The Kings & Queens Of FreeStyle Video Documentary



The Kings & Queens Of FreeStyle Video Documentary

Hey Ya'll,

My name is Galley"Alexander"Molina.I've been very active in the freestyle game for the last 14 years...I toured with Stevie B for 2 years during the Glory days. I then wrote, produced and sang my first single Entitled "Foregive Me Girl". I then went on release several other singles through Upstairs Records under the name Alexander.
While at Upstairs, I also wrote most of the Angelina Album wich included, "I dont Need Your Love", "I Don't Wanna Be Without Your Love" As well as the Spanish Fly records like "I Can See".I've done several other records through out my career but have recently taken a break to pursue a dream of mine. I am producing a documentary film entitled "The Kings & Queens Of Freestyle"...This will be released straight to home video and DVD at the end of the year. I have also just completed "The Best Of Stevie B"....It contains all of his videos as well as an in depth current interview and some old school footage. This will be available around the same time.The Kings & Queens video will contain current interviews with the hottest freestyle artist as well as a segment on the Labels & Producers of the game.I will also insert live performances and or produced music videos on each group.I will be released in 2 volumes. Vol.1 will be
THE KINGS & vol.2 will be THE QUEENS....I would also like to interview the owners of these freestyle sites to talk about all they do for this music scene. Another segment I'm shooting is "THE FANS"..
This will be a great time to come out and talk about your favorite artist and to share what this music means to you...I plan on being in NY.on Sunday the 18th for a few days.As for the ARTIST, I have SAL A.
Mickey Garcia and LATIF working on getting the artist together to conduct these interviews. If any of the below listed artist read this, please contact me with regard to setting up a time for an interview.I have licsinsed all of the songs through the publising administrators so it's all Legit...The quality of this project is 5 Star.....TOLGA himself is doing the editing and graphics on this project...He made the Stevie piece look like a VH1 joynt.This is a great story and deserves to be told in a BIG WAY...I hope to see you at the shoots...I'll post the places and times as I lock them up...

Thanx people,

Galley Molina