1. J

    Vizcayans New Years Dance Party

    Vizcayans New Years Dance Party DATE Saturday, December 31, 2005 TIME 9:00 pm to 2:00 am VENUE Vizcaya Museum, 3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33129 ATTIRE Semi-formal to Black Tie Optional PARKING No cost for self-park. No valet parking available. Parking Areas: Vizcaya lot or...
  2. tearsoftechnology

    New Freestyle Dance Mix

    New Freestyle Dance Mix Just a short mix for those who dig that freestyle sound... Stay updated at this link when new mixes are uploaded: Miguel Reyes - Those Were the Times S Factor - So Hard To Get Sammy C - If You Wanted To Love Me Angelina - I'm So...
  3. K

    Dance Music Show in New York City

    OK, this is not actually a "Freestyle Show", however, it is a big classic dance music event which includes some freestyle artists. Therefore, I thought it was worth a mention. Mix 102.7 "New York's Classic Dance Station" is presenting MIX NIGHT, a special concert starring: Jody Watley...
  4. P

    America The Beautiful dance mix

    I heard it on KTU a while back and I also had it on a mixed CD but the CD vanished :huh anyone have any ideas?
  5. C

    I'm Single, You're Single, I like to Mingle, 80's Dance Song

    I'm trying to help someone find this dance song from the late 80's. The lyrics are something like... I'm Single, You're Single, I like to Mingle Thanks, Dan
  6. This Is GoodBye

    New Song Best Dance Hit Comming Out For Oct 31st

    This Song Hasnt Even been Realeased Yet Its By A Euro FreeStyle Artist Who Is Trying To Advance Her Music She Has Been Most Sucessful And She Has My Props I Will Post A Clip For Everyone As Soon As I Can Her Name Is Kristina Jiante The Song Name Is Higher And Higher Ungh !
  7. O

    Dep Just Dance Ep On Ebay Now THANKS ALL
  8. R


    FREESTYLE DANCE Channel: Digging deep in the crate to deliver these classic cuts. Spinning the best mix of 80's & 90's Dance Hits influenced heavily by Latin Hit Music. This channel will bring back the memories that started the EDM craze.
  9. taezee

    Dance Dance Dance Daaaaance!!!!

    :dancepuff :baby
  10. C

    'outta control' 1994 -1996 dance song

    Subject: dance hit from 90's Date: 09-13-2005 Author: Sharon Does anyone remember the song 'outta control' It was by a female singer and came out around 1994-96. It had an upbeat tempo. Thanks, Dan
  11. C

    Welcome song, techno dance

    Subject: who is the artist? Date: 09-13-2005 Author: Sharon Who was the group that had the song 'Welcome' It was a guys voice and I think all he said was welcome. The rest of the song was music, like a techno dance beat. They used to play it at all the dance clubs. Thanks, Dan
  12. I

    Global Dance Tour 2005 @ Club108- Emjay,La Bouche,Le click,Joee,VLA

    whos going? The Global Dance Tour 2005 - @ CLUB 108, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st CANADA - Mississuaga (near Toronto). Get ready to witness some of the biggest wayback classic eurodance artist's performing live in concert Featuring 5 Performances. Performing Live classic eurodance artist "'EMJAY'...
  13. ChuckD

    You can vote on the top 102 dance classics

    Holla cfers! WNEW 102.7 is doing a countdown of the Top 102 classic dance songs of all time, very similar to the countdowns that WKTU does. However, on this one, there is a screen where you can submit your vote for the countdown. Vote for the freestyle songs you think should be on that...
  14. C

    a porno flick on the dance floor

    Here's another song I'm trying to solve. Here are some of the lyrics... She's dangerous on the dance floor, drips of sweat light skinned puerto rican I call Rita rita? She's a porno flick on the dance floor. Dangerous. Little wiggle in the middle, one by one taking them on her lips her hips...
  15. C

    Mid/late 80s French dance song called Chicago?

    Author: Handsome Prints Mid/late 80s French dance song called Chicago? Not sure if anyone here is from Quebec (Canada), but I remember this French dance song that used to play in the mid 80s. The chorus was Chicago (pronounced "Sheecaaago" in the song). After that it was followed by "na nana...
  16. M

    Dance JOD

    I'm taking you back in the days to the Chicago House Music Scene: Raze- Break For Love(1988) :dj That was a jam there. In middle school I p[layed that when I DJ my first school dance. But since I was at school in very Conservative NoVa(Northern Va) the teachers was a little uncomfortable...
  17. CandyLandGirl

    The New madonna album: Confessions on the Dance Floor

    Its said to be a complete dance album and is expected to release in November with the first single "HUNG UP" hitting radio in October. Can we get some predictions here? 1. Will this album Hit or Miss? 2. Will it have more successful singles / videos than "American life" 3. Will this make...
  18. O

    Dance Music Memory Lane.....

    Sometimes I sit back and reflect how truly blessed we were during our generations time in the 80's when Music in general offered us an explosion of sounds to remember for years to come. From the last days of Disco to the birth of hip hop,dance music and new wave, we had it all! I for one...
  19. frankie

    So You Think You Can Dance??

    This actually is a good show and so brutal and rough for the wannabe dancers.It's sad, funny, and serious all in one. Dancing is one of the most difficult art forms and to dance all kinds of dance, is extremely hard, to make it in the Top 50 is an achievement of it's own.some people are fake...
  20. E

    ~Dance the night away~

    They danced the night away as the jamming music played hands up high in the air strobing lights everywhere Everyone dancing in their own right dancing their body away tonight trance music playing so loud as he surrounds himself with the crowd A lonely soul with a wicked grin looking for...