1. Krystal

    TOP 10 Freestyle Albums/CD's - October 2002

    Let's get this list started people! ;)
  2. Krystal

    IMPORTANT: Top 10 Freestyle Albums - September 2002

    1 - Willie Valentin - Nothing But Freestyle 2 - Nick Colon - For The Fans 3 - Safire - Bringing Back The Groove 4 - Freestyle Parade 2K1 CD1 5 - Freestyle Parade 2k1 CD2 6 - Johnny 0 - Sounds of My Heart 7 - TKA - Forever 8 - Coro - Coro 9 - N.V. - Some Kind of Love 10 - Rockell - What Are You...
  3. F

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - October 2002

    Important: Top 10 Freestyle Singles - October 2002 My top 10 Freestyle Singles: My won't be all RECENT because FREESTYLE isn't that POPULAR over here (meaning ALOT of places will sell the OLDER releases First) #1.Poze "Come Back to Me" #2.Christina Marie "Turning Away" #3.Sharyn Maceren...
  4. A

    Sept. 1, 2002 Club Blis - Angel - Time to Party :)

    September 1, 2002 come party at Club Blis. Lets forget about the misunderstandings and get together on a positive note. Performing will be Rob Base, Tybless, and others. For the Freestyle artist that want to come on down and party or just represent call me or e-mail me. If you think about...
  5. R

    Freestyle - Best of 2002 Top 10 List

    I would like to invite everyone to contribute track/album selections in an attempt to compile a list of the best Freestyle released in 2002. Since there are plenty of new Freestyle releases scheduled for the next month or two, we will keep this thread open for a while before we begin to compile...
  6. A

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - September 2002

    1) Rhingo - Without Your Love 2) Passion Play - Baby Can't You See 3) Latin Nation - Nunca 4) Nick Colon - Careless 5) Teaz II Pleaz - I Was The One 6) Cynthia - Endless Night 7) Quadlibet - Take Me I'm Yours 8) Spanish Fly - Treasure Of My Heart 9) VLA - I Gave My Heart 10)...
  7. J

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - August 2002

    Guys some very important things are going on and we need every members help here - every month to come up with the most talked about #1 - peoples choice Freestyle Singles for each month. Each Month ClubFreestyle's Top 10 Will be published here and on DMA Magazine under a CF logo. Special...
  8. J

    TOP 10 Freestyle Albums - August 2002

    Guys some very important things are going on and we need every members help here - every month to come up with the most talked about #1 - peoples choice Freestyle Albums / Cd's for each month. Each Month ClubFreestyle's Top 10 Will be published here and on DMA Magazine under a CF logo...
  9. D


    I Got The Chance to Hear This album, and I was Like DAMNNNNNNNNIT!!! Was Jocylen a Freestyle Hit?? Was M:G a Freestyle Hit?? Was Heaven a Freestyle Hit?? Will OPEN UP YOUR EYES, and and be on the Look out!!! AUG 20th, Cuzz FREESTYLE will have a HIT once again!!! Visit Sharyn's Website, and...
  10. R

    Phocal Traxx presents: Nu Phaze In Freestyle 2002!!!

    Performing LIVE...True Passion, Latin Nation, Nick Colon, Ayna plus others!!! Hosted by Artie Rodriguez... For more information - please check out the PFC website! http://www.PFCFreestyle.ClubFreestyle.net/latestnews.html :)
  11. B

    Summer Rush 2002 @ The Docks

    First of all, I'm surprised no one has event opened a topic about this... So who actually went??? I thought it was good, same as last year, except they had different artists performing. Since I just turned 19, I had fun @ the 19+ area... it seems so much different when u look at these 11 teen...
  12. F

    The Mexican 2002

    Has anyone heard the new version the classic song "The Mexican" by Jellybean? It's by Thalia and Marc Anthony!!! I think they did a great job even though it sounds like different lyrics to me. I heard it on KTU the other day. Randi (FreestyleGal)
  13. T

    Wktu Presents The South Street Seaport Concert Series 2002

  14. D

    Beatstock 2002 update

    The KTU website lists a a "sneak peak" of the artists scheduled to perform. Amongst the performers are Eyra Gail, Coro, George Lamond, Cynthia, TKA, Reel 2 Real, Rich Luzzi, Judy Torres, Johnny O, Reel 2 Real, etc... Go to Http://www.ktu.com and click on Contests, then click on the link for...
  15. 1sxychica

    10th ANNUAL SUMMER RUSH 2002

    I keep on hearing about it on the radio... it sounds like it'll be of the hook with all these eurodance and freestyle artists! Joee, Ceres, Elissa, Silver Blue, Freda... and so many more will be there... along with MC Mario, DJ DANNY D, HAMMER... So who's going? It's at the Docks...
  16. J

    "TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES" for 2002!

    Still, while the florida breaks scene continues to spread, the electro funk and freestyle sound continues to evolve and survive in the deepest depths of the underground...far away from the community that still scratches their head and wonders what should should be done to make a genre survive...
  17. Kenny Guido

    Beatstock 2002......

    Word is that the show(s) have been canceled! :(
  18. Peter

    Wm 2002......

    @ Francis, i can see the bottle of Champagne in my hands..... 0:1 agains Nigeria....they had a very good defense and France have no good ideas in the offence.... I hope Germany will win agains Saudi Arabia tomorrow.... :p OOOOPS, i meant Senegal....:p
  19. H

    Chicago's "Wake Up Dancing", May 24th, 2002, requests, etc.

    Good evening, Clubfreestylers! It's Thursday night and I've got to get some extra sleep tonight because tomorrow will mark the first "Wake Up Dancing" broadcast from the all-new studios of WLUW now located at the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University. I liked the downtown Chicago location...
  20. G

    Who will be representing at Club Blis on May 26, 2002

    Does anyone know were all the cf members will be meeting? Who is coming? I would love to meet everyone. :):angel :yeey :shakinboo