1. S

    Latin Freestyle Rebels on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    A HOT NEW Freestyle compilation cd hits the market: Latin Freestyle Rebels 2016 and The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on gets the inside scoop on how it all came together in the next episode of this hit broadcast airing on Thursday, March 17, 2016 @ 8:00 pm Eastern...
  2. S

    Albert Cabrera of The Latin Rascals on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Trailblazing Freestyle Goliath: Albert Cabrera of the Latin Rascals joins the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on the Thursday, September 11th episode on at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. He’s taking you back to where it all began and better still; he’s blasting it right in...
  3. frankie

    Corina's New Latin track

    I been loving Corina new song ""Aunque Me Duela",I love when freestyle artists do salsa and do it good!Corina sounds great,I can't wait to hear more!you can buy download song on or
  4. S

    Freestyle Latin Nights Come To NYC!!

    Hello my fellow freestyle people. This is Swins Fontenelle from Freestyle Universe on (join today:!/group.php?gid=124722447568211) and I’m excited to tell all of you about the grand opening of my new Freestyle Latin Night Saturdays at Café L.I.C...
  5. AnthonyA-1971

    Latin Express "Brooklyn Knight" for sale on Ebay

    Link is below: Also have Tavio "Let Him Go" and No Limit "My Love For You" or sell.......$200 each....
  6. R

    Latin Rascals - Paco Bell X-Mas Canon

    Hello all @ Clubfreestyle, Merry Christmas to ya´ll. Made this quite fast last hours: Latin Rascals - Paco Bell X-Mas Canon (Edits & Prod. RR) Has now a little vocal bit that´s not in the original that fits so well I say. I don´t call it an editremix aight, it´s just something nice for...
  7. E

    Happy Birthday Latin Nation!

    Happy Birthday Alex! :hbday :cheers :cparty May you have a great Birthday today and many more to come! :cheer
  8. Company B

    Huge Latin Festival in Orlando, anyone going??

    It's the annual: "Festival De La Calle Orange", Latin festival in downtown Orlando, on Orange Ave, featuring 40 artists!!! Spinning Freestyle: Tony Touch! LIVE Performances by: El Gran Combo, Grupo Mania, Cuban Link, & many other Latin artists! Only $15 Children 10 & under Free. From 11am -...
  9. O

    Latin Touch From The Heart Cd On Ebay

  10. O

    Latin Touch From The Heart Cd On Ebay THANKS ALL
  11. frankie

    Latin Grammys

    The LATIN GRAMMYS won't be on CBS because of poor ratings.Which sucks, that Latinos do not support their own, and specials like this, dissappear altogether.The Alma Awards, I'm unsure If that's still televised.But it is pathetic when we don't support our own.September is Latin History month and...
  12. Latin Nation

    Latin Nation's New Music

    Visit Latin Nation @ My Space and listen to 3 new songs plus a song by another artist, which I produce with Josh and Arrange by non other than Artie Rodriguez. The Name of the artist is "Eric & Yajaira" and the name of the song is call "Levantate". I also did background vocals, but what makes...
  13. M

    Latin Connection TV Show

    Does anyone here remember back in fall 1988 a show that aired on Fox 5 (friday nights around 12am I think) called "Latin Connection"? It was like a Latino "Soul Train", taped in a nightclub (I think Studio 54) and featured freestyle artists of the time. I remember seeing Sa-Fire, Sweet...
  14. O

    Latin Rascals When She Goes CD on Ebay

    plus much more thanks all
  15. 1sxychica

    latin music

    hey guys i need some help... i'm looking for some good RECENT spanish music (artist-name) in the following genres: -bachata -salsa -merenge -reggaeton Something close to Aventura for bachata or Zion y Lennox for reggaeton. thanks much!! *muahs*
  16. Latin Nation

    Latin Nation on the scene

    Up Coming shows for LN: July 30th Mahanttan, NY - MNN Studios on West 59th Street between 10th & 11th Avenue - The Diamante Show August 6th & 7th Manhattan, NY - 116th Street (Street Fair) August 27th Fresno, CA (Not Confirmed) But still show support - Freestyle Fantasia Performing along with...
  17. Tony G.

    TKA and Latin Rascals Much Respect

    I see the original post was deleted , but both groups deserve madd respect , and thats just the plan truth. To TKA , K7 Latin Rascals Madd respect for giving groups like Nu Image a vision. K7 We CRACKIN BABY!
  18. D

    Latin Rascals & TKA In a show WOW!

    R.I.P FREESTYLE Fresstyle is dead
  19. O

    Latin Rascals When She Goes CD on Ebay :director
  20. ChuckD

    New Music from Latin Nation

    Hiya CFers! Alex from Latin Nation gave me some of the new music that he will be hitting us with soon! There is one sample to download, but it is 7 small samples of the chrouses of 7 songs. Check them out, and let Alex know what you think. #1. You're Beautiful #2. Secret Desire (feat...