Good Night....

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Nov 17, 2003
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After Hours Of And Late Night Thinking
I Found Myself Just Reminiscing
Time Hasnt Changed A Thing They All Stayed The Same
Yes I Admit Im Still Drowning In This Pain
Love From Another I Never Really Gained
Too Much Aggravation
Left Us Alone In Tough Situations
From Being Accused And Abused
Love Was Never Real
My Heart Has Been Torn Rather Stealed
Thats Why Maybe I No Longer Feel
So They Say I Have No Heart And They Are Correct
But Who Are They To Judge Knowing Damn Well Life Isnt Perfect
Ive Been Lost Before Many Times In My Life
And Brought Back To The Happy Days That Once Were My Golden Summer Nights
To Where The Stars Use To Shine
But Now Im Back In My Dark World
Alone Without My Lady , My Girl
Its Like Im Back County Serving My Actual Sentence
Which I Fought Out In Court To Keep Me From Going To Prison
Too Much Going On In This Poem That I Think I Need To Stop
Cant Let It All Out
There Are Things That I'd Rather Not Talk About
Thank You To All Who Have Heard Me Through While A Member
For You All I Will Always Remember
But For Now I Will Lay Myself To Sleep Till I Awake
When The Time Is Right
Good Afternoon And Good Night