1. L

    Dancing Flash Ant dancing to Stevie B's song..

    Hey everyone.. I thought this was the cutes thing.. and btw they are playing Stevie B's song... I was like amazed... if you want to check it out go here... play with it.. It is kinda a fun...
  2. FreestyleChulo

    Stevie B-feels so good

    i have been looking for this cd for the longest time!!!...i heard it was out of print i got to hear about 6 of the songs and they were really hot...but....couldnt get the cd so i was wondering if anybody had it and can gimme the list of songs and the company who made it....this is def a great...
  3. J

    The King Of Freestyle - Stevie B is in the G Spot Chat - Come On In!

    The King Of Freestyle - Stevie B is in the G Spot Chat
  4. F

    Stevie B

    I heard that Stevie B is coming out with a new this true? If so...when? I thought he retired! I guess once you go FREESTYLE you ALWAYS come BACK!:p
  5. FreestyleChulo

    Stevie B Albums

    where in heck can i get his latest stuff????...i heard from some people that it could be out of print...but then again they can always be wrong...i know he just came out wit the greatest hits...but i have the 1998 version...this one is much better....but i been dyin to get feels so good since it...
  6. D

    Best Stevie B Song....

    We all know Steive B is great but which one of his songs really made him a star. For me its SPRING LOVE post ur fav
  7. M

    Whats Up With Stevie B?

    Hey guys and girlz, i just starting getting into freestyle and i love it. i have one question, what happened to stevie b? does he preform anymore, wy dont they mention him anymore??? can anyone let me know??
  8. F

    Whats Your Fav Stevie B jam???

    Whats Your Fav Stevie B jam??? My fav has got to be Spring Love ALex
  9. F

    Stevie B

    Has anyone bought an album with Stevie B's "If you still love me" know, "If you still love me, you won't let me go..."? That song is dope, but I don't know where I can find it. I'm going CRAZY LOOKING FOR IT!!!!!!:confused: ...If anyone knows where I can find that song, please tell me...
  10. G

    Stevie b merchindice!

    Anyone one got any stevie stuff besides tapes and cds? Im lookin; for t-shirts, promo pics ect...
  11. L

    Stevie B & Coro

    Does n e 1 have any info on either Stevie B or Coro? What have they been up to? If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it if you would share it with me. freestyler since birth!!!
  12. E

    Stevie B - Crying Out

    dis a good song except theres a couple parts where he starts singing in another language which is ewwwwwwww .. is there a version of the song where it doesnt have that part??? :D
  13. F

    Y Do People Hate On Stevie B???

    i'm just wondering why some people hate on stevie b... i love most of his songs even though they get played out to the fullest. i've seen alot of post up here saying bad stuff about stevie... i'm just wondering... alex
  14. M

    stevie bbbbbb

    does anyone know if stevie b will ever b ? what ever happened to that guy?
  15. T


    Over the past few weeks I have recieved several emails from fans that claim that there is alot of Stevie bashing going on. This past week I set the record straight. I took over 300 phone calls and recieved over 200 emails from fans that can't get enough of Stevie. My point was to show the Stevie...
  16. F

    Stevie's new hair due

    Hey all member back in the days when Stevie B use to have a big ass fro!!! LMAO!! Well I heard he has improved his look by using jerry curl.. yeah it may drip a little and stain his clothes.. but he is no longer confused for a mack daddy!! LOL
  17. B

    STEVIE B@KRASH reduced admission!

    check out STEVIE B LIVE along with coro's dancer at krash saturday march 10! get reduced admission ($2 bux off) when you say "clubfreestyle" at the door! krash is located @ 34-48 steinway street,corner of 35th ave,astoria queens NY *718-937-2400*ID REQUIRED* peace M A R L O N *BBOY3000*
  18. Kenny Guido


    stevie b is schedualed to perfrom in just a matter of days!!
  19. J

    Stevie B and Johnny O

    I've been getting emailed info on both of these legends recently. They come from reliable sources. Here is a sneak peek STEVIE B Stevie B May Come Out of Retirement. Due to huge fan demand pouring in Stevie has begun to reconsider his retiring. Rumor has it that Stevie may soon return to the...
  20. F

    what is stevie b doing now???

    is stevie b still mowing lawns??? j/k... stevie b is the best but is he working on anything now or is he out of the business????