1. Kenny Guido

    Good Bye Pulse 87 In Ny!!!

  2. V

    a good website to buy zolpidem - zolpidem ambien overnight without prescription

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  3. H

    Please help me look good !!!

    Can anyone give me the name of the song and artist with these lyrics ? How can i love you when you're with my best friend I sit here wondering how did this happen one night we were all alone and i let you take me home what i should have said is no
  4. T

    good computer?

    whats a good computer for making beats with hardware and fruity loops?
  5. sietzsounds

    I'm fondling it in my hands & it smells so good...

    .... I'm playing with my son's play-doh!!!! I love it!!!!! :)
  6. tanktruck

    Good Times With Bad Boys!!

    Why woman and "gay" men love them some bad boys? I'll admit I had me some bad boys and it was fun but I grew out of it!!
  7. F

    It was a good try Yankees

    I'll give you that. They went out swinging.
  8. jazzy4u

    Raffle tickets being sold for a good cause

    Hi Guys I work for a domestic violence agency and we are selling raffle tickets to raise money. The tickets are $25.00 a piece and the Grand prise is Vacation for two with airfare and hotel to Puerto Rico, Dominican republic or Jamaica 2nd price dinner and broadway tickets for four ...
  9. H

    Good Night....

    After Hours Of And Late Night Thinking I Found Myself Just Reminiscing Time Hasnt Changed A Thing They All Stayed The Same Yes I Admit Im Still Drowning In This Pain Love From Another I Never Really Gained Too Much Aggravation Left Us Alone In Tough Situations From Being Accused And Abused Love...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Morning~*~

    Happy "middle of the week" day to you all. :) Thank god we're half way through. Work has been heeeelllll! Very busy. Hope you all have a good day today. You guys that are going to the benefit this weekend, have a wonderful time. Tell Krystal, we send our love. :wave
  11. Tony G.

    Good Bye to CF

    Just wanted to say Good Bye to the fans here on CF, Take care and thank U.
  12. Sexyangel329

    Is Anyone Really good

    With these office football games if so hollllaaaa back lol :)
  13. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hi familia have a great day and make the best of it. mmuaaahh:walk
  14. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hi familia have a good day and make the best of it. :walk
  15. HennyLuv159

    This lil nigga is up to no good !!

    Caught off guard lookin' all mischievous !!!! I just had to post this
  16. La Mas Grande

    Good Morning Club Freestyle

    Just wanna pop in and say a quick hello. Been pretty busy lately with school and the kids so I don't have much freetime. I havent forgotten about ya and I hope all is okay. :)
  17. Sexyangel329

    Good Monday

    Agh back to work lol it is sure to be a fun filled week for me lol I am already looking forward to the end of the week but arent we all wishing every one a great Monday back to work and hope your week is a good one :)
  18. T

    good to be back

    just wanted to say it feels good to be back just wanted a quick hello to some peeps i still remember hopefully ya remember me Nyasia heavenly Taz (Time to get it started big man time to call in the nation) Crazygirl dreamgirl krystal and other who i may have forgotten to mention well...
  19. E

    Good Luck Miles!!

    I just wanted to wish Miles Petty Good Luck with his show in California On August 27th!! I know it's a bit early, but I might not be around so I'm Wishing You All The Best!! Have A Great Time!! :meinlove And for those of you who live in the area, go check him out...
  20. Colombian Harry

    Are there any good tasting energy drinks?

    Does anyone out there know of any good tasting energy drinks? I've had Red Bull, Sobe, and Celcius. They're all nasty. They do the job as advertised but the taste is nothing to brag about. Tell of any others that taste good.