1. C

    Can anybody POST UP Latin Soul "Promise Me" LYRICS

    plz ive been looking for these lyrics for like 2 years now!!!!!1 props
  2. L

    Is freestyle considered to be latin music?

    Now we all knows there all kind of freestyle music like euro, canadian, etc, ... but I'm just wondering whether or not freestyle music overall is considered to be latin music? Here in the states a BIG majority of the old school performers back in the day were latino and even today a big majority...
  3. L

    Los Sucios or Latin soul

    Does anyone have a extra copy of Los Sucios " Love is blind" or Latin Soul "Promise Me" (Freestyle version) for sale or can email me?
  4. R

    In desperate need of Latin Freestyle

    Can someone tell me where I can buy full length albums of any freestyle artist? Well, not any. I've got all the main ones...Cynthia, Johhny O, Stevie B, etc...I'm looking more for artists like Latin Nation, Lil Johanna, more latin freestyle artists.
  5. Company B

    RARE Latin House jam with 1950's female vocal

    I have had a part of this one ona mix for the longest, & never knew who was the artist/DJ. The music sounds very Desi Arnaz/"I Love Lucy", Rita Moreno, Carmen Miranda, 1940's-1950's Latin mambo, & female vocal, but mixed with pumpin' "Tumba La Casa"-type Latin House beats. It's from about...
  6. Angelino

    What Happen To * Latin Touch *

    Does Anyone Know What Happen To This Freestyle Group Called Latin Touch? They Had Some Awesome Fav Were "true To Love" And "tell Me" .... I Have Their Album But Did They Break Up Or What Happen?
  7. myonlysweetie

    ~*~Latin BillBoard Awards~*~

    Did anyone see the show?! It aired last night on Telemundo!!! The highlight of the show was the ending.... with Daddy Yankee singing "Lo Que Paso, Paso & Gasolina" and P.Diddy coming out to join him!!!! P.Diddy was at the Latin Billboard Awards promoting his new "Latin Bad Boy Records" ...
  8. D

    Latin Expo In New Jersey

    Come check out the latin expo in New Jersey. At the Meadow Lands Convention Center. Perfoming live Raquela, also maybe Manny Or Fernando. Also reggaeton artist are gonna be there also. The rumor is that their will be other freestyle artists there (but im not sure). Ill be having CD'S and Tapes...
  9. F

    latin song

    okay...i hear this song aaalll the time at the SF Bay radio station 105.7. i am filipina so excuse me if I mispelled the words, but the lyrics go like something like this mariposa.....cuanto te quiero.... it's a beautiful romantica song sang by a guy that I don't know but I would love to...
  10. bullboykennels

    Latin CF member or spanish speaking (Spanish Mix)

    For those whom may have enjoyed the english mix,.. well I do have one in spanish for all my cf members as well. Hope you's all enjoy this one. It should be up most of the morning and hopefully till the early afternoon as well and it may even be back up for the evening as well. Just click on...
  11. I

    Lights Out For Latin

    For Those That Are Intrested In Knowing, Latin Wont Be Around Any Longer, I Just Recieved An Email Stating That The Domain Name Was For Sale.
  12. mannyriv

    Freestyle at the Latin Expo, Hartford Civic Center

    Saturday, April 2nd, the Latin Expo, taking place at the Hartford Civic Center, will open it's door to freestyle. I will be performing there at 12:30 pm and to me it is an honor to be a part of this big event and to represent the genre of music that we all love. The Hartford Civic Center is the...
  13. N

    Latin Rascals Single

    Hello, Does anyone have the "It Must Be You" single by Latin Rascals? I just need a track listing and what the different versions are called. Also, was this released only on vinyl? Thanks, Nader
  14. chinkstha84

    marc anthony was part of latin rascals?

    was it true that latin pop singer/actor marc anthony was part of an awesome freestyle group called latin rascals? some girl was tellin me this late last nite. iwas like really? jack
  15. L

    The Latin Rhythm Crew?

    maybe I'm wrong but I remember back in Summer of 97' there was a colombian festival in Corona queens where Willie Valentin, Lorenzo D'Lan and 3 guys who called themselves the Latin Rhythm Crew performed and were dancing and singing freestyle. The Latin Rhythm Crew performed 2 songs on stage. I...
  16. J

    latin rascal mixes from 1986...

    latin rascals had mixed on a nyc radio station (98.7 kiss) back in 85 and 86. does any one have links to access any of those? i was able to locate one site and amazingly i found an mp3 of an old tape from kiss fm and the latin rascals. it even had some voice overs from the station. but...
  17. D

    D.j. Latin

    on my b'day.
  18. D

    D.j. Latin

    From Houston, TX. Just accidently found this site and joined to see what is going on. Been spinning for over 16 yrs. Still have all my old 12" freestyle from back in the days. Good memories. :texican
  19. C

    Lyrics for Latin Soul "Promise ME"

    anyone have the lyrics or know where i can get it the song is like "We were so in love it was to good to be true/.... I get so afraid because our feelings are so strong and i wonder just how long we wil be/ Come take my hand and look deep into my eyes/ Say our love will never die/ Promise Me/"
  20. Badeiah

    latin singer

    My name is Badeiah and I am from San antonio ,Texas and I am trying to make it in the freestyle community. I'm just pretty much looking for someone who is interested in my area to help me get started with my singing and I wanna represent freestyle because it's not really in the big scene...