1. Tony G.

    Diamond Boy New Single Hits Charts in Belgum

    I happy to see that Diamond Boy Luis track "Look What You've Done" is in the # 3 position on a Belgum radio dance chart. I am very proud of Diamond Boy and to be part of some of this success. Here is the link : Diamond Boy Luis "Look What You've Done"...
  2. CandyLandGirl

    In search of a 12" single

    Its not freestyle, but would anyone know where I might be able to find a SEALED copy of "ROCKET 2 U" by THE JETS?
  3. T

    Stevie B's new single "Old School Party"

    Ok've requested it, and the streets have demanded it. The new cd from Stevie B is just around the corner!! The first single from the new cd is titled "Old School Party" and has people burning up the dancefloor in the clubs that have already received the single. "Old School...
  4. Sexyangel329

    Single Moms/Dads

    Ok important question as a single parent out there dating do you bring jsut anyone home to meet your kids or do you wait to see if its serious and then introduce yuor child/children. I am with my sons Father, but I haev alwasy said if we were not together and I were to be dating I would not...
  5. damianwild

    My Single is on Abercrombie & Fitch's In Store Playlist!!!

    Hey everyone! I just learned that my new single, "Another Heartache" is on the April in-store playlist for Abercrombie & Fitch - which means my song is being played in every Abercrombie & Fitch in the world!!!! Wow! Here is the link to the playlist...
  6. StLouisFreestyle

    Fannypack's new single...

    I just heard a club mix of Fannypack's new single, "Nu Nu" (unfortunately, I haven't heard the original yet). It's hot! Does anyone else find the singer's voice familiar sounding??? I really don't think it could be Cynthia but she sure sounds like her on that mix. Does anyone know who it is...
  7. M

    Rockell's New Single - LOVE

    You can hear the whole thing......go to her website and it will take u to her myspace...there are 4 different versions - and yes it's FREESTYLE! It's a HOT song...finally she's back.....I hope this song makes some noise.
  8. O

    Concept Of One Cd Single On Ebay HURRY BEFORE ITS GONE!
  9. N

    Latin Rascals Single

    Hello, Does anyone have the "It Must Be You" single by Latin Rascals? I just need a track listing and what the different versions are called. Also, was this released only on vinyl? Thanks, Nader
  10. damianwild

    My New Single is Starting to Make Some Noise!!!!

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that my single "Another Heartache" is starting to make some serious noise!! Besides getting a lot of DJ Mixshow play, it also entered the Top 50 chart on D.J. Darryl "Awesome" Owens' DJ site at #32 last week - this week it jumps to #27...
  11. edde333

    Single Woman's Prayer

    Now I lay me down to sleep. Please don't send me no more creeps. Please just send me one good man. One without a wedding band. One good man who's sweet as pie. Who brushed his teeth and doesn't lie. Who dresses neat and doesn't smell. And is sexy like my man Denzel. Is super-rich like...
  12. O

    Corina Cd Single On Ebay Now GOOD LUCK!:jumpr
  13. 4eVerFreeStyle

    How many of you are single / married / involved?

    I didn't want this to be a poll or anything, but I was just thinking and wanted to get everyone's feelings on this.... I guess I'm feeling a little down... just a little, but I hate feeling this way at all. I've been through allot of heartache just getting over my ex... get over that and feel...
  14. damianwild

    My New Single Drops In Two Weeks!!!

    Hello everyone! Just want to let everyone know that although it's not "freestyle", my current music is still "dance" and I have a new single being released worldwide in about two weeks - it's very strange because this has all happened within the past couple of weeks - I recorded this track a...
  15. Tony G.

    Nu Image CD Single 2005

    Myself, Vic and Tyree have talked to Cesar about the idea of releasing A Track off the forthcoming Nu Image Album which is entitled What Ya Wanna Do" with a few edit mixes and another Urban Dance Track from the New Nu Image Album. We would like to know if we did decide to do this would the...
  16. M

    Stevie B - Spring Love (Single! Maxi-CD!)

    I'm looking for so many yerars for Stevie B's "Spring Love" -Single - Maxi CD - NO VINYL!!!!!! or "Dreaming Of Love" or "Party Your Body" I'm from Germany and you CANNOT find it in Germany...its too rare. Can you help me???
  17. latinfreestyle21

    Cynthia is making a new single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey whats Up Freestyler!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cynthia is making a new single for the new year She is back on the track So all you fans out there that love CYNTHIA go and buy her cds I Promise you'll love it If you guys wanna email her and let her know you support her Its Good luck...
  18. latinfreestyle21

    Cynthia is making a new single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey was up!!!!!!!!! Just To all those Cynthia Fans Cynthia is making a brand new Single. She emailed me and told me about it. SO all you Peeps out there that dont have cynthia's cd's go out and buy them She is a very amazing and talented Singer Her Cds are GREAT!!!!!!!!! So everyone...
  19. latinfreestyle21

    Cynthia is making a new single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey whats up!!!!!!!!!! I emailed Cynthia and she said she is making a brand new single cynthia Is one of the Best freestyle singers ever. I think personally she should do all her hits in spanish. Ill keep everyone updated So everyone please Go and support Cynthia, The Freestyle Queen she is Very...
  20. latinfreestyle21

    Cynthia is making a new single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey whats up!!!!!!!!!! I emailed Cynthia and she said she is making a brand new single cynthia Is one of the Best freestyle singers ever. I think personally she should do all her hit in spanish I keep everyone updated So everyone please Go and support Cynthia Freestyle Queen she is Very Nice And...