1. M

    Real World Road Rules The Inferno II: Brad leaves with Super Wedgie!!!

    Last night The Miz and Brad faced off. Miz gave Brad a super Wedgie, Brad called Miz a super Meathead. Their mission was to drag race. Tonya did good, The trouble 3 Tina, the sexy love couple Rachel and Veronica said they had to pertend to congradulate Tonya so she won't bring no drama. HOW...
  2. M

    Real World Road Rules, The Inferno II. Tina, lovebirds Rachel and Veronica:Mean Girls

    Last night, things really blew up for the bas Asses. Dan and Tonya has had it with the big three of Tina RR sexiest couple: rachel and Veronica calling the shots and insulting Tonya. Tonya performed the best on the team, Rachel, veronica nor Tina congradulated her. Tonya finally got pissed. She...
  3. M

    Real World Road Rules The Inferno II. Jodi Loses in the Inferno

    last night, The Bad Asses wanted to get even with the Good Guys for Jodi playing dirty eerrrrr beating Veronica to that voting idea!! Jodi faced Veronica in a heat in the rope challenge, Jodi beat her! But lost to Veronica in the Inferno. The Good Guys won, jodi did show he was not afraid of...
  4. M

    Real World Road Rules InfernoII: Did The Good Guys cheat?

    The Bad Guys team really showed their fangs after the Inferno Deliberation, to accuse the Good Guys of being fruads. The Good Guys made a plan that: If the bad Guys vote in Jodi or Shavonda, they would vote in Veronica, but if they vote in Julie, they would vote in Tonya. Now it's going to be...
  5. M

    Real World/Road Rules Inferno II: rachel and Veronica

    I'm starting to hear this a lot about Rachel and Veronica being more than just great friends. I have to say, after last years challenge, Veronica was wearing Rachels "Lesbian" shirt. I don't jump to conclusions. But as a question; Do you think Rachel and Veronica are more than great friends...
  6. tanktruck

    ***I'm Gonna Eat It Out Real Good~~

    How do you like to eat your french fries? I love mine with chiili, cheese and lots of ketchup!!
  7. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Keepin' It Real~*~

    How many of you don't give a flying phuck what people think of you because you're upfront, bold and outspoken. You keep it real! :yeey
  8. M

    Real World Philly Reunion

    Last night was the reunion of the RW crew from Philly. Don't worry this is not another post about naked people with animals. I won't do anymore of those posts.LOL. Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reunion was a good show. Mel has platinum blonde hair now, and no scabies.LOL...
  9. Sexyangel329

    Real Estate Brokers

    Does anyone know of any good real estate Brokers I am looking for a 2 bdrm . I have been looking on my own and everything is to pricey I also know what a pain in the ass it is to have to pay a Broker but I need a 2bdrm so I figure Id see what a broker can do for me. Thanks
  10. ChuckD about a clubfreestyle Real World????

    It's your job to pitch a new tv show. The Real World-the ClubFreestyle edition. You have to pick 8 clubfreestyle members (4 male-4 female) to live in an apartment for 3 months and see what happens. Where you would put them, and what 8 members from here would you pick? I'd put them in NYC...
  11. M

    Real World Philly. Shavonda the Slut? Karamo slits Landons throat?

    This weeks episode was a good one. This is part two of their trip to Fiji. Landon and Shavonda starts to get real close and finally they make out with each other. They both skinny dip together. Karamo is not down with it. he thinks it's a shame that she is acting like a tramp with Landon and she...
  12. M

    Real World Philly. Mel has crabs eerrr Scabies

    Last week was a funny episode. Mel was breaking out in bumps which turns out to be scabies. The whole house was scared they had caught it. Karamo was so funny when he told his friend: Who gets that in 2004. Maybe Mel got if from one of her wild friends at her favorite bar that she don't want...
  13. sweetheart

    The Real Thing-gwen Stefani

    Bang...since You Know The Cd And All....that One Song The Real Thing....what Beat Is That....i Want To Say Duran Duran??? I Thought You Might Know Or Somebody Knows Let Me
  14. M

    Real 91.5 wdbk mix-show project

    hola ! all u freestyle fans my name is DJ Danny J from WDBK/Real 91.5-FM located in Blackwood New Jeresy and host of the dance/hip-hop radio show the mixshow project just letting the fans & freestlye artist know that right know freestyle is going strong on the weekend on my show which airs...
  15. ricanlips4u

    The REAL Big News is...

    Basketball season STARTS today!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!:yeey :afroman :dancingb LET'S GO HEAT!!!!!
  16. M

    Real World/Road Rules Ballte of The Sexes. Homoerotic Mission

    Last night was a funny mission. They had the boys and girls teams do the most homoerotic mission ever. They had them try to melt a big block of ice. All the dudes was waering bule bananna hammacks(Speedos) and the girls were wearing tiny bikini's!! Both teams was on top of each oth other rubbing...
  17. M

    Laguna Beach: The Real OC

    Even thought except for The Real World, I hate reality TV. But MTV has a great show called; Laguna Beach: The Real OC. It's a Reality Show that filmed and edited like a regular drama. The shows characters is based around these HS seniors. The main character is Laruen/LC who's the daughter of an...
  18. M

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge; Battle of The Sexes 2

    Last night was the beginning of Battle of The Sexes. The fun and dramatic RW/RR Challege series. Last night was already giving your monies worth. There is a new twist to the season. The last few seasons had an inner circle which was made of the cast with the high scores. Now this season; the...
  19. Company B

    Lisa Lisa f. The Real Roxanne - "Boricua Mixx"

    I really love this song! Damn, da Real Roxanne, ...I can't beleive she found her! It's also feat. Full Force, & some other Spanish/Reggaeton artists. I think it's a hott R&B/Hip-Hop/Reggaeton track, ...she should really do sumthin' big with this jam. What do u guys think of it?
  20. crazygirl

    Real World. Did you see it? what ya think?

    ok so who saw the new real world? what did ya think? i saw it, and so fair it's ok theirs your Hoe your some what girl, the guy who thinks he is the shyt, and the gay guy. well in this case guys now all i have to say is DAMN that gay guy is FINE the black guy. wow what eye candy :drool...