1. T

    Stevie B. Pic

    Stevie B December 11,2004 Miami Fl.
  2. T

    Stevie B's new single "Old School Party"

    Ok've requested it, and the streets have demanded it. The new cd from Stevie B is just around the corner!! The first single from the new cd is titled "Old School Party" and has people burning up the dancefloor in the clubs that have already received the single. "Old School...
  3. T

    Stevie B. Album Release Party in Michigan!!

    Yes the time has finally come..Friday May 13,2005, Stevie B. is coming strong with his new CD. Stevie B. fans have waited and now is the time. Come join Stevie B. as he brings to the world this hot new Cd. Get ready for a night of great new music from Stevie B. and an all new power-packed...
  4. A

    George Lamond, Stevie B New Material?

    Does Anyone Know If George Or Stevie Are Coming Out With Any New Material Soon?
  5. bullboykennels

    Winner Stevie B.

    Ok folks it's now official,... after painstaking work, reviews and posting,. we have a winner it's: Stevie B. by only 25% of the votes. Stevie B. - Spring Love:votes 12 Johnny O. - Highway's of Love:votes 8
  6. bullboykennels

    Stevie B. -vs- Johnny O. Pick One & Why.

    I just had to take this one back in the day,.. Both songs by both artist are great classic hits. They raine supreme among the best but who's your choice and why. Is a memory that is brings or just the way is make you feel when you hear it. This is the battle of the best. Stevie B. - Spring...
  7. A

    Stevie B's new Cd!

    Does anyone have any info at all about his new cd he was supposed to be releasing i thought some time last year? it was new stuff not the greatest hits 2 cd.
  8. breaksk8master

    Pictures of Stevie B In Chicago !!

    i just posted the pictures of stevie B in Chicago, here is the link
  9. breaksk8master

    Stevie B in Chicago

    Here are the pictures from the event............... I hope you all ennjoyed the pictures.......
  10. E

    Willing to buy: Stevie B. Full CD Rips

    Reason: I used to have vynil but I sold them b4 I came back to Europe in 1989, and now I only have mixed tapes back from school DJing days... Stevie B. - Greatest Hits Stevie B. - In My Eyes Some other classic old-school labels if anyone has them on good quality MP3... Just PM me about...
  11. H

    Stevie B in Chicago....

    Attention world; I don't think that I need to say much more... The next WCYC Reunion Freestyle Concert Dance party will be held on Saturday, February 26th, 2005 at the Club formerly known as the Prime and Tender Nightclub and now enjoying life as Studio 63... STEVIE B Hosted by Harv Roman...
  12. U

    Stevie B

    What the heck is going on with Stevie B? Last we all heard a year or so back maybe more he was going to release a song called S.O.S. Did it ever come out? Is he releasing any new material now?
  13. M

    Stevie B - Spring Love (Single! Maxi-CD!)

    I'm looking for so many yerars for Stevie B's "Spring Love" -Single - Maxi CD - NO VINYL!!!!!! or "Dreaming Of Love" or "Party Your Body" I'm from Germany and you CANNOT find it in Germany...its too rare. Can you help me???
  14. A

    Not So Silent Night Freestyle After Party with Stevie B

    Not So Silent Night Freestyle After Party with Stevie B held at Ruby Lounge 623 Washington Avenue, South Beach Saturday December 11th. Doors open at 10pm and close at 5am. For more infor and vip list call Alyssa @ 786-236-5099 or email her @
  15. Chris-TheNuk

    Rar CDs on Stevie B. - Spring love single

    check out :sunshine (Klick on me) Stevie B. , Tony Moran and other Hot CDs Chris
  16. J

    Stevie B. and Fascination-early 1980s?

    Alright, I was just wondering if these were the same artists. There was a Stevie B. in the early 80s who was also dance music. He had songs such as "Midnight Music" and "Call Me". ANyoen know if this is a different Stevie B. The same with Fascination-"Rock Me Baby" and "Out to Get You". If...
  17. D

    Stevie B in Philly

    This past sunday night i got to see stevie perform live at a club in philadelphia. This was my first freestyle performance. i think that he put on a very good show. Some may say that freestyle is dead in philly, BUT when richie rich(philly radio mixer) did a short freestyle set. The club went...
  18. freestyle_freak22

    Is Stevie B The King Of Freestyle?

    everyone has there own opinion on this subject but threw all my research! i personally think he is! i would like to read wat u people think bout stevie b! :dj :stevieb
  19. G

    Stevie B.s new album???

    Anybody know if and when Stevie B's new album will hit the streets? It seems to be taking like 4'eva 'n a day. Also is Tolga TFK media putting out any 12" cuts? His website has not been updated in like a long time. Any 411 would def'n be preciated. Keep Freestyle alive, G PS - Can't wait...
  20. H

    Stevie B

    DEFINITI presents STEVIE B Thursday, August 26, 2004 Club Menage (333 King Street West, Toronto) DOORS OPEN 9:00 P.M. Tickets on sale Wednesday, July 21, 2004 Available at all Ticketmaster outlets Charge by phone at 416-870-8000 / Order online at Advance Ticket...