1. latinfreestyle21

    Safire Lyrics!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone have the lyrics to Safires--Im feeling it too and Can you stand the rain Ft cynthia let me know
  2. Sexyangel329

    Safire & Nyasia

    I felt it was only right I once again applied some pressure on them as I have since forever lol Wilma forgive me mama lol Naya I know you forgive me lol pero cono when are ya gonna do a song hell an album together ya both know I use to hound each of you with this and here I go again but I...
  3. M

    safire website????

    Will she ever created a website??? this would be a wonderful opportunity for her to show who she is and what she has done and a great way to reconnect with all of her fans from around the world! if i knew how to created a website, i would have my unofficial fan website dedicated to her , i...
  4. latinfreestyle21

    Anything new happen with safire!!!!!

    Hey people whats up i know safire has retired from the freestyle business but do youthink she will be coming back is there an email were i can reach her..... Naya i know you got new your her best friend....
  5. CandyLandGirl

    Safire - Safire

    I have the long out of print and hard to find Self Titled CD by SAFIRE for Sale. Comes with original artwork and is in Mint Condition. Includes the hits "Thinking of you", "Boy Ive Been Told", "Gonna Make It' and more. Selling for $50 or Best Offer. Hit me up with a Message if interested.
  6. D.J. Paradise

    Corina & Safire LIVE 4/16 @ The File Radio Show w/ Paradise, Nyasia & Dayer

    "The Freestyle File Saturday Night Dance Party" Come join us this Saturday April 16th from 7-11 PM with DJ Paradise mixing LIVE along with Dance Artist "Nyasia" and Dayer hosting. If you want to chill and relax, laugh, listen to good music, this is the place to be before you head out to do...
  7. Krystal

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Safire ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    :hbday to the one and only Ms. Safire!!!!!! :hbday Hope you have a marvelous day! :cparty
  8. M

    SAFIRE " I will Survive"

    Is their a video version to this song that does not incorporate clips from the " she devil " movie? Anyone know? I have the version with the clips and it gets annoying seeing the movie, it's a great video and SAFIRE looks awesome in it and I would love to get a full video of it.
  9. M

    What's Up Safire???

    Okay , it's been about 3 years since Safire's last project, and I've heard about the "wilma diaz" project for just about the same amount of time. Is this project still in progress? Will it ever see the light of day?? Should I give up hope?? I notice Safire was on this site recently talking...
  10. B

    sa-fire let me be the one radio edit - where does it come from

    i have this tasty little edit version on the b-side of thinking of u, usa + uk 7". now im curious as to where this mix originates from. no mention on the uk press. but on the usa it states "b-side available on cassette and compact disc configurations only". clearly it wasnt on the vinyl lp. now...
  11. HennyLuv159


    I'm trying to purchase Safire's Cd, any suggestions on where I can find it will be appreciated.
  12. M


    Safire or anyone connected to her: please do not take this the wrong way. Girl, I thought you were done performing freestyle! Now I see you have a performance in Chicago this weekend. I'm not complaining, I would love to see you perform forever, weather it be freestyle or not. But I'm...
  13. P

    safire still hosting latin quarters event?

    does anyone know?
  14. P

    SAFIRE'S "I Will Survive"

    I know Safire's version of this song peaked at #53 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, but can anyone tell me how high it went on the dance singles sales and club play charts? Thanks!
  15. FreestyleKidd

    My wants: Johnny O, Safire, Tony Moran, Expose, Coro

    I would like to buy these on CD: "Runaway Love" by Johnny O (Original version, not remixed) "On The Edge" by Tony Moran (Remix w/Safire) "Can You Stand The Rain" Safire w/Cynthia (Promo radio station remix) "Point of No Return" by Expose (original 1985 version w/Ale) "Coro" by Coro...
  16. toni


    some dude on is selling her bringin back the groove album for 50 bucks :angered is it out of print??? can i still get it in the store??? i had it twice already, but i am really bad with my i am looking to buy it again...but 50 bucks, WOW!!!!!
  17. R

    Safire's backup dancer on The King of Queens

    Hey everyone, I was watching The King of Queens on CBS this past Wednesday. There was a fantasy scene involving Carrie and a salsa singer with two backup dancers. One of the dancers used to dance for Safire a few years ago. I think his name is Justin. I met him once after one of Safire's...
  18. N

    Brand New Nyasia & ?----Written by Wilma "Safire" Diaz, blew me away !!!

    Brand New Nyasia & ?----Written by Wilma "Safire" Diaz, blew me away !!! Jack G,You deleted my thread about the Freestyle Rush the movie and now you make it your own.The least you can do is give credit where is due.....for breaking the news to you.Instead you write to me a nasty PM telling me...
  19. N

    Rare Spin Magazine w Sa-fire on front cover 4 sale on ebay

    Spin Magazine with Sa-fire on front cover is up for sale on ebay. Just go to and search Sa-fire.
  20. D.J. Paradise

    Brand New Nyasia & ?----Written by Wilma "Safire" Diaz, blew me away !!!

    Brand New Nyasia & ?----Written by Wilma "Safire" Diaz, blew me away !!! I wanted to be the first to mention this here as I did on my radio show this past Saturday. I will probably get scolded,lol, for posting this so soon, but feel that this is BIG FREESTYLE NEWS. If ya haven't heard yet, the...