1. Sexyangel329

    Shout oUts

    To every dayum body I dont have the patience to type everyones name down lol pero special shout out to Nessa thank ya mama por todo to all my buddies who been holding me down giving me the support I need to pass this test for having faith in me cause it has only helped me haev more faith in...
  2. ChuckD

    Tuesday afternoon shout outs!!!!

    Holla to everyone on cf right now!!!!!!!!!! adsqueen Angel Moreno Capricorn1 D.J. Paradise Itala JohnFly5 kismet67 lachicabella LadyDivine melissa figueroa michelle28 myonlysweetie nessa's302 Nyasia phillys best planchero Quelinda_Melinda Rafael RioLopez Rookie Sexyangel329 SuzyD vip247 yburgos7
  3. ChuckD

    Wednesday midmorning shout outs....

    Here's a big Holla to everyone online now!!!!! CandyLandGirl chicagoboy Dave G> DetroitGizmo Dianita DJ Soul freestylemasters Jennylicious lachicabella melissa figueroa NYC'sfinnest payac QnZfreestyleGrL QuEeNsGuRL24 Sexyangel329 taezee yburgos7
  4. ChuckD

    Tuesday Afternoon shout outs....

    Here is a shout out to everyone online now!!!! 3000GT Capricorn1 CHanEL_GLaMouR_GiRL Chris-TheNuk Dianita DJ Soul DjCaliente Estenze FREESTYLEFRANKIE Hajas hitman6749 NYC'sfinnest oppositeme PAPI SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 yburgos7
  5. ChuckD

    Wednesday afternoon shout outs

    Well, it's humpday, and the place is jumping!!!! Big "HELLO" to everyone on line now. ayna Brklyn345 Company B cratebug D.J. Paradise DjCaliente DJ_EXTACY heidee14 HennyLuv159 lachicabella lawdawg mike4949 myonlysweetie nessa's302 notinjuschillin Nyasia oppositeme PAPI PRicanPrince Rookie...
  6. Angelino

    ((((( Shout Out's )))))

    TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LADIES IN THE CF FAMILY...... ----------'-------'-------{(@
  7. ChuckD

    Online shout outs...Sunday at 7!!!

    Here's a big holla to everone online now!!!! ClubHeadInNJ Daisy8383 Dreamgirl Edalgiere El ChiCho25 Enigma Evelyn324 heidee14 hersheyskiss71 Latinfreestyle21 LatinSteel melissa figueroa mizzfrankiej22 payac prgirlab rbonuc29 taezee yburgos7 And a big "HI" to the invisible members I see!!!!
  8. Nyasia

    Shout Out To Molten Audio!!!!

    that's my brothers band! :) Playing for the first time in NYC this Friday night at the COntinental in the VIllage..he's my little brother, I am so very proud of him. MUAH!!!! :band they kick ass! :fkinaman
  9. Angelino

    ::: On Line Shout Outs :::

  10. La Mas Grande

    Huge Shout Out to our oldest member

    Enigma is a 100 years old. Nice to know that even those on oxygen tanks still loves Freestyle........... :lol Enigma vbmenu_register("postmenu_781672", true); Honarary CF Fresco Join Date: Sep 2001 Location: ~BrOoKLyN~ Age: 100 Posts: 19,557
  11. ChuckD

    Shout outs to ya all!!!!

    Here's a "Hey Ya'll" shout out to who's online now!!!! AnGeLBaBy61179 crazygirl hersehykiss71 Jennylicious JoeBroni La Mas Grande LaIndia320 latinocop LizPA2005 nessa's302 NVDisMa729 PRicanPrince QuEeNsGuRL24 Quelinda_Melinda yburgos7 and a big holla to you "invisibles" too! I see ya! ;) :lol
  12. D

    Shout Out's Last Night Event

    What Uuuup, This Is Dj Larry Vee, Wow What A Show Its Was Crazy There Was Mad Heads, This Was Great One !!! I Got Host The Whole Show Thanks To Sal A From Fever Records, The Fans Was Wild, I Got To Give Away Cd's And Act Crazy On Stage, I Love The Fans WOW WOW WOW They Really Show There Support...
  13. Edalgiere

    humpday shout out

    hey cf peeps happy hump day Dianita Freestygal, FreestyleZFinest, HennyLuv159, JessicaMarie, nessa's302, QuEeNsGuRL24, rbonuc29
  14. Edalgiere

    tuesday morning shout outs

    hey u how we be on clubfreestyle Brklyn345, BXCookie, Dianita, mike4949, nessa's302, QuEeNsGuRL24, rbonuc29, TOURBOSS and of course those with cloaking devices he he he
  15. ChuckD

    Thursday night shout outs!!!!!

    Holla to all the cfers here now! Angel Moreno bklyngr Da Greek Viewing Thread Daved Enigma EZE_2K3 homerjay JOEDOCPA Latin Nation megotamagicstick mike4949 Rocky SEDUCTIVE NENA taezee tanktruck TOURBOSS and holla to everyone on "Invisible" I see you.......;)
  16. ChuckD

    Thursday night shout outs!!!

    Here's a big old cf HOLLLAAAA to everyone online now!!!!! Betty Dee damianwild JOEDOCPA Krystal QuEeNsGuRL24 Reber ricanlips4u SheeDevil sietzsounds and to all the peeps on "invisible" mode!
  17. Sexyangel329

    Shout out

    I would like to give a quick shout out to a couple of people. First let me say I been under major stress these pass few months in regards to preparing for my test and when I went yesterday to take it i was unable to take it because my NYS ID was expired which got me so upset and heated because...
  18. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~11:24PM Shout Outs~*~

    To: babygirl559, dallas2000, damianwild, DJ Soul, Heavenly, italo512, kxrider375, LaIndia320, Liz_Torres, QuEeNsGuRL24, sExXxe and all of those that can't be seen (invisible mode). :D
  19. DiaMoND_GiRL

    *.*Friday Afternoon shout outs*.*

    Holllaaaaaa Cf!! Shout outs: Brklyn345, Freestyle Avenger, Kary, Latin Nation, myonlysweetie, nessa's302, OdilioMunoz, payac, PRicanPrince, QuEeNsGuRL24, rickyq, Vinss-T, yburgos7 and of course the invisible peeps ;)
  20. ChuckD

    Late night shout outs!!!!!!

    Here's to the cfers online right now!!!!! Betty Dee dallas2000 ddayvid Enigma esmeraldaarceo hitman6749 Gornicevo melissa figueroa Professor X ricanlips4u Savion Damorez taezee TankTruck yburgos7 and all thos on "invisible" too! ;)