1. D

    Old Slow Song by Miss Debbie Deb

    I think it was called "lets stay together". I cant find this song listed on any of her albums. I just remember it was probably like 1987 and they used to play it as last song at my school dances. If anybody knows the correct name for the song, or has the mp3 - or can direct me to a CD that has...
  2. P

    Looking for old slow song (sounds like a freestyle artist)...

    Says something to the effect of... I can see in your eyyeeeees. something something. And the chorus has If you're going through an emotional love if youre going, through emotiooooons. I know its vague as f**k, but its all I can remember. I used to hear it in the early to mid 90s & it...
  3. CandyLandGirl

    Top 10 Favorite SLOW songs

    1. I'll Be Your Everything - Tommy Page 2. Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson 3. I Remember Holding You - Boys Club 4. I Still Believe - Brenda K Starr 5. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey 6. You Got It All - The Jets 7. Lets Wait Awhile - Janet Jackson 8. Bump N Grind - R Kelly 9. Angel...
  4. D

    Best Slow Jam by a freestyle artist????

    What are everyone's favourites?? Two places - Trinere Missing Part - Judy Torres There's a couple to get this going! Dee
  5. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Slow Down~*~

    :listenSlow Down, I just want to get to know ya' but don't turn around, Cause that pretty round thing looks good to me, Slow down..................:listen I love that song by Bobby Valentino................ :)
  6. bullboykennels

    Freestyle -vs- Reggaeton together the slow jam.

    Yeah I know ya'll are gonna be like what the hell was this dude thinking. So I'm gonna tell you's I was up late very very very late one night dead asleep but still up,. so i decided i wanted to listen to some freestyle and reggaeton together and this ended up being my crack head idea!!!! Just...
  7. M

    Top Ten Freestyle Slow songs of all time

    1. All Cried Out- Lisa Lisa 2. VLA- We Wont Let Each Other Go 3. Stevie B- Because I Love You (The Postman Song) 4. Cover Girls- Wishing On a Star 5. Timmy T- One More Try 6. Expose- Seasons Change 7. Cynthia- Holding On 8. Safire- Thinking of You 9. Cover Girls- We Cant Go Wrong 10. Expose- Ill...
  8. E

    It's been kinda slow up in here

    Is it just me or is it slow on CF today
  9. B

    slow freestyle song I.D... need help!

    i need help on a song artist and title and possibly an mp3 of it.. it's a slow song by a girl and was on a compilation but don't remember where.. the lyrics go as follows: i forgot to say before you went away i'll be missing you i'll be thinking of you ..... that's all i can remember.. if...
  10. A

    Please ID a slow song out 0f 1992

    This song use to play on a radio station called Power 96 in south florida alot, and a female sings this song, and the song is a slow love song. I can remember some lyrics, and this was said alot in this song, I just want to thank you for the love you gave to me I'm sure it's some teen group...
  11. Y

    Whats ur fave. Slow Jam?

    Timmy T- one more try Angelina- Angel Baby VLa- Isnt it beutiful to know Mike Christopher- I dedicate my love etc.. etc... theres plenty more , Spit 'em out.
  12. CoOl_AL_FrM_qNs

    slow saturday

    the day seems like its gonna start off slow.....its freakin cold outside.....try to think of things to do here no anyone here going to the diamante show?.....well anyways have a good day ppl :hithere
  13. D

    Whats that slow song (NonFreestyle)

    Last night around 8-9PM (EST) VH1 aired 100 hottest hottie (something like that..) and in the upper 10 to 1 rank they had a piece of a slow song (sounded like "...I will never dance with anyone, they way I dance with you..") played during the "Pamela Anderson's timeline". The song did sound like...
  14. Sexyangel329

    Slow jams

    I am here listening to 105.1 listening to there after hours slow jams. They always play the best slow jams, all those love joints those baja pantie joints got me here thinking missing.
  15. Baby1010

    Favorite 80's Slow Song???

  16. E

    What's Your Favorite Slow Jam of all time

    Mine is Glen Medeiros - Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You and Brenda K Starr - I Still Believe
  17. A

    unknown slow song from 1994

    Hello, This is a unknown slow song from 1994. It is off one of my old tapes that was recorded off the radio that year. I know it's not freestyle but it's old and I can't think of any where else to find it. This sounds like a teen group that tried to make a success, but only had a one hit...
  18. ColombianHarry

    The Work day is slow.

    I'm glad it's Friday but it's too friggin slow. The day is just dragging and it's not helping that we have very little to do. Is anyone out there in the same situation?:bangbang
  19. S

    Introduces A New Best Hit Slow FreeStyle Song !!!

    The Song Is Called The Legend Of Dragoon - If You Still Belive This Song Is Very Kewl....I Give It A **** Rating....Its Slow But Very Nice Voice Singer.......:)...I Defnitly Reccomend TRrying It ;)
  20. F

    the slow version of angel by joee

    does anyone have it????