1. Kenny Guido

    California freestyle fans!!!! Finally a huge show 4 u cali peeps!!!!

  2. J

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the great peeps

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! May God Bless The CF People.
  3. Edalgiere

    narrow and closed mind peeps

    just make my blood boil . so you dont like a persons lifestyle big deal just move on people have the way to live there lives as they see fit not how you think they should live
  4. L

    Need some help peeps

    I heard this mix and one of the songs i want to get talks about the question that i have to ask and it starts off saying it's been so long. That's all i can remember.
  5. lil_reeses

    Suggestions from the peeps in miami and surrounding areas

    i have to dig up two cultural events that our school could arrange to go to. The problem is that for some reason miami is being a dead city when it comes to that. I've searched so many places and found nada. We already went to the Miami Art museum so cant touch that. ugh! Can anybody help me?
  6. Edalgiere

    Cf Peeps Are The Best

    You Guys Are Amazing Makes Me Proud To Be Part Of This Community Dont Think There Is A Better One I Keep Looking @ The Threads For The Hurricane Show And Its Just An Awsome Site We All Came Here For The Music And Got So Much More So Every Body Thats On Cf Take A Bow Special Thanks To The...
  7. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Looking For Peeps In Puerto Rico

    Hello everyone :wave I know I've been kind of MIA for a couple of months I just wante to say hi!! I've been real busy at my job and cant log on as often as I'd like to. Sometimes I just log on and log off so quick that I cant say hi. Well just wanted to say HOLA from Puerto Rico. Hey if...
  8. B

    Ever had a weird dream about CF peeps?

    I decided to take a little nap at about 8:30 this morning and had a crazy dream: I was walking along the boardwalk at Coney Island with Jack G and we were on our way to a beach barbecue where we were gonna meet up with DJP. It was a "leave your significant other at home" day just for guys, and...
  9. J

    CF Peeps WELCOME your New Moderator - ENIGMA!!

    Wazaaaa CP Peeps! Please give a BIG SHOUTOUT to returning Moderator and resident CF Thong Expert, ENIGMA! Enigma will be your Photo forum Moderator and for a small optional fee, your Thong advisor. Thanks Again ENIGMA!!!!!
  10. italo512

    Florida Peeps!!!

    I Wanted To Wish All The Florida Peeps,good Luck Through This Storm,and Hope Everything Works Out For You And Your Family.i Know This Isnt The Worse You Seen,but For Us Jerseyans,wed Be Scared As Hell. When They Predict Floods Of 1-2 Inches,the Supermarkets Are All Cleaned Out,and Everyones In A...
  11. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hello Peeps~*~

    Is it lunch time yet? :blah
  12. Company B

    Central FL peeps meet-up

    Hey, Curious if any Central Florida peeps (or other FL peeps willing to meet up), would like to set a date to meet up, & go out to eat, or the Theme Parks, etc. i'm down. Who do we have in central FL??? Or who will be willing to come out to central FL? :huh
  13. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Wednesday Peeps~*~

    Good Morning CF. :hithere Hope you're feeling good that it's Wednesday and the week is almost. :D Don't forget it's a long weekend for most since it's the 4th of July. Much partying to do this weekend. :dancingb Hope to see a lot of you at Ayna's Record Release party tomorrow, Thursday at...
  14. E

    240 peeps viewing shoutouts!

    Oh dayymmm is that like real? :lol Lots of peeps here tonight checking out shoutouts! :heee
  15. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Gotta Go Peeps~*~

    Enjoy the rest of the day. I'm out! Getting in my car and going wherever the wind blows. :heee
  16. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hey Peeps~*~

    I came in from Florida Saturday morning and was exhausted the whole day after that. So I got some :sleep Sunday I went to my mom's house to hang over there. :) How was your weekend? Let's hear what you did? :D
  17. italo512

    its time again peeps!!!!!

    i couldnt let jenn go back to fla. without a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!! guys,dont look at the hips,they are mine!!!!!!!!!
  18. ChuckD

    Yo Peeps!!!!! Copa Alert!!!!!

    Ok, first of all, have we picked a place where we are all gonna meet???? It will help the "newbies" find us. Maybe we should also say what we are wearing. I'll be in black jeans, black t-shirt, and a purple button down over that. Look on the right wrist for purple and black rubber bracelets...
  19. Leigh4Freestyle

    Shout out to REMY Peeps and NuImage

    Hey Guys.. You guys were HOT!!! :cheerShout out to Tony, Tyree, & Vic you guys were gotta send me pics. We took soooo many last night. Can't wait to hang with you AGAIN and hear new work with the hubby (MKG)and Yolanda, well..girl it was a pleasure meeting was fun...
  20. QuEeNsGuRL24

    peeps that are going to the copa

    what are u planning on wearing?? I am still deciding :confused