1. K

    know any slow freestyle songs?

    hello everyone. i'm trying to make a cd with all slow freestyle songs. i've only got a couple of artists....vla, lil suzy, safire, michael christopher, katalina, stevie b,.....does anyone know any other slow freestyle songs? please let me know. thanks!:hearton
  2. J

    Any0ne kn0w any go0d slow freestyle j@mz?

    sup people. does anyone know any good slow freestyle that is soothing and you can just chill outside at night and gaze at the stars or that you can listen and relax to at a beach or something like that? some of my favorites and examples are: stevie b - in my eyes <--- not exactly slow, but it...
  3. T

    Freestyle Slow Jams

    I think there was a post about this before...someone asked what were people's favorite freestyle slow jams. Well, how can it be a freestyle song if it's a slow jam? It's like saying what are your favorite freestyle heavy metal songs. I'm not arguing just wondering why it would be considered a...
  4. M

    your favorite freestyle slow jams

    freestyle slow jams hardly ever get play (except for "all cried out") but a lot of them were really hot! hit tha board wit some of ur favorites! my personal favorites: "all cried out" - lisa lisa & full force "wishing on a star" - the cover girls "thank you" - the cover girls "i can't help it"...