1. Peter

    Question about Paris by Air and Voice in Fashion

    Hi, did Paris by Air and Voice in Fashion ever released an Album ??? When yes, is there someone willing to sell me a copy ??? thx Peter
  2. K

    Question for artists, managers, promoters, etc.

    Do any of the recording artists, artist managers, or concert promoters out there know what the situation is with the website: Does anyone know if this company and this website are still operational? Has the site been abondoned? It is supposedly a website that you can use...
  3. La Mas Grande

    Diet Question?

    A ham and cheese hero with lots and lots of lettuce/tomatoes with a low fat mayo considered a low fat meal? Remember it has lots of veggies and im gonna eat it with a bottle of water. :)
  4. CandyLandGirl

    Got a Question for CYNTHIA ?

    LawTown Music will be doing an Interview with Freestyle Dance artist CYNTHIA soon and we are giving you, the fans the opportunity to ask your question. Each fan is allowed a 3 question max. Then upon closing of the Question Forum, LawTown will then select 10 of the most "Creative" questions...
  5. Sexyangel329

    Stupid Question

    I overall like my job I ben doing this for over 7 yrs yea every now and then I cant stand somethign but overall I love what I do the enviroment and I love when I am busy. Ok my question there is this chick here that straight up complains every day and she catcehs these attitudes withthe guys...
  6. Dianita

    Sony Acid Music Studio Question

    Hopefully someone can help me out. I got the Sony Acid Music Studio today, and there's a couple of things I need help with. First of all, what I'm trying to do is extract the vocals from certain songs that I had on cd...Is there a format that works best with the acid? I tried using a song that I...
  7. D


    but i was just wondering, are there any live PA by classic freestyle artists in t.o.? ive never been but think id really like to check one out.
  8. CandyLandGirl

    Got a Question for TAYLOR DAYNE ?

    LawTown Music is having a SPECIAL FAN EDITION INTERVIEW with the legendary TAYLOR DAYNE and the Fans get to ask 3 questions max. LawTown will then select 10 of the most unique / creative questions to give to TAYLOR DAYNE for the Interview. Got a Question for TAYLOR DAYNE? Ask here...
  9. Dianita

    Question about security deposit returns, esp. in NYS.

    To my fellow CFers, I am seeking info on what a landlord can charge a tenant upon leaving an apartment. My old landlord has not yet sent me my security from the apartment I was at before, coming up with excuses on things I should have done. I spackeled walls and painted walls and a bathroom...
  10. cratebug

    A question for the club/partygoer, not the djs: Does it matter to you whether...?

    When you're at a club/party and the music is bangin, does it matter to you whether the dj is using a laptop, cd players or turnatables to get his vibe across? The reason I ask is because some people are just into the music and are at a club to dance, while others are there also to dance but they...
  11. R


    not to change anything or too start anything new? but how come no body ever posts to the left? theres a lot of space there unused. its been saying love affairs between freestyle artists prob for years. guys should post to the left. that way we can have even more meaningless topics up here...
  12. CandyLandGirl

    CORINA Question

    Ok, This might sound strange, but I have to ask. And Please dont take this offensively. You know how there is more than 1 girl going by Debbie Deb and more than 1 girl going by Giggles? Well, I was looking at the 12" single to "Temptation" by Corina and then the 12" to "Whispers" and they...
  13. R

    d j question

    now relax when you answer this dont go crazy llloll. cuase i dont know nothing about d j ing except hearing the music. but do you rem back between 80 to 83. there use to be more song to song mixxing. no funky beats in between. sort of what you found at a sweet 15's. it was simple. but it...
  14. Nyasia

    I have a question

    Why do you sign onto CF, then never post, but stay looking up someones profile? I never got that.. Are you interested in the person? are you attracted to the person? do you know them? if so why not make yourself known, instead of always lurking in the profile. PM the person, email the...
  15. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Car Question

    Hey everyone, I’ve been on the low lately busy with work and home, hope everyone is doing good. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place that installs car alarm's and does window tinting at an affordable price in either Brooklyn or Queens, I have a Honda Civic. Thanx
  16. michelle28

    Ladies.....shaving question

    I was just wondering if you all remember how old you were when you first shaved your legs? And, for any of you peeps with daughters, when did you or will you let them start shaving? My daughter just turned 7 and I was know its something i'll have to deal with one day. She got some hairy legs...
  17. O

    Question Of The Year!

    Ok Before I Give You Guys This Question Or Poll I Want To Give You Some Examples And Keys To Help Reach Your Answer, Aight I Want You To Try To Disregard Whether Your A Female Or A Male ( That's 1) 2- Think About What You Like Best For Instance- Sounds Of Their Vocals 3- Song Content For...
  18. M

    Question for Manly Men: Barbers or Salons?

    For the true Macho, players, pimps on CF. Do you go to Barbershops or Salons? Unless the beautician is super hot and single. It's always the Barbershop. Good haircuts and the latest news.LOL
  19. yburgos7

    I have a question...

    What is that "A Night Out with the Boys Permission SLip" for???????????:confused
  20. CandyLandGirl

    Lil Suzy Question

    What ever happened to LIL SUZY going by her real name from now on? SUZANNE CASALE? Is she gonna do it, or keep using LIL SUZY?