1. ChuckD

    Help needed from the NYC peeps.....

    Ok, I want to surprise a friend with a gift. He is a huge fan of "Sex & The City" and apparently there are a number of scenes that were shot by a big fountain by Central Park. We went to find this fountain, he wanted a pic of himself by it. Well, the fountain is under construction and we...
  2. jazzy4u

    Shout out for the peeps on now

    Hello Familia Shout outs Fred FreestylePete Tanktruck and the ghosts (LOL)
  3. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Peeps that are going to the copa

    Ok i'm really not sure who is going but lets make a meeting place, cause everyone thats been to a freestyle show knows it gets reaaaal packed. So come on peeps let meet up, theres alot of cool peeps i've met on this site and i would like to meet someone of the "new" members.. post up :sflower
  4. Edalgiere

    ow an appolgy to some peeps

    been rude and kind of down the last week. my gf is going back home might be for good :(
  5. aim4night

    happy bday oct peeps

    :bparty hope all the oct bday peeps enjoy . good luck and many more!! :hbday
  6. ChuckD

    alright peeps, I'm out!

    I'm on my way to to Bridgewater, NJ. Today is my brother's wedding. I'm about to start getting ready, and pack a bag. Got a hotel room for the night, and a shuttle from the reception to the hotel. Gonna get my drink on! :lol See you all tomorrow!
  7. Psycho

    What's up peeps!?

    Just wanted to say what's up to all and that i haven't forgotten about you all or CF. I've just been goin' through some shiat. lol But whatcha gonna do life's a bitch and than you die. lol Hope everyone is doing good, shoutouttsss to you all. Laterz!! ;)
  8. Colombian Harry

    Sup Peeps

    Sup everybody. I'm here. I'm alive and Frances is long gone. Nothing happened to me or any property I have. I can't say the same for other peeps. Now I have to keep tabs on Ivan. It's still not known what course it's going to take. Some computer models have it going here. Other computer...
  9. aim4night

    happy bday sept. peeps

    :cparty enjoy your day bday peeps!!:sflower
  10. E

    I miss my CF peeps

    I just came by to sat hello to all my CF peeps I missed you all. To the MODs I miss you guys Krystal ChuckD and all the MODs keep it rockin up in hear
  11. Edalgiere

    a suggestion to the peeps including the ladies

    becareful of what you leave at your desks at work likle personal items the reason i say this was that a cple girls where let go today(fired) and some of us had to empty there desks one of the girls had a pocket rocket vibrator in her desk
  12. Edalgiere

    wish me luck peeps

    the company i work for is landing a new account and right now there choosing peeps to work on this account training for this account might meen 3 wks in california and there only chooing there top producers and i found out to day i am in consideration for this assignment i want this real bad
  13. Edalgiere

    yea peeps i finaly made the..........

    5000+ post club :dancepuff
  14. aim4night

    happy bday to june peeps

    :hbday :cheer
  15. Edalgiere

    peeps what was your most memorable show

    what was the most memorable show that you have been to mine so far was last years july 3rd wild palms show of the big show
  16. FreestyleGod

    Hello peeps!!

    Hello peeps!! Just wanted to say hi and let you know what I have been up to lately. Well... 1. I proposed to my girlfriend recently. She said Yes. I did it all as romantic as I could at the moment under the full moon light of last month. 2. I am not moving to Florida this...
  17. jazzy4u

    Shout out for the peeps on now

    Hi El Bori, I decided to do this right now 1sxychica Ariel973 BabyBettyBoop DYSTAV Freestylelove1968 FreestylePete JayB LaMasGrande LizTorres Michelle28 Nightrayn Onrivera98 TED And to all the peeps that are peekaboo
  18. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Monday Peeps~*~

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening my peeps. It's Monday and hope you all have a wonderful day today. Be safe. :heee
  19. Edalgiere

    theres very few peeps

    that is as classy and straight up as nyasia
  20. S

    What Da Deal Peeps?

    My name is Jacqueline....On CF my name is Shakeemup22...I I'm originally from PA and now I reside in Durham, NC...I am a college student majoring in biology...I love to write poetry, sing, rap and play sports....I am thankful to be a member of clubfreestyle because this is an opportunity to...