1. 4eVerFreeStyle

    Question about the Chat Room

    Alright people... I have tried in the past to go into the chat room, but of course, I never succeeded... I would like to know why? Is the Chat Room only open when there is an event.... also.... How do I fill in the following info: (sign in screen for chat) Your Username: I am assuming...
  2. *Sophia*

    Help! Dumb E-Z Pass Question..

    I have an E-Z Pass - but when I turned my car in because the lease was expiring, I forgot to take the holder with the suction cups out of the car.. I forgot where it was bought (I don't even think I bought it). Does anyone know where to buy them from? I checked the gas station in my...
  3. S


    I need some advice!!! What should I do tonight? :p Should I go :mdance or :cheers? Y not both ;)
  4. M

    the approach question

    This is a questiong for girls as well as guys. What do you think is the best way to approach someone in a club/bar situation? Ladies, whats the best way you like to be approached and what do you hate that guys do when trying to approach you?
  5. F

    Question about Margie Martinee

    Was she married to Lewis Martinee? And besides her awesome song "Leave Me This Way", did she have any other songs? Randi (FreestyleGal)
  6. S

    Question for Sal

    I was wondering what are the reasons the Music sales are lower? How will this effect Freestyle music in the long run? What can people just started getting into the business do to make the most in the difficult times we are in? And finally what should the Public do and be aware of to help the...
  7. cArLiToS WaY

    Nyasia- I have a question for you....

    A few years back (later part of the 90's) I saw a compilation with you and artists such as Nadine Renee, Gerardo, and a few others titled, but don't quote me, "Ritmo Latino". Is that the exact name of the album and what song by you, is on that album? I remember seeing it back in the day, but I...
  8. 8

    Question about this song?

    Goodie-Goodie, sung and performed by Lisette Melendez. How many variations of this song are available? 2, 3? I only know of one.
  9. A

    Trivia question....

    What year did Dancin' On The Fire first come out?
  10. P

    hey Naya - got a question for ya!

    Since it seems your friends with the legendary diva SAFIRE - do u have any inside info as to what's happening with her new music?? just a little something to put a smile on my face ;) u can instant message me if u wish!
  11. F

    Question About Lydia Lee Love

    Did Lydia Lee Love have any other song other than "Dont Take Your Love Away" or was that her only one?? I cant imagine why someone so talented would have had only one freestyle hit!! Randi (FreestyleGal)
  12. 4eVerFreeStyle

    Question To Any Moderator

    Ok, I just typed a "book" long letter to ask for people's opinion on something and when I went to submit it... IT STATED I DID NOT SPECIFY A THREAT or some sh*t like that. I am totally annoyed with that. How long do we get to type because it has happened to me so many times already? Please...
  13. nessa's302


    Hey CF peeps, I got a Question. How would you handle if you felt as if the weight of the world was on your shoulders? For ex, you were the only one working in your household, you had to do the cleaning and cooking and raising of kids and disciplining and the stress of work, and ur partner...
  14. lilshygyrl

    a question for artists

    this is kinda a dumb question but,do freestyle artists choose to sing freestyle cause they like it, or does some record companies,mangers...(whatever)tell them what kind of music to sing?
  15. DJ RENE G

    Here's a question for everyone....

    What if the old schoolers were new schoolers? Do you think songs like Dreamboy/Dreamgirl, Change On Me, Bad Of the Heart, Maria, Let The Music Play, Fantasy Girl, Party Your Body would get any radio airplay?