1. S

    Good Morning !


    have a good one everybody

    just wanna wish everybody a good weekend take care if anybody needs anything just pm me i wont be on much like i use to . i gotta take care of things around the house and stay in somewhat good health for my sisters up coming wedding so i will be doing alot of restin till then as soon as i...
  3. La Mas Grande

    I'm in such a good mood today

    Its been a long time that i have felt so good. I'm actually smiling and laughing even my co workers have commented on it. I got a call my kids dad and my son got promoted, for those who know my dilemna this comes as a surprise. Well I hope you guys are having a good day and Happy Pride...
  4. Psycho

    Good weekend to all...

    ... those on right now: bensonhurst capo, bigMARC, Broken_Hearted, EL_BORICUA_72, evaz, Freestygal, JeromeG1234, JerseyGirlJenn, jetakamrdragon, JOEDOCPA, legit, SEDUCTIVE NENA, Talisa,Talisa, Unique_Freestyle, LaBettyBoop* and to those on ghost: ...
  5. J

    Hey Mi Gente! good 2b home!!

    Sup' Room Im Juani pet name for Juan, very long time fan of freestyle from way back when! I love being among peeps who can appreciate the art and style that this type of music brought to us and keeping the flava alive for decades to come!
  6. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hey familia have a blessed day, enjoy the weather and it ifs Friday.:dancingb :yeey
  7. jazzy4u

    good morning shoutouts

    Good morning familia have a blessed day. CF members hello to the once you can see and the ones that are ghosts.LOL Delicious Kenny Guido
  8. PKO

    Give me some good ones

    Hey Freestylers Give Me Some Artist You Would Like To See Preform At The Next Big Event. No Usual Suspects. Let Me Give You 3 (artist You Haven't Seen In Awhile) Pajama Party Miguel Reyes Tina B
  9. ricanlips4u

    Good News!

    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico! lol.. Just Kiddin! My Husband- REBER - is no LONGER being Deployed!! Somehow he got switched over to another Company in the unit and that Company doesn't have orders to Deploy to Iraq!! So.. IM EXCITED And Thank God - as...
  10. M

    Good news for DC/NoVA Baseball!!!!!!!!

    I'm not too excited since usually we get bitten in the a$$ by Bud Selig. But the odds of The DC/NoVa area getting a team is looking good by 90%. Both DC and Northern Va has presented big proposals to bring The Expos to The Area. The plans are: Dc will build a new stadium next to RFK Stadium. The...
  11. La Mas Grande

    Good Nite Familia

    Just Wanna Wish Everyone A Good Nite, Im Gonna Finish My Eng Muffin And Then Go To Bed. Dont Forget To Brush And Floss Before Hitting The Sack. :)
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Monday! Hello!~*~

    Good Morning, Good day peeps. This is the beginning of the week and the week that leads us to...............FINALLY...................May 30th! :dancingb So enjoy this week! Don't let anything bother you! It'll go fast! :heee And see you all soon!
  13. S

    No More Drama! Good Morning

    Hey everyone, any chance of no drama today??? GOOD Morning People !!
  14. jazzy4u

    Good Friday and weekend

    Hey Familia, I want to wish everyone a good day and weekend. I wont be here I'LL be in AC. MMUUAAHH and God Bless. What are u doing ????
  15. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~ Good Wednesday Everybody ~*~

    Good Wednesday! I hope everybody has a good day. I won't be on all day, but perhaps late tonight I will be. I'll be out all day since it's my son's Jonathan's birthday. He's 5 yrs old today. :D So have a wonderful day!
  16. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~ Good Tuesday ~*~

    Have a good Tuesday today peeps. :) It's already Tuesday. Wow! Time goes quick. This year is just going right by our eyes. :rolleyes Have a non-stressful, happy day. :dancingb
  17. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Monday Peeps~*~

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening my peeps. It's Monday and hope you all have a wonderful day today. Be safe. :heee
  18. DreamGirl

    Good Morning/Happy Sunday!!!!!

    Just wanted to say good morning to everyone on and for all those who will be poppin in later. It's been a great weekend. For once, I was actually off from work, and damn that was nice. :yeey Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I know I sure did!!!!!!! :biggrin
  19. B

    going to l.a. nxt month: wheres good places to buy fs vinyl

    can anybody help out with some places in los angeles to buy freestyle vinyl. from cheap digging to collector prices. last time i was in l.a. i bought a teeny bit from strictly grooves on sunset blvd. which is an awesome store. anything new pop up in the last couple of years. thx
  20. S

    What A Good Mother Is All About

    Growing up it was just you and I, You have always stood by my side, Right there giving me love, My angel sent from above, You made sure there was food to eat, Mom you always looked out for me, Going to school wit new clothes on my back, The kids were so jealous for that, A single parent, Mom you...