throwing a Freestyle Concert at Latin Quarters. 1- this is enough time for you out of towners to get your tickets ready and make all...