1. Coro'sGirl

    Kings of freestyle?

    Theres a divas of freestyle website and cd is there any of those dedicated to the fabulous men artists of freestyle??
  2. P

    The Kings & Queens Of FreeStyle Video Documentary

    The Kings & Queens Of FreeStyle Video Documentary Hey Ya'll, My name is Galley"Alexander"Molina.I've been very active in the freestyle game for the last 14 years...I toured with Stevie B for 2 years during the Glory days. I then wrote, produced and sang my first single Entitled "Foregive Me...
  3. B

    The Kings & Queens of freestyle song.

    The Kings & Queens of freestyle released a song not to long ago called 'We Are The Ones',Tony Moran produced it . The artists were Coro,Brenda K.Starr,George Lamond,Joey Kidd,Judy Torres,Cynthia.It was off the hook!!!!! From Club5....members;)
  4. F

    The Real Kings & Queens Of Freestyle Are As Follows:

    You guys say that Judy Torres and Cynthia are the Queens of Freestyle, they are good but they're not the Queens. Why are they not the queens, the reasons are as follows: Niether one ever had a music videos. Niether one has traveled out of the US for performance reasons. Niether one has ever...