1. JessicaMarie

    Jessica Marie New Single

    I know I haven't been here for a while but here is my newest song.
  2. Y

    LaParis 12" single on ebay

    Hello freestyle fans! I have a rare release up for sale this week on ebay, just thought I'd share. Let me know what you all think! Thank you, Justin
  3. frankie

    ZOE-"Sweet serenity" CD single

    I do like this maxi-cd single dj rad featuring ZOE-"Sweet serenity" , I just wished that there was one freestyle mix, but i know that type of music on cd is popular in can find single on
  4. Kenny Guido

    Kay Seven Tka new single "set it off"

    Kay Seven Tka new single "set it off" Kay Seven Tka new single "set it off" Set It Off by TKA - Download Set It Off on iTunes Preview and download songs from Set It Off...
  5. ElementFreestyle

    George Lamond mentions 'Airplanes' single, Spanish album AND hints @ the BIG DUET ! :D:D:D Triple threat! Look out, here comes GEORGE LAMOND! I cannot wait to hear 'Airplanes' and find out what the big supersecret duet (Freestyle right?) is! Could this be the year that Dreamboy/Dreamgirl is finally dethroned as the greatest duet...
  6. D

    Rene - Trying Not To Cry Brand New Single!

    Came across RENE Brand New Track and it's hot !!
  7. L

    Buy Chicago Freestyle Artist Legacy new 2 Single CD

    Buy Chicago Freestyle Artist Legacy new 2 Single CD on Ebay. While Supplies last...
  8. Kenny Guido

    Joey Kid's NEW Single NOW AVAILABLE!!
  9. D

    Go All The Way With New Ava Dayton Single

    Ava Dayton is excited to be signed with N.Y. based record label Amathus Music. The label The label has helped her music career as a singer/songwriter, performer and recording artist. The new single "All The Way" shows off her great talents and style. It’s got great mixes by: Chris "The...
  10. A

    Chicco - Up & Down (Single) (1997)

    01. Up & Down (Radio Cut) 02. Up & Down (Long Distance) 03. Up & Down (House of Dreams) 04. Up & Down (Silence Mix) 05. Strange Love (Tribute Mix)
  11. A

    {FREESTYLE} Chicco - Freestyle Hitmix - Why You Crying (Single) (2001)

    01. Freestyle Hitmix (Radio Mix) 02. Freestyle Hitmix (Extended Mix) 03. Why You Crying (Radio Mix)
  12. R

    CD Maxi single

    Hey does anyone have the CD maxi single with remixes of these songs: Legends of Style - We Are The Ones Ray Guell - You Took My Heart I cannot find these anywhere on CD maxi sometimes 12 inch.......... PM me if you have them...... what did the remixes sound like if anyone has them i...
  13. Tony G.

    Nu Image CD Single from New Album Feb 2006

    Be on the look out for the first single from the New Nu Image album to HIT fEB 2006! for more info log onto Stay tooned! Oh Yea New FREESTYLE ! CRACKIN 4 SURE!
  14. D

    looking for jazmine cd single to justify

    someone gotta have it so if u do holla at me looking to buy it or trade let me know what good -----------> jazmine cd single to justify
  15. C

    I'm Single, You're Single, I like to Mingle, 80's Dance Song

    I'm trying to help someone find this dance song from the late 80's. The lyrics are something like... I'm Single, You're Single, I like to Mingle Thanks, Dan
  16. E

    For Married and Single People

    I recieved this in an email today This is long, but it is DEEP, a must read and please pass it on. To those of you who are single or married, saved or not saved, this is for you. I am a 35 year old brother dying of Aids. I would like to share my testimony with you. I am an owner of a...
  17. P

    Question for DJ Paradise about the LisCyn CD single

    Hey Bro! I just got a copy of the LisCyn CD single and I got to tell you I was extremely upset. You see, I got used to listening to the version you used on the Bangin' Beats 2 CD and I didn't realize that the edits you did on the song were not included on the CD single. Anyway, I can't listen...
  18. O

    Amber Rose Never Again Cd Single THANKS ALL
  19. O

    Frankie Boy-my Precious Love Cd Single

    I Have One Sealed Frankie Boy-my Precious Love Cd Single For Trade/sale. Pm Your Offers. Thanks All
  20. O

    Mcsc Dream Girl Cd Single On Ebay Now THANKS ALL