1. frankie

    You think you can dance?

    Loving the show, alot of happy, funny, and some sad moments.
  2. M

    Dance Track of The Night

    I hear that we need to start talking more music on here. So ladies and gentlemen; here's some music talk. What is your Dance track of the night? It of couse can be House, Techno, Electronica, or freestyle. Mine is Juliet-Avalon Juliet is a brand new artist out of the UK. The track is hot, I...
  3. L

    What is the title, who sings this Dance remix of a BlueGrass tune

    Heard this remix of a bluegrass song, which I can't remember the name, something like "Get up now get ready to go, go now go" mixed to some nice updated beats. Can't remember the name of the original or who sang it. Any ideas?
  4. P

    Dance Authority Mixshow with DJ C-ZER is LIVE ON AIR!!

    Hey CF peeps, The Friday Night Dance Authority Mixshow with DJ C-Zer is LIVE ON AIR now....with the BEST Mix of Old School Freestyle, Dance, House, Hip Hop. Tune in, Windows Media: Winamp/iTunes...
  5. This Is GoodBye

    X Treme Dance Tonight's URL!!!

    This Is The URL For Winamp Feed http://www. Other Feeds Must Go To And Search For Dance S Dream Enjoy Show Starts 10pm Sharp Dont Miss Out If U Do Dont Pout!!!!!!!!!1 Got And Issue???? Get A Tissue :)
  6. C

    Dance On Ktu Today:

    one song: "I have so much of you..i couldnt sleep at night...after all this time, still possess my mind..." Second song: im not sure if this is part of the first or a new one. throughout the song she sings "free me..." Third song: "can't get enough of you....gonna make...
  7. This Is GoodBye

    X Treme Dance By DJSpeedFighter

    I Am Working On A Mix Called eRgHiEz It Has The Best Dance Cardio Techno And Freestyle Songs Put Into One Mix.....If Your Throwing A Party Or Have Some Friends Over And Looking For A Good Dance Mix....This Is The One 2 Get...This Is By Far The Best Mix I Have Made .....I WillLet You Know When It...

    Whyi Feel Dance Music Is Dying!!!!

    I Feel That Dance Music Is Dying Because Of The Poor Quality Of Singers Out There. I Got Satellite Radio, And I Listen To The Beat Because I Like Dance Music, But I Noticed That A Lot Of The Stuff They Play Is Horrible, Although They Play Dance Music. Can Someone/anybody Tell Me How The Hell...
  9. James Anthony

    New spot for DANCE MUSIC (freestyle included!) on STATEN ISLAND every FRIDAY....

  10. Edalgiere

    Ah we can dance

    We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're are no friends of mine I say, we can go where we want to a place where they will never find And we can act like we come from out of this world Leave the real one far...
  11. latin babe boi

    Dj Junior Vasquez Leave's New York’s Dance Radio Station, Wktu-fm

    I heard that DJ Producer Junior Vasquez left KTU because of programing issues. It's to bad cause his mix show was Off the HOOK!!!! At least we still have our very own Club Freestyle member turned DJ James Anthony mixing the one, two's. Hola!!! Hey speaking of Anthony, any word on how to get the...
  12. F

    Is Urban Dance Thenew Freestyle?

    I’m not trying to cause controversy just trying to voice my opinion as a true “Freestyle” fan and I hope those of you who are Freestyle fans, producers and artists can understand my point. I’ve been listening to freestyle since it began. Freestyle was based upon many genres in the beginning as...
  13. T

    How many dance Dj's are on this site.

    Lately, I have been wondering how many real DANCE Dj's are on this site. I'm a member of Dj forums but they are are mainly Hip Hop DJ'S, with a only few Trance/Techno/progressivehouse. So tell your story Are you a Vinyl dj, CDj, or a PC dj. How did you start? who was your insperation. What genre...
  14. T

    Fyi, History Of Electronic Dance Music I thought this was interesting.
  15. C

    Dance / Freestyle CDs on e-bay Enjoy!
  16. P

    WHO WAS The Best Sat Nite Dance Party DJ

    The Wizard With The Mix Glen Frisher (@ The Long Island Exchange. Li. Ny)
  17. A

    Party 93.1 South Floridas Pure Dance Channel (RIP)

    For those of you that live in South Florida and enjoyed Party 93.1, unfortunatly today after the 5pm traffic jam today, Party 93.1 came to a end. Their format is now Rock. No more dance and freestyle in South Florida. Dosen't that just suck....
  18. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Dance Muzik

    OK first of all I love CF!!!! and everyone in it, I have grown to love each and every one of you's :love even though I dont come arond much I still love you all. Good friends here now freestyle is not the only genre I listen to: so does anyone know of any dance music forums that I might visit...
  19. This Is GoodBye

    Dance Techno Party On DSD Dancers Dream!!!

    I Will Be Hosting A Mix Tonight Around 9pm - midnight Eastern Pacific Time If You Guys Wanna Listen Tune In On Winamp!!!!!!!! Http://www. Or Go TO And Search For Dancers Dream And EnjoY!!!!!! :scatter
  20. Tony G.

    Nu Image Urban Dance Album Coming 2005

    Nu Image The Album 2005 Urban Dance Unleased! Nu Image meets GTA