1. M

    HELP!! Cover Girls Love Mission Promo Mix

    I have recently discovered that there is an "Exclusive Promo Only" Mix of the Cover Girls Album track "Love Mission". The track was remixed by John M. Pillin Jr. and Steve Smith. The track was available on a DJ Remix Service CD Titled "Pop Mix CD-01". If anyone has any information on how I...
  2. C

    The Cover Girls "Hooked On You"

    Does anyone know where I can find the single for The Cover Girls "Hooked On You (ski-hi remix)". I have the Freestyle Party version (it's way to short) but I have been franticly searching for this version. If anyone knows please let me know (hint hint TankTruck). I love Evelyn's awesome voice...
  3. B

    cover girls inside outside special mix

    im from toronto and i recall back in 88 we always used to listen this radio station from buffalo (i think 98.5) cuz they always were dropping freestyle on theyre live to air show. anyhoo, they used to always play this version of the cover girls inside outside that used to have some edits in it...
  4. FrEEjacK

    Expose' vs The Cover Girls

    Here is a blast from the past photo with Scotman,Sal Abbatielo,Expose and The Cover Girls from 1988!!!
  5. melissa figueroa

    Angel from the cover girls

    SHe will be answering all questions you have for her this month on In the Interview section ..She will be answering all questions and so if there is anything you everwanted to know about this awsome artist shes there to reply.... I...
  6. D.J. Paradise

    What a show--Thanx, & More, The Cover Girls & Ashley---Next week, LIVE in Miami !!!!!

    What a show--Thanx, & More, The Cover Girls & Ashley---Next week, LIVE in Miami !!!!! What a great show we had Saturday !!!!!! We had such a blast. "And More" thank you for the on air interview. You are a such an asset to this genre. We cant wait for your future projects and good luck with...
  7. D.J. Paradise

    File Radio/Chat 2/21--Top 5 PR Prince--Next Week: And More & The Cover Girls

    The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, February 21st, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the Club Freestyle chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO SHOW, JUST GO...
  8. tanktruck

    Evelyn Lead singer of the Cover Girls Is Now A CF Member.

    Well, guys and dolls, our family just gets bigger and bigger. Evelyn, lead singer of the Cover Girls, joined our CF family yesterday. I was ready to tell everyone but I had to get her permission first. So, I hope everyone welcomes her with open-arms. This lady has preformed in many places...
  9. Company B

    "Love Mission" by The Cover Girls?

    This was a kool song that was on their 2nd album "We Cant Go Wrong", & I wanna know if Margo or Caroline did the lead vocals cuz it DOES NOT sound like Angel. Anyone know who did these vocals? :)
  10. tanktruck

    Cover Girls & Judy Torres live preformance in 2003 Videos

    I came across this web page, it's for Dance for a Cure 2003 @ the Roxy. It was a benefit for Breast Cancer. It has a couple of freestyle artist preforming live. One of them are the Cover Girls, Evelyn singing live, Sabrina, and Lorraine both dancing there ass off. All three of them looking...
  11. myonlysweetie

    Girls night out

    Two women friends had gone for a girl's night out, but had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the Bacardi Breezers. Incredibly drunk and walking home, they needed to pee, so they stopped in the cemetery. One of them had nothing to wipe with so she thought she would take off her panties. Her...
  12. Sexyangel329

    To My Girls

    I jsut wanted to let ya know that ya are the greatest las quiero mucho for always being htere Naya thank you fo always having my back no mater what the situation Mi Angel De de L Guarda ;), Sandra for your words of encouragement, vicki for having faith in me, Diane for always listening, Krys...
  13. P

    the new cover girls????

    does anyone know if theyll be releasing any new material ??? please let me know??
  14. FreestyleJen_86

    The Cover Girls line up

    Ok, I was watching the music video to "Show Me" by the Cover Girls. I notice there's one girl I don't recall. She's dark skinned and looks African American. Does anyone know who this gal is? She doesn't appear on their album cover or anything. Just in the music video. Can someone explain this...
  15. F

    Makeup Question for the Girls

    Hey Ladies: What are your fave brands of makeup? I like the following: Bobbi Brown Benefit Smashbox Clinique Maybelline (bust mostly just their eyeshadows) Chanel...expenisve but they have a lip gloss called Blizzard that is my fave! I love lip glosses...tell me which glosses are your faves...
  16. M

    Rich Girls: The Black Out Episode

    This was probraly the funniest episode ever. Both Ally and Jamie experiensed the NYC Blackout this summer. It was so funny how Jamie was getting freaked out from her mom saying this is fun. It was also funny how Ally retreated to her dads store(the Tommy Hillfinger store in Manhattan). This dumb...
  17. Company B

    girls & guys: sexy legs?

    I honestly think that Legs are one of the MOST sexiest features of a body.:) For both men & women. BUT, I find it such a turn-off when peoples legs dont "go" with their bodies - lol. If you're skinny, & have skinny legs, ...then its all good, & vice versa. But I hate it when I see a hott-built...
  18. jazzy4u

    Cover Girls at Copa 12/31

    I just looked at the Copa Calender and The covergirls are going to be at Copa New Years eve.
  19. M

    Rich Girls premired last night!!

    I saw a piece of Rich Bit*hes eerrrrrrr Rich Girls last night on MTV at 10:30. I can sum up the whole show. Two spoiled bit*hes who was spending the whole show showing off how much they were spending on prom dresses and spas!! They are not that hot!!!!!! MTV needs to be contracted
  20. T

    Girls do it just for fun

    I need help finding this song....I've always heard it on my old freestyle tapes, but now I want to burn it on a CD, and I need to know if anyone knows who sings it, and where I could find it. If you can't do that, I would appreciate if someone would at least let me know where I can find the full...