1. M

    Real World Road Rules, The Inferno II. Tina, lovebirds Rachel and Veronica:Mean Girls

    Last night, things really blew up for the bas Asses. Dan and Tonya has had it with the big three of Tina RR sexiest couple: rachel and Veronica calling the shots and insulting Tonya. Tonya performed the best on the team, Rachel, veronica nor Tina congradulated her. Tonya finally got pissed. She...
  2. M

    girls club

    anyone know where i can get girls club
  3. M

    Making The Band 3. The hottest of the girls

    I watch the show just for the hot ladies trying to make the group. Not for Diddy's overrated sorry a$$!! here is my list of the hottest of the girls Yaharia Patti Alieen Michelle Francesca What babes :drool DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. PRicanPrince

    Lisa Lisa & The Cover Girls In Boston !!

    Are you ready for it? Star 93.7's Star Style Ball 2005 is coming, and every year it just keeps getting bigger and better. Star Style Ball, Boston's premiere tradition where music and fashion meet. Thursday, April 21st at the Roxy and this year the divas take over. Click here for a list of the...
  5. M

    Making The Band 3: The Girls do Freestyle

    I could not believe this. Last nights episdoe, the girls had to break up min groups to write, sing and perform to a track. The track sounded like a new school freestyle hook. All the ladies sang on the track well.
  6. sexyredrose

    A Home Girls' Fight

    to all my home girls' that were touched' the wrong way that had taken' away not given' there respect and dignated' striped' and robed'of there pureity' i say hold your head up high for god has made you strong for the strong will fight and the weak will die remeber it was never your fault...
  7. L

    Seduction? Cover Girls?

    Hey y'all -- I was just wondering whats going on with these 2 groups. I know they were back and doing some shows but all of a sudden they are silent again! Does anyone know if Seduction and The Cover Girls are working on new albums or still doing shows? whats the latest tea????
  8. E

    Western Girls by Pet Shop Boys, Freestyle or not?

    I recently heard "western Girls" by Pet Shop Boys, and I remember listening to it in the 80's, at clubs and the radio. Most DJs used to spin it and mix it with Freestyle. I've always wondered if this song was ever considered Freestyle? I know the song has various Freestyle elements! What do...
  9. L

    any new 411 on cover girls?

    Hey All--Im new to the board and I was just wondering if anyone had any new info on The Cover Girls? new album? single? shows? anything at all???? thanks!
  10. myonlysweetie


    What is the difference among girls aged: 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68 and 78? At 8 - You take her to bed and tell her a story. At 18 - You tell her a story and take her to bed. At 28 - You don't need to tell her a story to take her to bed. At 38 - She tells you a story and takes you to bed. At...
  11. lilshygyrl

    why cant I find Girls Do It Just For Fun(radio version),or any of LAWs songs anywhere

    I cannot find any of LAWs songs or Girls Do It Just For Fun (the radio version, not the slower one) anywhere!!! No cds, tapes or mp3s. what the hell :mad ??? its driving me nuts
  12. NuJerz2001

    ...and u thought Croatian girls were shy....LOL!

    Pop Star Wants Home Sex Movie Shown in Court ZAGREB (Reuters) - A top Croatian pop star asked a Zagreb court on Friday to watch a private movie in which she enjoys a lusty sex romp to see whether her copyright was violated by a Web Site that showed it to the public. Severina Vuckovic, 32...
  13. C

    Margo Urban of the Cover Girls

    What a beautiful woman.......those eyes. I read somewhere that she had a baby by Mike Tyson's former bodyguard. Does she still sing, or is she retired like so many others from the golden era of freestyle?
  14. tanktruck

    The Cover Girls @ The Roxy!!

    The Cover Girls preforming @ the Roxy at a benefit for breast cancer awareness and research.
  15. M

    The New Cover Girls Mentioned On The Ryan Seacrest Show

    I thought this was worth posting. Queen Latifah announced The Cover Girls new album to feature Brandy and Sugar Ray. To be released soon. She also mentioned the opening of a new club in which the Cover Girls will make appearances in.
  16. J

    I Don't Care ABout Your Other Girls....

    Man, does anyone know this track? It sounds Freestylish if it isn't considered Freestyle. I was ransacking through my old school tapes and found one of the Freestyle songs I have been looking for in years. The song goes like this: People always talkin' about reputations I don't care about your...
  17. tanktruck

    the COVER GIRLS @ Club Papi

    Well, guys and girls, here are my pictures of the Cover Girls preforming @ Club Papi in Houston. I drove in a rain storm, got lost for 3 hours, digital camera was tripping (flash decided not to work). Well, countless beers and shots later. The show started!! Evelyn, Sabrina, Loraine tore the...
  18. tanktruck

    the COVER GIRLS in Houston, TX

    Well, Evelyn, Sabina and Loraine, will be preforming @ Club Papi tonight. I am on way to go see them. It's gonna be a 4 hour trip. Hopefull, I get some real good pics. I'm so excited!!:fkinaman
  19. tanktruck

    the COVER GIRLS @ the Oxygen Lounge

    Here are some pictures I found of the Cover Girls preforming at the Oxygen Lounge!
  20. M

    Mean Girls

    This week, the teen flick; Mean Girls was #1. It stars Disney star; Lindsay Lohan. Looks like The Teen girls are taking over the movies. Looks like Nickeloden and Disney should have their own theaters. I was not surprised to see R-Kelly and Pete Townsend going to see it.LOL. Jack would have saw...