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    Beatstock 2002

    Yes I know that itis MAD early....but what freestyle artists are rumored to perform this year?
  2. H

    "Wake Up Dancing", Friday, April 5th, 2002

    Good evening, all! Last week, the internet gremlins conspired to keep "Wake Up Dancing" off of the internet waves. As far as I know, we shouldn't have this problem tomorrow. On the "Wake Up Dancing" Freestyle music and interview radio program scheduled for Friday, April 5th, Actor/Comedian (and...
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    now playing TOGETHER FOREVER 2002

    if u gotz WINAMP or even REAL player ONE i know you'll definitely be able to hear this just try either link >> http://www.shoutcast.com/directory/?s=groove+magazine&st=gs&l=25 http://www.shoutcast.com/sbin/shoutcast-playlist.pls?rn=9798035&addr= or if u gotz...
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    "Wake Up Dancing", the day after Valentine's Day, 2002

    Good evening, Freestyle Phanatix! This Friday morning will feature an expanded edition on “Wake Up Dancing” Freestyle music and interview radio/webcast as heard on Chicago’s WLUW (88.7 FM) and webcast for the world on www.wluw.org. Since this is the last day of the WLUW pledge drive, I have...
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    together forever 2002

    has anyone heard this yet? anyways i just downloaded it....it's OK....it's of course a HOUSE remake of the song.... anyone gots Lisette's I NEED A LOVER?
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    Confirmation of Artist Performing Feb. 17, 2002

    Hello Everyone: Yes, guys lets do some partying again this time with a whole new line up of artist like: Kevin Ceballo, Lil Suzy, Coro, Fascination Nyobe, Joey Kid and more to follow. :) All freestyle heads come out and represent, we had an awsome time this past Sunday. Lets make this our...
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    Paris By Air -- 2002 CD Release!

    What? You thought we just gave you "Voices in Your Head" in 1989, "C'mon & Dance With Me" in 1990, "I'm Serious" in 1992, "All Around the Sound" in 1996 and the seasonal "It's Another Holiday" and walked away? No way! Anyway, we'll be marching back into the studio this year and plan to release...
  8. K

    Noel at TRIBECCA this Friday, January 4, 2002!!!!!

    Tribecca Night Club 2027 Lemoine Ave. Fort Lee, NJ. 07024 (201) 461-7744
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    What's Your Freestyle Prediction For 2002??

    I predict freestyle will make a bigger comeback on radio and Sweet Sensation will reunite!!!! My very best to all freestylers & artists for a peaceful, healthy & happy new year!
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    George Lamond releasing a merengue cd in 2002