1. ChuckD

    Saturday Night Shoutouts

    Holla to everyone on cf now! Angel Moreno bigMARC Cheree ChuckD Claybricks djsun1ny Edalgiere JerseyGirlJenn JohnFly5 legit NVDisMa729 orchidgirl taezee yburgos7
  2. yburgos7

    Pics from last night's Benefit - 10/7/2005

    I took over 200 pics last here are a few...
  3. H

    Good Night....

    After Hours Of And Late Night Thinking I Found Myself Just Reminiscing Time Hasnt Changed A Thing They All Stayed The Same Yes I Admit Im Still Drowning In This Pain Love From Another I Never Really Gained Too Much Aggravation Left Us Alone In Tough Situations From Being Accused And Abused Love...
  4. Latin Nation

    Benefit Show; Last Night!

    I will say more when I wake up, but you can share your thoughts :)
  5. ChuckD

    Thursday Night Shoutouts!!!!

    Holla to everyone on CF right now!!!!!!! ChuckD Da Greek Dayer drgngold Enigma latin babe boi latinocop legit mannyriv NVDisMa729 RF rock84 ROXYGURL Sietzsounds TankTruck TOURBOSS
  6. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    Holla everyone!!! I'm in a good mood! My vacation starts tonight! :dancingb Not going anywhere, but still away from work!!!! :boing Here's a shout out to who is online now! ChuckD DaddyJ02 Detourec Edalgiere Enigma fkfmf joey kid LaIndia320 megotamagicstick Rocky Scott...
  7. ChuckD

    Thursday night shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone here now!!!! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Enigma fkfmf LaIndia320 Latino wit talent NVDisMa729 ojitosnena Rocky Sexyangel329 taezee yburgos7
  8. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone on CF right now!!!!! BigMARC ChuckD Freestyle Avenger freestylerick JerseyGirlJenn lachicabella melissa figueroa Middle guy SEDUCTIVE NENA Unique_Freestyle Vinss-T
  9. damianwild

    Free Freestyle Concert Tomorrow Night To Benefit Katrina Victims!!

    In today's NY Daily News "Radio Dial" column there is an item - WNEW radio (102.7 FM) is holding a FREE Katrina relief concert tomorrow (Friday September 23rd) starting 7PM at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in Eisenhower Park, which is in East Meadow, L.I. Artists performing include : ALISHA...
  10. ChuckD

    Monday Night ShoutOuts!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday Night ShoutOuts!!!!!!!!!! Holla to everyone online now!!!!!!!!!!! Brklyn345 caramelo ChuckD damianwild Edalgiere korupted Legit lonely4eva mike4949 RUMMY-G Scott SEDUCTIVE NENA sexyangle329 sietzsounds taezee TOURBOSS Unique_Freestyle and the members on "invisible" :wave
  11. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    BabyBeTTYBooP djjerme DreamGirl Enigma LouieC melissa figueroa michelle28 phirewerk sExXxe Sexyangel329 sietzsounds taezee toni Willie Valentin yburgos7
  12. ChuckD

    Monday night shout outs!!!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! aces16 Betty Dee Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY CrazyGirl DiaMoND_GiRL DreamGirl drgngold Edalgiere Enigma Fadia HennyLuv159 imfromqueenz JerseyGirlJenn Mix It Up Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 smoothrhythm yburgos7
  13. imfromqueenz

    Super Big Shoutout to Everyone at the show last night

    Its was definitely a big pleasure meeting ya'll.....I had such a great did my guys are really great..... shout out to all my new peeps: :hithere Chuck Bklyn345 LaBettyBoop Nyasia DJ Paradise RioLopez Sietzsounds Edalgiere Pure Trend (ur girl is such a sweetheart)...
  14. R

    a perfect night

    i do beat up women alot in this place. so know here my idea of a perfect night with a woman i care about llloll. hahaha. anyway. lets see. yes i would take 400 bucks and rent a car from enterprise car company. and pick her up somewhere here in the tri state area. after that i would take her to...
  15. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY D.J. Paradise DaddyJ02 DiaMoND_GiRL DJ Soul Fireylatina31 Harv Roman mrmiami PRicanPrince QuEeNsGuRL24 Sexyangel329 SiriusDance tanktruck
  16. Nyasia

    Ladies night club...

    Last night, my friends and I went to a Ladies Night Club. One of the girls wanted to impress the rest of us, so she pulled out a $10 bill. When the male dancer came over to us, my friend licked the $10 bill and stuck it to his butt cheek! Not to be outdone, another friend pulls out a $20 bill...
  17. Sexyangel329

    VMA's last Night

    Ok so what was your favorite part of the show. There was nothign that mleft me in aww but I liked Shakiras performance with Alejandro, Puffys biggie tribute, and of course The reggaeton part of the show I felt proud to be a Latina seeing my fellow Latinos up on sucha huge show like the VMA's:)
  18. R

    I ran over a cat last night

    i ran a cat over last night. didnt mean to. there was no chance. i was flying down this dark street. and by the time it came to view i would hit something to avoid it. and i squashed it. little baby cat. poor thing. there was nothing i could do though nothing. what the heak was a cat doing...
  19. ChuckD

    saturday night shoutouts.....

    Holla to everyone online right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brklyn345 CandyLandGirl cange30 DreamGirl Edalgiere fkfmf freestyle-freak freestylemasters hitman6749 lachicabella Michael "Kidd" Gomez paul1986 SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 SONYA taezee tanktruck yburgos7
  20. Sexyangel329

    A Ladies Night Part 2

    Hey ladies ok I am still working on a club to go to I havent heard anything interesting about any clubs but I am still looking into it but if ya know of something good jumpng off let me know. We as I said could go to Chillies food is great or Gonzalez & Gonzalez where the food is great the...