1. ChuckD

    Sunday Night G-Spot chat 12/4/05

    Hiya cfers! Don't forget our weekly Sunday Night Chat! 8-12 eastern time! Here is a link to the chatroom. Here is a link to the audio feed from KTU. Playing freestyle from 9-12...
  2. ChuckD

    Wednesday Night shoutouts!

    Holla to all the cfers here tonight!!!! ChuckD crazygirl DJ Dee X-Man dj steve callo Edalgiere Forever_415 Freestylepete mzcrazybtch PlayAtYourOwnRisk rnbastos
  3. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to all the cfers online now! 1bxdiamond Bklynfox ChuckD Da Greek djluigi1985 esmeraldaarceo Fire Song moudy79 papachunk ROXYGURL SONYA tallflip Veronica
  4. smoothrhythm

    Judy Torres....KTU Freestyle Show Last Night....

    Hey Smoothie was up in the studio last night with George Lamond, Joey Kid, & Coro......we all had a blast..... you wouldn't believe what some of these listeners call up and ask for.....A shout out to Frankie J who called in to the show and hollered at us..... :nutz Judy was amazed at...
  5. ChuckD

    Sunday Night G-Spot chat!!!!! 11/13

    Hiya CFers!!! baby, it's getting cold outside! So, how about joining us in the G-Spot chat tonight, at 8pm????? Here is the link to the chatroom! and here is the link to the live stream from KTU. Classic Disco from 8-9 and...
  6. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shout outs!

    Holla everyone online now!!!! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Edalgiere Enigma HennyLuv159 lady_Manda NickENormus QuEeNsGuRL24 Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA
  7. ChuckD

    Sunday Night G-Spot chat! 11/6/05

    Don't forget freestyle fans, that we have our chat tonight, at 8pm Eastern. Here is the link to the chatroom! and here is the link to the audio stream from KTU.
  8. Dianita

    Thursday night shoutouts!!!!

    A very special Thursday pm shoutout to: ChuckD, Company B, Edalgiere, GEMINIPRINCESS, JOEDOCPA, PRicanPrince and all the peeps that are using their cloak devices. Oh night crew, where are you????????!!!! Tonight we have a special guest appearance guessed it...Me!!!!!:yeey The...
  9. P

    This is my Saturday night /Sunday Morning shout out

    Wassup to my peeps on here.. I haven't been on much..I've been madd busy over here..I got some news that really bothers me & I had to get away for awhile. The problems still here...but I'm trying to face them & *TRY* to work them out. I'm just still figuring stuff out w/ this issue. But...
  10. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!!! Angel Moreno Brklyn345 ChuckD CrazyGirl Dianita Gornicevo JackG jazzy4u lady_Manda taezee Winter_Chill yburgos7
  11. ChuckD

    Sunday night G-Spot chat

    Hiya everyone. Don't forget the chat tonight. Here is the link to the chatroom. here is the link to the audio stream
  12. ChuckD

    Thursday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla everybody online!!!! Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Colombian Harry David drgngold Enigma La Mas Grande latinocop Liz Torres Naturalstyle NickENormus NVDisMa729 PURE TREND TBomb TOURBOSS yburgos7
  13. ChuckD

    Wednesday Night Shoutouts!

    Carlitos Way ChuckD crazygirl Da Greek DaddyJ02 Edalgiere Enigma ittakesmore22 jazzy4u Liz_Torres mike4949 Paresh Str82pac sugi vasilis Vinss-T yburgos7
  14. C

    Ashley on KTU last night!!

    Congratulations to Ashley!!..her song "Here We Are" was played last night on KTU during the Judy Torres and Freestyle Free For All.Glad to see this kind of support for the new school. James Anthony is probably the only person at KTU fighting for the new school to be heard so a big thank you to...
  15. Dianita

    So this is what they do in the convenience stores late at night... Curry-Rice Girl
  16. cArLiToS WaY

    ****SaTuRdAy NiGhT****

    I just wanted to say that I had a blast last night and that it was a great pleasure to finally meet and hang out with some really, really cool peeps. Henny Chuckie Nyasia Martin La Mas Grande Seductive Nena You guys are so cool and totally made my night. I must say that I didn't intend to...
  17. ChuckD

    Thursday Night Shoutouts!

    a1143always aces16 Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Edalgiere heidee14 HennyLuv159 JohnFly5 lachicabella Latin Nation NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 SiriusDance taezee TreeAngel
  18. ChuckD

    Wednesday Night shoutouts

    Holla cfers! Zup y'all???? Adriana ChuckD ClayBricks Edalgiere HennyLuv159 jazzy4u JOEDOCPA KORUPTED michelle28 NVDisMa729 PlayAtYourOwnRisk sietzsounds tanktruck willyking
  19. M

    Laguna beach 2: Prom Night

    It was that time again. The Kids of Laguna getting ready for prom. Could the guys of Laguna spare me with the fake towings, ape suits and garage setting just to ask a laguna tramp to the prom!!! OK!! How lame. Kristin was worried Talan was not gonna ask her, but she got a date with him to the...
  20. ChuckD

    Monday night shoutouts.

    Holla to everyone who is online now. BabyBeTTYBooP bphilzo cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Detourec Edalgiere lachicabella latin babe boi luckyboylopez mandana1976 ramrod raquii rbonuc29 TreeAngel