1. PAPI

    Where Can I find This Artist, Lyric or Song?

    It's a male artist. The beat was kind of funky which is why I enjoyed it. All I can remember is some of the chorus: " if time is what you need then take all the time 'cause I'll keep waiting every time..." Something to that effect. Sorry I couldn't give more info, I just don't...
  2. 3

    Where can i find this artist?

    hey just wanting to know were i can find songs and possibily albums by Dimi the female freestyle singer, i have only four songs by her, 1. in my dreams 2. crazy for you 3. with all my heart 4. the only one please tell me where i can find some others and mabey her new stuff too thanks guys. peace
  3. R

    Help please! Been trying to find song for eternity it seems! Lol

    Hey guys, Been a long time since I've been on here. Glad this space is still up. Anyway, the song I'm trying to find is from a guy. Some of the lyrics go like this: I can't stop thinking about her, in every vision I see her face. When I wake up from my dreams it's her kisses that I...
  4. 3

    please help, need to find these 2 freestyle mixes

    ive been looking everywhere for these 2 mixes, 1. (space zone VIII), 2. (magic rap 4) can someone please help me find them for download.
  5. H

    i need to find this song

    the song is honey sung by elvis presley. i have this song but it is cut off in the middle. i really need the full song, honey, sung by elvis he does this perfectly to the cut off point. i truly hope you can help with this, i have a great elvis collection. am a little upset over this one...
  6. L

    cant find a song

    i have been searching for this song for ever and i cant find it. i thought stevie b or johnny o sings it but i cant find it anywhere. some lyrcis are, I was alone trying to find someoneeee,then it sais come to me to my paradise, come to me to my secret world. please help me find this song
  7. M

    3 Songs I Must Find!

    OK I know this was asked before but I missed it! The song goes " You have driven my love away, by pushing, Oh, by pushing, push push" also since i'm here. Song goes " Calling Cupid, Cupid, Calling Cupid, I Need Love" and one more. I'm pretty sure this is an Italo Disco song called "Not Love" but...
  8. M

    help me find a freestyle song from early 90's

    It's a man singing, early 90's, nice soft voice. The song is not to fast...and he says the words "marry me" in the lyrics over a few times. I don't thiink the song was as popular, but it was good. Kind of sounds like Johhny O, but it's not.
  9. S

    please help me find this

    I am desperately searching for the freestyle song that was playing on the day I got engaged. It was 1990 and the song went like this: Everytime I looked at you I wanted to know more I asked my friends about you what u did and what u wore chorus: cruel, cruel loving im all alone when i look...
  10. A

    Where i can find legal mp3 music

    Good day, I'm big fan of Jungle music. I have more than 900 mp3's on my mp3 player and always searching for more :-). What mp3 sites do you know, where i can download legal mp3 music? P.S. Sorry for posting in "this", but I haven't found a better category for my post.
  11. O

    where can i find the original????

    im lookin for a cd that has the original "forver" by emotion in motion...not the new cd that came out by them cause that version sucks!!! can anyone tell me what cd it might b in....the original...not the remake.....please and thank you...
  12. G

    Where can I find the lyrics to .. ?

    Elissa - Look Who's Crying Now I have been looking for months now and no luck. Please help!
  13. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Where can I find? Summer Rain

    This is not Freestyle...but everyone listens to these..please help!!! this is the chorus "Oh my love it's you that I dream of Oh my love since then I've been somewhere in my heart I'm always dancing with you in the summer rain" Who is the artist? Where can I find it?
  14. L

    Need To Find This Song..Help Please

    the chorus of the song goes....moreeee and moree and moreee.........then something like i dont know what im gonna do...they play it on the radio everyonce in a while. This is really killing me. Thanks in advance
  15. Ms_dvine9904

    Need to find out name of song & artist

    I believe this is a freestyle song but old school. If someone could help I would really appreciate it!:hpound I'll be your shelter in the pouring rain, Girl when u are feeling down I'll ease the pain, I'll be your shoulder to cry on, Even if its to the break of down, Girl you know you...
  16. O

    Hard 2 Find Freestyle Records and more thanks all
  17. C

    where can i find music codes

    where can i find freestyle music codes or music video codes to put up on my myspace or friendster?
  18. S

    Mystery Song -- Help Me Find it!

    I used to have a mix tape that a local DJ made me back in the early 90's. On the tape there was this song by a female freestyle singer/group. It had a infectious hook, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called (after all it was a mix tape), and he didn't include a set list...
  19. J

    Help me find this lyrics

    Where can I find the lyrics to the Erotic Exotic song Take me as I am, I would also like to find this song, since they dont sell it.
  20. B

    help a new member find an old song!!!!

    Need to know the artist of a song old school frestyle. I think it's called number one.... but not sure goes something like this....number one is the lonlyest number without you iam sure there is no other baby can you see you belong to me at night when the cold wind blows out side i hear...