1. L

    How can I find this cd

    Hi, I'm trying to find this cd, the name is "Freestyle The Remix". I had it once in Puerto Rico but I gave it to my friend before I moved to miami.
  2. BabyBeTTYBooP

    You've Click And Find Out He Has .....


    i have another one that i cant find

    Just like the last one, I've only heard this song on one cd. some of the lyrics go like this........ I'M SO AFRAID TO SAY THAT WE ARE NO LONGER, I'M THINKING AND WONDERING IF I GAVE TOO MUCH OF MY HEART, AND HERE WE GO AGAIN THE SAME THING AS ALWAYS, WE'VE BOTH HAD ENOUGH OF NOWHERE TO RUN WHEN...
  4. problemchild11214

    Where can I find this Song?

    Hi all! I've been looking for this song for quite some time now. Anyone know where I can find, "I Burn?" It's by Marshall Jones. (I Burn for your kisses in the night. I Yearn to squeeze and hold you tight)...something like that.
  5. S

    Any1 in central Nj know where I can find Aby's CD

    Does anyone who lives in central jersey (around Woodbridge) have any idea where to get Aby's Greatest Hits CD? I searched high and low but cant find it.
  6. P

    Please help me find this song!!!!!!!!!11

    I'm trying to figure out who sings this song. I Know it goes a little like this: "Girl, we can't go on this way, i want you to stay, we cant go on this way." Please if anyone can help me , let me know....Thanx I would really appreciate it I'm trying to figure out who sings this song. I Know...
  7. D

    hard 2 find

    What do you think are the top 5 hard to find freestyle songs out there?
  8. E

    Whose CF username you find cool and why?

    There at two names here that everytime I see them logged on...I laugh heheh 1) La Mas Grande Heheh and she is a minature thing lol! Is that cute or what!!! 2) Lanenadeoro I find that name mad nice! ;) Cause she wears mad gold lol -antonio
  9. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find out we love to fly and it shows..............

  10. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find Out Barbie's.............

    Gettin Ghetto on me Hollllllaaaaaa:D

    where can i find this pure pleazure mix?

    i heard this pure pleazure mix and in it i hear the clip of my part of town from the tuff crew not sure what song it is it could be when will u come back to me if anyone knows where i can find it let me know thanks.
  12. smoothrhythm

    Latino Mix... Lemme find outs.............

    Angie, Lemme find out you ain't eat chuletas before the show therefore causing you to have a massive headache. Naya, Lemme find out NYprican had video cameras installed in the Roxy before you got there to watch yo ass..... La La, Lemme find out you installin a laptop under yo desk so you can...
  13. *Sophia*

    You meet and find out - they have kids.........

    What happens when you meet someone and find out that they have kids? I for one don't have any and don't want any, and think it's unfair for me to have any relations with a guy who had them because it will only be unfair to him and if there may be a future, it ain't gonna go nowhere.. Am I...
  14. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find out my Locas' in Heaven ..........

    Lemme find out my Locas' is in Heaven .......... Naya you too much. Hollllllaaaaaa:blah
  15. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find out he ain't potty trained yet...........

  16. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find out Humpy Dumpty was Bungee Jumpin.......

  17. J

    Help me find a cd!!!!!

    I heard this cd a LONG time ago and was never able to find it. The name is Sad Girl and its mixed by DJ Fat Mike. The first song is a guy who sings"Here i am... alone once again-solo otra vez-emotions you'll find... these memories of love keep going through my mind... i try to live my life but i...
  18. smoothrhythm

    Lemme find out he's readin a CF newspaper..........

  19. N

    Need to find this song

    Hi i have been looking for the name of this song and who the artist is maybe someone knows. These are the lyrics "I'm moving I;m leaving I'm walking out the door I can't take away this feeling no I can't take no more. It's time for me to make a move right on my own. I gave u all my loving...