1. T

    Question for the peeps in toronto...

    What clubs do you hit on the weekend? Only clubs that play freestyle or do you go to clubs that play a variety? And if you guys want to see a crazy party come to Palazzos tonight, but i warn you i'm pretty nuts when i'm drunk!
  2. Latin Nation

    Need Help from you peeps

    I need you peeps to help me out, I have a project that I want to work on, and I need you peeps to help. I need to know "What Is The Best Freestyle Song By A Female" But is got to be New School. I will gather the info and then i will Narrow it down to 3 and let you vote on it and then we take it...
  3. F

    Peeps pictures...

    You know what would be nice jack.... a set section just like the calender.. that you can just click on where it says C.F peeps... and everyone's picture is in there.. and that section is always there.... hmmmmm :p
  4. I

    i need your opinion peeps!!

    Hey everyone. This is one of the songs I wrote. Let me know what you honestly think bout it. I have more lyrics but I'm having trouble looking for beats. If you have the beats, I he lyrics. Maybe we can team up and help each other out. My e-mail address is If you can help me...
  5. F

    Is freestyle for preps or for ghetto peeps???

    I believe that freestyle is a preppy thing... but since that freestyle has the latin hip hop flava to it. who does it appeal more to???? Preppy or Ghetto??? ace
  6. G

    Hello Peeps

    well. just wanting to intro myself. as you can tell by my name, i'm from cali and i've been listening to freestyle all my life. its good to know that theres at least more than one person out there that likes this music. well, i'll be stopping by every now and then and get aquainted with all of...
  7. F

    Finally On, My Peeps!

    Wwwaaaazzzuupp Ya! Remember Nyasia's dancer's? Well, I'm the better dancer of the two! LOL! I've been around freestyle since the beginning in one way or another. As a DJ and a dancer, freestyle has always been a huge part of my life and always will be. I've danced for a couple of artists...