1. B

    Stevie B was on TV today! + Freestyle Explosion

    He was on TV on Channel 31's highly watched morning show "Good Day Sacramento" here in Sac. I caught it when he was alreay on, and I guess from what the anchors said he had just performed a song on TV a few minutes before I turned it on. He's performing in Sacramento tonight at the Freestyle...
  2. T

    Labor Day Weekend Jam With Stevie B!

    Kick off the Labor Day weekend festivities at the hottest spot in Massachusetts for freestyle... Julio's Nightclub in Lawrence Mass. Julio's presents the Labor Day Weekend Jam starring Stevie B!!!! Stevie will be performing his biggest hits as well as material form his new cd "This Time". So...
  3. D

    Stevie B?????????What the H***

    This is why freestyle is dead. Over the last 15 years, there have been many promises from different artists and labels for different projects that were supposed to come. Most never materialize. This is a HUGE let down for the die hard fans and DJs that would be willing to support the genre...
  4. Chris-TheNuk

    OMG - Stevie B. - Spring Love (Single CD) on eBay

    wow...the Very RAR CD Single Edition of Spring Love is on ebay. this is you chance to get the Cd of the hottest Freestyle Song ever. Chris
  5. A

    Stevie B & Cynthia?

    Does anyone know if Stevie B & Cynthia have ever teamed up to sing "Dreamboy,Dreamgirl"? either for a recording or just maybe at a live show?
  6. A

    stevie b's new cd

    Was just waondering for those of you who happen to already have a copy from the concerts, can you give us some info on it? how many tracks,good songs?,any remixes of older songs? overall what kind of rating do u give it? thx
  7. P

    Stevie B's NEW single exclusively on PartyRadioUSA.NET...

    Hey CF Peeps, We are going to world premiere Stevie B's NEW Single "Old School Party" this Friday Night at 9:30pm during the Dance Authority Mixshow with DJ C-ZER exclusively on PartyRadioUSA ( We welcome all your feedback on the new single from Stevie B on our forum at...
  8. T

    Stevie B

    Check out the king live in action at the 13 annual summer rush at the docks. A new stage area will set up this year. last year was a decent set up but this year we will finally put the stage area over top of the pool and it will give everybody the best view. or...
  9. D

    Stevie B new song on Z 103.5

    I heard Stevie B's new song called "Old School Party". Tony Monaco played it on the all request nooner. It was pumped by 90%. I thought it was pretty good.
  10. T

    Stevie B. Live @ Z103.5 Summerrush!!!!!!

    Z103.5 radio in Toronto Canada brings you there 13th annual Sumerrush concert on Sunday July 24,2005 live at The Docks Entertainment Complex in Toronto. This event is Off Da Hook every year so don't miss it. Stevie B will be performing live as well as Frankie J and more artists to be announced...
  11. JessicaMarie

    Lisa Lisa , Rockell , Stevie B. , Jessica Marie

    Jammin Under the Stars with 94.1 FM at Kelly Ampitheatre at 6pm in San Antonio Jessica Marie opening up for Lisa Lisa Dancers featured will be " Body Language " and " Urban Assault " Then June 18th in Austin we will be opening up for Lisa Lisa, Rockell, and Stevie B. at 3pm at Waterloo Park...
  12. B

    New Stevie B Album

    Where can I buy the new album? It's officially released in brasil.
  13. F

    Stevie B Lyric

    Anybody know's the lyrics for Stevie B song (Come with me) please help!
  14. Mix-Master

    ??????Stevie B ???????

    does any one know info about the remixed version on the B side of Stevie b's - girl I'm searching for you Lp
  15. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Stevie B- If you still love me

    Does anyone have this song ithout being mixed??? here can I find the clean cut version??? anyone ould appreciate your help
  16. T

    Stevie B. is back!!

    That's right Stevie B. is coming back with an all new cd. The first single off of the album is called 'Old School Party"and has people burning up the dancefloor in clubs around the country. Get ready as Stevie B. is headlining the Freestyle Explosion Tour 2005 kicking off at the America West...
  17. G

    Any Stevie B info?

    I was wondering when Stevie B's new album was coming out? I haven't heard anything in such a long time. Supposedly Tolga was working on it and there's no new information on the site. Also Tolga's supposed to be producting other acts such as Je'no and Clone, but no news on...
  18. O

    Stevie B Cd Single Lmr On Ebay *wow* don't sleep on this one<<~~~~~:wave
  19. T

    Stevie B. in Michigan 5/13/2005

    Here's a few pics from Stevie B's show Friday May 13,2005 at Club Sevin in Pontiac Michigan.
  20. T

    best stevie B song of all time

    i was wondering what everyone thinks is stevie B best song that he has ever made. if you ever believed in love is my favourite song of his which is your favourite?