1. S

    please, help me find MP3

    I have been looking for a while for " Adia - Number One ". I can't find this song anywhere, any help in much appreciated.
  2. O

    Hard 2 Find Freestyle CD SINGLES THANKS ALL
  3. B

    will one find a lot of freestyle in miami?

    anybody know what the vinyl situation is in miami fla? asking for my cousin who wants to go. any suggestions on shops?
  4. D

    Help me find this track please!

    Have this on an old Bad Boy Bill mix tape (recorded from WBMX in the late 80's) lyrics (male singer) Come back to me (x3), baby come back to me When we met from the start, you captured my heart. The only thing that I could see, is that you meant the world to me. But now it is true...
  5. E

    please help me find this song!!!!!!!!

    please help me find this song thanx it goes something like this will you still me in the morning love me in the morning .........after iv gave you all my love she has a veary piced voice so please help me
  6. E

    help me find this song please

    i think the words go like this and the singer has a veary high piched voice it goes like this will you still love me in the morning, love me in the morning,after iv gave you all my love something like that so please help me find this song
  7. G

    You Can Find Me....

    You can find me painting the stars within nights daskest sky You can find me in your mind with the closing of each eye You can catch a glimps of me with just a simple thought And share with me the wonders to this world I brought You can find me within the flames of the glistening sun You can...
  8. A

    where can I find Here I Go Again(Haus-a-holics Remix) by Lynette?

    I am looking for the full version of Lynette - Here I Go Again(Haus-a-holics Remix). I know it's on Divas of Freestyle but it's not the full version. Any help is appreciated.
  9. D

    Trying To find what song this is>>> PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone, i have been looking to identify a song for many years now and it is driving me crazy... i have lyrics and also a clip of this song... I was also told that it was by the artist JAIDIE.... If anyone could help me in any way please please reply because im starting to believe this...
  10. O

    More Hard 2 Find CD's Posted thanks all
  11. P

    *Hard 2 Find FREESTYLE II*

    HEY FREESTYLE FANS!! I have a collection of over 1200 CDs and have been a DJ for 14 yrs. If anyone needs or wants hard to find freestye mp3s that I might have, let me know and I might be able to help. POST YOUR REQUESTS HERE & I'll See what I can Do. Complete Collection Of - STEVIE...
  12. L

    Where can i find this song????

    hey guys how is everyone? i'm looking for this old school freestyle artist by the name of Jaime from dallas tx the name of the song is Summer Nights (i think?) Does anybody know who and what song im talking about need to know where to find it??? thanks Please help me :listen
  13. S

    who sings this song and where can I find it at

    This song came out when I was in the fifth or sixth grade (1995 or 1996). The song starts off like this Don't make me starve I don't want to Don't make me starve Cause I'm still in the mood I can feel the fire in the flame I can hear me callin out you name I don't know the rest of the...
  14. P

    Hard to find FREESTYLE songs..

    If anyone needs any hard to find freestyle songs let me know... FREESTYLE 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. O

    More Hard 2 Find CD's Posted
  16. O

    Hard 2 Find Freestyle CD's
  17. brunocpd

    Where can I find this Lyric?

    Randy Kendall - For Always does anybody know this music?
  18. PAPI

    where can i find these jamz?

    can any one help me find these jamz? untrue lover(?) fast-paced jam w/lots of drum beats-female vocalist precious(?)guy band; had a mix on the vinyl where the group "raps". i appreciate any help.
  19. PAPI

    Where Can I find This Artist, Lyric or Song?

    i'm looking 4 this song. it came out about 1988. i've been searching 4 many years & i cannot find it. if anyone has it please send it to: "i thought i saw ur face 2day, i must've been dreamin' it's been so hard 4 me 2 face what i've begun believin' u went away because i let u...
  20. sexymay

    hey were can I find

    ok well i'm actually looking for the guy who send me a kool cd with my favorite song Charlie Babie In the name of love. If your around hun get back.