What A Good Mother Is All About


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Apr 28, 2004
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Growing up it was just you and I,
You have always stood by my side,
Right there giving me love,
My angel sent from above,
You made sure there was food to eat,
Mom you always looked out for me,
Going to school wit new clothes on my back,
The kids were so jealous for that,
A single parent,
Mom you did it all alone,
Never asked for anything,
From a father who was never there,
You always kept me happy,
Even though that bitch didn't care,
Working Hard,
Paying bills,
Went back to school,
Girl that was real,
Having an education at hand,
Never depending on a man,
Thankful for all the good times we had,
Sitting in the house drinking,
Listening to music all night,
Laugh as we dance,
Just mom and I,
Just having a good time,
I love you mom,
My African queen,
You did the best you can,
Taking wonderful care of me,
I look up to you,
My queen,
As you should be,
You gave me the tools to face reality,
Things I may go through in this society,
To be strong,
Don't tell a soul when I do wrong,
Mom you taught me how to move on wit my life,
There's no point to cry,
If my man don't act right,
Walk wit a new man by my side,
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a hello and bye,
Rollin wit my life,
Laugh because he is not worth the tears,
I didn't cry,
Thats what you did mom,
You taught me how to survive,
Making sure I'm all right,
Living my life wit open eyes,
Moms you got game,
For those lames,
Having ya man whipped,
Giving up the doe and the pocket change,
If a man was trying to play you,
You would play him first,
Stick his ass for his cash,
Make his pockets hurt,
Making sure they do for your child,
If they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up,
Then their ass was out,
I love you for being wild,
If a chick had beef,
You was ready to hit the street,
Giving them straight heat,
Getting their ass beat,
When feelings of anger exist,
You had no problem knocking them out wit just a closed fist,
Even though you had me young,
I'm blessed to be here,
Blessed to have you near,
Blessed to have a mother who cares,
Blessed to have you to talk to,
Blessed because your true,
Blessed to have my girl,
Mom you are my world,
Blessed to write and say,
Happy mothers day,
I can't wait to say,
Happy fathers day,
My mother,
My father,
My best friend,
My ambition,
The perfect definition of,
What a good mother is all about...

I love you