1. T

    The long awaited Latin Nation Album is out soon you can pre-order it now

    $16.00 You can use Pay Pal send money to Mail out Checks or Money orders to Alex Zuniga Po Box 1529 Paterson, NJ 07509-1529 Attention: Cd's Luis J. Mejia (Taz) Nu Style Records LJM Imagination LJM Records
  2. Kenny Guido

    Buh-bye COUNTRY, Holla LATIN!

    Freestyle may have a new branch! Maybe they will go the way as LaMega! Country Radio Gets Unplugged May 9, 2002 "It's over," the voice shouted yesterday, announcing the death of country music on New York radio. That's when 107.1 FM, aka "New Country 107," gave way to "Rumba 107," the newest...
  3. Latin Nation

    Heads up on Latin Nation

    Hello Freestyle Fans, May is the month for all freestyle Artists and their fans. Starting will be great with Shows, Interviews, Debuts, and Releases. Starting May 4th Latin Nation will be performing at a TV Show in Brooklyn, NY; SABADO 4 DE MAYO, 2002 Starting At 3:00 PM BLUE MACAW RESTAURANT...
  4. Latin Nation

    Latin Nations Live tonight!

    Check it out tonight from 10 to 12am on 106.7 Jamz just click on listen and check it out..peace Sincerely Roger Garcia... Nu Style;)
  5. Latin Nation

    411 on Latin Nation's album

    On April 22 the printing begins at the plant to have the album ready to be on sale! :thumb: To Be ready for May.......I will post up on when we will take pre orders. Don't forget Latin Nation will be performing Live next to freestyle Legend Soave, and Upcoming artist Vida. Also singing...
  6. B

    Latin Rascals (back together)

    I read a little while ago ,on DMA music magazine the Latin Rascals were working on an album together to be release soon....'oh,oh,oh... Arabian Knights....!
  7. A

    Latin Boyz-Tell me How Your Feeling

    does anyone know where to find Tell Me How Your Feeling by Latin Boyz :stoned
  8. R

    Who sings this one my latin friends???

    I should have never let you go.. should have seen you were all that I need now this pain in my azz has me down on my knees I pray you come back to me, baby I should have known should have never let you go!!!! lol Anyone??? I am looking for the singer. A girl guest sings at the end Oohh...
  9. taezee

    tony moran and latin rascals

    i just had to say how unmentioned ..under appreciated..TONY MORAN and the latin rascals have been on this forum...i can honestly say i havent heard anything that is NOT good music from this man as a matter of fact the best of freestyle has come from tony..i didnt go out tonight and spent the...
  10. J

    Lil Suzy Video Interview by Tony Molina of Latin Vibe!

    Tony Molina of Latin Vibe Entertainment On Location with Lil Suzy <img src=""> <a href="">Click here to watch!</a> *REAL Video Format POST YOUR OPINIONS & COMMENTS BY CLICKING REPLY!
  11. L

    12" Latin House

  12. B

    Norty Cotto and Latin House/freestyle

    I hear a lot of talk about us freestyle peeps liking trance and progressive house and other types of music, but does anyone on this board like Latin House, I mean latin house to me is part of the whole freestyle scene, I mean two in a room, 2 w/out hats, and countless others did some phat latin...
  13. B

    Whatever happened to Albert Cabrera from the Latin Rascals?

    Whatever happened to Albert Cabrera from The Latin Rascals, I have heard of what Tony Moran is up to but have heard nothing about Albert cabrera. Anybody know?:confused:
  14. H

    where's the latin essence?

    Does anybody agree with me when I say that the new freestyle that is coming out is missing the latin essence that made freestyle what it is? I remember it being called latin freestyle or latin hip hop. Today the songs sound more like trance/ eurodance than latin. I remember the songs when the...
  15. Emanuel

    Latin & single

    Well when they said it was lonely when you get into the music business, they were right. I'm looking for a women who is out going and willing to take chances. Emanuel
  16. X

    Freestyle Artists Vs Mtv's Verson Of The "latin" Explosion....

    I have been trying to understand this for quite sometime.... Looking back almost 20 yrs oR so (give or take technical people out there ;) ...there have been a swarm of extremely talented latin singers...both who sing in spanish and english..but lets focus on the FREESTYLE ARTISTS (0f course we...
  17. FreestyleDvaKel

    Johnny O at latin quaters?

    if this is true I will just die...please let me know if anyone has info about this!!!! thanks
  18. S

    Cynthia's birthday bash at latin quarters

    Hope everyone is gonna make it to CYNTHIA's birthday bash at LATIN QUARTERS in new york. i happen to know who the special surprise guest is gonna be. she happens to be my all time favorite artist, for those who happen to be familiar with me, than you'll know who it is. have fun!!
  19. O

    Isnt there suppose to be rap in latin hip hop

    after it is latin hip-hop......isnt it?
  20. Z

    LATIN SOUL can u help me please?

    Has anybody ever heard of SANDI CASTILLO? i'm looking for a song that she sings supposedly it's a more upbeat version of LATIN SOUL's PROMISE ME and if you have it on napster and r willing to share with another hardcore FREESTYLE fan thanks