1. Sexyangel329

    Morning Babies

    Agh it is a good morning yet again for me despite my train being delayed I remained positive and told myself everything for a reason lol I cant wait till the weekend so I can take my son out yayyyyyyyyyy :)
  2. Sexyangel329

    Buenos Morning

    Hiya :typing everyone disgusting outside today but at least I got a couple of hours of sleep so I feel much better and today i commence my new workout routine yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jogging with my auntie go me go me ok okhope everyoen has a good one must eat breakfast now :shakinboo
  3. Sexyangel329


    Hey everyone good mornign I am so sleepy I dotn think I have gotten any sleep so far this week with having to move this weekend all I do si toss and turn ugh.
  4. ChuckD

    Tuesday morning shoutouts!!!

    Holla to everyone online rigth now!!!! ayna BabyBeTTYBooP caiosoccer cArLiToS WaY HennyLuv159 Itala La Mas Grande michelle28 MyOnlySweetie nessa's302 NYC'sfinnest PAPI QuEeNsGuRL24
  5. yburgos7

    Happy Monday Morning!!!!

    HOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAA CF!!! It's Monday morning!!!! Enjoy your day everyone!!!!
  6. Sexyangel329


    Hello everyone good morrning I am so sleepy and I went to bed early so that sucks 1 more day to go so I can slep late lol :)
  7. yburgos7

    Good Wednesday Morning CF!!!!

    HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!! HOLLLLLLAAAAA my CF peeps!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!:shakinboo
  8. La Mas Grande

    Good Morning Club Freestyle

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day........... :sflower
  9. myonlysweetie

    ~*~Thursday Morning Shoutouts~*~

    babygirl559, babymission, dam im good, edwinvga, heidee14, Jennylicious, nessa's302, NYC'sfinnest, PRicanPrince, rbonuc29 And to all the ones who are invisible!!!
  10. ChuckD

    Morning shoutouts!!!!

    Holla to everyone online right now!!!! Chris-TheNuk Dayer DELICIOUS ANGELI dj steve callo HennyLuv159 James Anthony josepe La Mas Grande LaIndia320 LatinSteel Nasty1 nessa's302 NYC'sfinnest PRicanPrince rickyq SEDUCTIVE NENA toni and a big shout out the the invisibles......:)
  11. B

    Hey everbody heres an early morning Happy Hump Day

    Happy Hump Day CF *muah*
  12. tanktruck

    **Some Mighty Tasty Ding~Dong In The Morning Never Hurt Anybody**

    Oh man, I had to have some chocolate this morning. One of the gurls at work this morning brought some Charlie and The Chocolate Factory ding~dongs. Those babys are good!! They're chocolate and purple filling and purple swirls on top. Yummy going down into the tummy!!:lol
  13. ChuckD

    Mid morning shoutouts!!!!!

    Holla to all the cfer's online now!!!!! ayna BoricuaPrincess Chris-TheNuk DJ Soul djandy28 DreamGirl dutch francis Fstyl leandrolopez Nasty1 PRicanPrince QuEeNsGuRL24 SONYA taezee Holla to the invisible memebers.....I seeeee you!!!!! and to all the guests! what are you waiting for???? Join...
  14. Krystal

    Gooooooooooood Morning CF!!!

    Morning everyone!!!!!!! :wave Stoppin in to say Hi before I leave to go to work! Damn traffic! :lol Hope everyone has a good day! See you all later tonight! :D
  15. mzcrazybtch

    Buenos Dias!!! Good Morning, It's Sunday!

    hope all of you had a great weekend and found ways to remain nice and cool cause it's damn hot!
  16. FantasyGerl

    Good Morning :)

    Thought I'd be the first to wish everyone a HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!!! Have a good weekend all!!! :dancingb :cparty :yeey
  17. B

    Thursday morning!!

    Good morning CF!!!!!!!!! One more day till the weekend!!!!!!!! Woohooooo!!!!!!
  18. Edalgiere

    tuesday morning shout outs

    hey u how we be on clubfreestyle Brklyn345, BXCookie, Dianita, mike4949, nessa's302, QuEeNsGuRL24, rbonuc29, TOURBOSS and of course those with cloaking devices he he he
  19. R

    Early Morning Rise....

    So I wake up @ 0300hrs cuz at 0400 I have to take an applicant to MEPS up at Albany. (Has to be on the floor by 0700.) Before leaving the station, we always give a urinalisys. Wouldn't you know it, this kid popped hot for cocain. :bangbang So now he has to wait a week. Normally it's 72...
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Monday Morning~*~

    :wave Everybody! Good Morning! It's Monday! It's hot! And another week ahead. But we'll get through it. :) Enjoy your day! Stay Cool! Lots of water. :heee