1. S

    The Original Girls From Expose' On The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Put on your sunglasses and get Xposed to the original girls of the World Famous Freestyle girl group: Expose' (originally known as Xposed): Laurie Miller and Ale Lorenzo (with a special dedication to deceased member: Sandee) on the Thursday, May 26, 2016 edition of The Freestyle Universe...
  2. T

    Why so much hatred?

    I am wondering why there is so much hate personally directed towards Evelyn of The Cover Girls. While I don't agree with all of the beefs the OCG have towards "previous management", I can at least see both sides of the argument. I can even see why some traditionalists may have issues with the...
  3. S

    Noel and the Girls Club's Eileen on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Freestyle's Sexiest Bombshell Latina – Freestyle Universe’s Delisious Deliza celebrates her birthday on the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on, Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Guess who showed up to get in on all the fun! Freestyle Greats...
  4. S

    Angel from the Cover Girls on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on pays tribute to Freestyle girl groups on the Thursday, September 13th's all new episode!! Girls groups like The Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Laissez Faire, Solid, Brooklyn Queens and so many more have made the Freestyle world...
  5. frankie

    The Original Cover Girls are back!!!

    Angel,Caroline and Margo are back,finally the real thing.Angel is our Diana Ross and The Cover Girls are our Supremes!
  6. ChuckD

    Classic Freestyle Reviews-The Cover Girls

    Show Me Review by Alex Henderson The original members of the Cover Girls (Louise "Angel" Sabater, Sunshine Wright, and Caroline Jackson) weren't fantastic singers; their voices were undeniably thin. But then, no one honestly believed that they were the next Martha & the Vandellas. Despite...
  7. ChuckD

    To many girls, she's Microwave Barbie

    British study finds kids happy to maim doll Tuesday, December 20, 2005 LONDON -- Barbie, beware. Many of the iconic plastic dolls are mutilated at the hands of young girls, according to research published yesterday by British academics. "The girls we spoke to see 'Barbie torture' as a...
  8. L

    This Is Me And My Girls

  9. S

    Former Cover Girls

    Hey all--does anyone have any info on former Cover Girls Michelle Valentine, Margo Urban and Caroline Jackson?? Just wondering what they are up too! Thanks.
  10. Colombian Harry

    The girls are fighting
  11. R

    fast girls

    to all the women who's bedroom is warm and welcoming place. to fast girls who make the nite go alot faster . to girls who never heard a bad line. not that we have any. heres to you Oh sultans of satisfaction. yes every nite you women protect the bar stool or club floor. from uptight and...
  12. F

    Cover Girls - "Satisfy" Album

    I just bought this CD online. I wanted to know what everyone thinks of it if they have heard it or have it. I just started to hear it.
  13. cratebug

    To all Chitown Boys & Girls, U Gotta CHECK THIS OUT!: Classic Chicago Party Fliers! :

    To all Chitown Boys & Girls, U Gotta CHECK THIS OUT!: Classic Chicago Party Fliers! : Just added them to my web!!! Click here to see some VERY cool & crazy Chicago party fliers (pics) from back in the day!! Also check out the "Mixes" link on my site, where you can download Old School...
  14. cratebug

    ::::: Attention Chicago boys & girls! Catch my live Old School set @.... :::::

    I will be spinning after hrs @ Martini Ranch Labor Day weekend in Chicago on Fri. Sept 2nd!!! I will be playing monster dance classics from back in the day as well as modern grooves to make you sweat!! Last time I was there the place was packed and all the ladies were singing along to the music...
  15. S

    girls club

    i lost the love. where can i find this on a cd
  16. F

    Summer Girls

    I need some help finding who sings this song, I think the name is called summer girls. It goes something like this. (summer girls are every where, I like the things you do to me I wish that i could be with summer girls) something like that. does anybody knows?
  17. CandyLandGirl

    Favorite Cover Girls song?

    Mine is ... 1. Because of You 2. My Heart Skips a Beat 3. One Night Affair 4. Better Late Than Never
  18. B

    Lil Suzy, Lissette Melendez, Cover Girls in Sacramento 2nite!

    Lil Suzy, Lissette Melendez, Cover Girls in Sacramento 2nite! Performing at Empire Night club at 15th and R Streets in downtown Sacramento. This is the biggest club in Sacramento, so it should be crazy! Also Jose Melendez from Wild 94.9 in the mix. website...
  19. O

    Cover Girls In Miami May 29th 2005

  20. This Is GoodBye

    The Golden Girls Season 2 Get It Now !!!!!!!

    I Just Bought My Season 2 3 Disc Set Of The Golden Girls Get It Now On E Bay For 42.00 Pretty Cheap...And A Awesome Show.....Love Them 2 Death...I Buy 2 Of Each Season 1 For Watching And 1 For Safe Keeping :)....The Season Came Out 3 Days Ago Get It Now!!!!!!!!! Speed Out, :yeey