1. C

    Looking for the real artist to a song with the beat to Set It Off

    There is this song we play a lot at the rinks I work/skate at. Everyone I've talked to including other dj's thinks the title is "My Heart Beats For You" and that it's by an artist or group called Mixx. We've never been able to find any other information on either the song or the artist. It's...
  2. Kenny Guido

    Tony G: The Real Story

    Tony G: The Real Story
  3. A

    Stage IV - Real Love (12 Inch)

    Stage IV - Real Love (Miami Bass Mix) Stage IV - Real Love (Euro House Mix) Stage IV - Real Love (Be-Pop Mix) Stage IV - Real Love (Energy Mix) Stage IV - Real Love (Be-Pop Dub)
  4. L

    Do you know Soave's real name?

  5. M

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Guantlet 2

    It's that time again for those RW/RR Challenges. It's The Guantlet 2 Rookies vs Veterans. In this format it puts Cast members who participated in many challenges like Syrus(RW Boston) and Mark(RR1) vs those who just started like MJ(RW Philly). The drama starts with a bang. Jo(RW San...
  6. Dianita

    How you like yours? Real or fake?

    So for do you like you X-mas tree? Real or fake? I'm quite happy with a nice fake tree. I so hate stepping on pine needles and there's no need to water them. my dad used to do the most beautiful Chritmas tree. There was no particular theme, but every ornament had it's memories.
  7. R

    The real blame

    first few days you guys jumpedall over bush's case. i knew before the storm looking at the betty crokcer governor and the "street" mayor they got there. that those two clowns were gonna get thousands killed. and i saw 2 days before the storm. that they looked like they had the brain the size...
  8. J

    New School Freestyle Artists - Keeping it Really Real!!

    New School Freestyle Artists Hello CF Peeps!!! This is your Man, The G Man coming at ya from CF headquarters here in Fabulous Brooklyn, New York. I want to comment on a few issues. 1) CF Peeps are the greatest fans I have ever met 2) CF Peeps have their own valuable opinions In...
  9. taezee

    im sorry but i gotta keep it real!!!!

    alot of new songs/promos/demos/showcase/whatever..alot listed right here on just horrible l!!!!!! if your one of the artist listed on the showcase list and think i may be reffering to you then your probably right!!! maybe your friends are more polite and convinced you that youre the...
  10. A

    Where's the real at?

    I have to say that freestyling is always a good outlet for expression with almost anything. But aside from that I'm wondering where rap music is going. Some artist now are all about one nighters and clubbin'. Where's the real at? :(
  11. N

    The real King of Freestyle!!

    How many freakin' posts must be made about whether Stevie B is or is not the king of freestyle or that George Lamond is the real king etc.The last good CD Stevie B made was his FIRST CD after that CD he try to crossover with pop and flopped(remember "pump that body") that was god awful cheesy...
  12. Dianita

    Screen name vs. real name- what do you prefer fellow cfers to call you?

    As I have started to come out of my shell and am starting to become less shy here on CF, I wonder how I should address some of you. Is there an etiquette? Is it okay to use someone's name if they have it in their signature. This has been my first forum, so I'm not sure and I don't want to offend...
  13. M

    Dove. Campaign for Real Beauty

    Many of you might have noticed on bus stops; Dove ad with average females posing in undergarments. Dove has created a great marketing campaign called: Real Beauty for Real Curves. The time is so right at a time when the self esteem of many young females are low and the popularity of plastic...
  14. tanktruck

    ^^^^i Like My Meat Real Juicy~~~~

    This weekend I'm gonna grill up some hamburgers. I love my meats real nice, thick and juicy!! Hamburgers I like my meat well done. How about you guys?:nutz
  15. bullboykennels

    Editz this was some real bull zhit!!

    Willy, Re-register if you like. All should be fine there after. We also ask that you refrain from advertisement on our website. Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to your return. Kind regards, -- Freddy "The Edit" Rivera Fleet Admiral / Webmaster "Music...
  16. M

    Real World/Road Rules Inferno II. Good guys do win at the end

    Last night was the finalie, the big prize for $150,000. The Good Guys of The Miz, Darrel, Landon and Jamie took the big prize home. The Bad Asses bit*hed the whole mission and lost!!!!!! All crying like little bit*hes!!! The quote from Rachel(Veronica lover.LOL) "It just don't pay to be a bad...
  17. S

    ** Real World in Austin Texas **

    Most of you are familiar with MTV's Real World. The 16th season was filmed here in Austin Texas:dancingb Check out the trailer... looks like they had some crazy times at 6th street!!!!!!!!!:makeout Airs 6/21/05 ~
  18. M

    Real World Road Rules The Inferno II: The bit*h trio is stuck with the devil/Tonya

    The bit*h trio of Tina, Rachel, her lover Veronica were doing Tonya's hair. Tonya saw they was kissing up to her hoping she would lose in the inferno. They has a mini bike race. Julie/Jesus perfromed bad, Tonya did good. The bit*h trio was scared she would get the life saver and send one of the...
  19. M

    Real World Road Rules: The Inferno II. Bad a$$es falling abart

    Last night. Landon and Derrick had a big compertition of who was the biggest drunk and who could whip who's a$$. landon won, but Derrick got his reveng. He shaved Landons hair!!!. Tonya continues to be the victium of the threacherous trio of bit*hes: Tina, RR love birds Rachel and veronica. But...
  20. DJ Dee X-Man

    AWESOME JESSIE's Real as reality

    Anyone know if this artist ever did anything more than REAL AS REALITY. I love this song!! Speaking of this song... what ever happened to the SANTANA TWINS, who help produce this song and many others on this CD? That whole CD is dope!! FREESTYLE FRESH KIDS