1. Angelino

    ((( Big Shout Out's )))

    Just wanted to say hi and to shout out all the old and new freestyle crew.... Club Freestyle used to be my drug back in da days.... lol.... Imma try to post more from now on.... Hope to find everyone in great health and in great spirits.... Special Shout Out's to my buddy.... Myriam Cruz ...
  2. Angelino

    Shout Out's

    Wanted to show out everyone... I hope every1 is doing well...
  3. Angelino

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Shout Out ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  4. ChuckD

    HumpDay Shout outs!!!!!

    Holla everyone! The day is almost over, but here's a big "Holla" to everyone here! BBOY3000 ChuckD demore Dianita Enigma Heartbrake LMZ Music Inc. lovelife melissa figueroa mr.freestyle86 NVDisMa729 RF yahaira yburgos7
  5. J

    Shout Out from NY Brooklyn, Originaly Queens

    I tell you this is a pleasure finding this site!! Freestyle has not been the same out here in NY. We need more freestyle out here and bring some Artist's in from other countries. Im glad to be here!!!!
  6. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shout outs!

    Holla everyone online now!!!! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Edalgiere Enigma HennyLuv159 lady_Manda NickENormus QuEeNsGuRL24 Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA
  7. P

    This is my Saturday night /Sunday Morning shout out

    Wassup to my peeps on here.. I haven't been on much..I've been madd busy over here..I got some news that really bothers me & I had to get away for awhile. The problems still here...but I'm trying to face them & *TRY* to work them out. I'm just still figuring stuff out w/ this issue. But...
  8. ChuckD

    Hump day shout outs!!!!

    Holla to everyone on cf now! Angel Moreno ChuckD DiaMoND_GiRL jazzy4u JOEDOCPA KrackaJack Mix It Up muzik myonlysweetie phillys best QuEeNsGuRL24 SONYA sweetpoison yburgos7
  9. ChuckD

    Monday afternoon shout outs!

    Holla cfers!!!! Good to see you all here. beatsfromdapast Brklyn345 Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY chinkstha84 Chris-TheNuk ChuckD Claybricks CrazyGirl Dianita hear say LaIndia320 Latino wit talent mike4949 myonlysweetie NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 Tamara Santiago This Is GoodBye tito puente jr. yburgos7
  10. ChuckD

    Humpday Shout outs!

    Hiya everyone!!! Hope you all are staying dry!!!! Shout outs to everyone online now!!! angel_mena bassbump Charlie's Girl Chris-TheNuk ChuckD Detourec DiaMoND_GiRL Dianita GEMINIPRINCESS jazzy4u JoeP. leandrolopez Legit mario5starr MARQUIS PlayAtYourOwnRisk rbonuc29 sietzsounds
  11. ChuckD

    Friday afternoon shout outs!!!!!

    Holla at everyone on cf now!!! ChuckD Chereè Dianita FreestyleIsMyLife GEMINIPRINCESS Hajas jazzy4u Kylah565 La Mas Grande Lamondfan Latin Nation leandrolopez legit mcolon2339 Munchie2118 myonlysweetie nessa's302 NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 SEDUCTIVE NENA yburgos7
  12. D

    Big Shout Out To Kieth Kemper

    THE ANTHEM GOD! Damn I dont know whats going on with dance music these days cause they arent releasing fast enuff the great Anthems I got slid to me by Kieth Kemper this boy is ridiculous!! He IS The MAN behind "I cant change your mind" *KTU version* I'll be slappin them down on Friday and...
  13. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    Holla everyone!!! I'm in a good mood! My vacation starts tonight! :dancingb Not going anywhere, but still away from work!!!! :boing Here's a shout out to who is online now! ChuckD DaddyJ02 Detourec Edalgiere Enigma fkfmf joey kid LaIndia320 megotamagicstick Rocky Scott...
  14. Heartbrake

    Shout out to everyone.. Benefit just 3 days away!!!

    Can't WAIT to see everyone there! :dancingb I have this tingling feeling that the night is going to be one we won't soon forget! So make sure you come and show your love for Krystal!!! :fkinaman
  15. aim4night

    shout out to the bowlers

    just want to say hi to chuck, jerseygirljenn, lachicabella(erica) and my luv rookie. i had a blast. we gotta do this more often.:hithere
  16. jazzy4u

    DiamanteShow Shout outs

    Hi guys I would like to say that the show was Great. Artie and Legit the new song is off the hook. I always enjoy the show. Ayna - Girl That song is off the hook ( reggeaton) cant wait. Aby nice to see ya Latin Nation _ papa the song is beautiful - pleasure to see ya always My only...
  17. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    BabyBeTTYBooP djjerme DreamGirl Enigma LouieC melissa figueroa michelle28 phirewerk sExXxe Sexyangel329 sietzsounds taezee toni Willie Valentin yburgos7
  18. ChuckD

    Monday night shout outs!!!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! aces16 Betty Dee Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY CrazyGirl DiaMoND_GiRL DreamGirl drgngold Edalgiere Enigma Fadia HennyLuv159 imfromqueenz JerseyGirlJenn Mix It Up Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 smoothrhythm yburgos7
  19. legit

    Shout Out To The Group Hang Out Today

    I Had A Great Time Today. Naya My Homie, Paradise Hot Ass Edits U Show Me. Hitman And His Wife Vannesa, Heatbrake And Son, My Family Nick, Gia, There Baby, And Joe. We Had Some Food Then Went To Play Min Golf And Batting Cages. We Have A Great Time, I Think We Ready 4 The 17th, This Time Naya...
  20. Angelino

    Shout Out To All The Beautiful Ladies Of Cf

    PART 2...... One again i have to shout out all these beautiful ladies of cf.....when are yall going to put out a calendar of the ladies of CF.......:fkinaman