1. ChuckD

    Friday morning shoutouts!!!!

    Here's a big "hello" to all the cfers online now! :wave ChuckD crazygirl DJ Dee X-Man EternalFreestyle francis James Anthony sidneyb tanktruck Krystal And a second wave :wave to all you invisble members....I see you....:)
  2. crazygirl

    Nothing like a cup of kool aid in the morning

    Ok I don’t know what the deal with kool aid in my company is But it’s a Friday thing... I have notice every Friday the same group of ppl bring kool aid. We love the stuff, they know to bring me a cup of kool aid when they make it.. This is something I have not drunk since I was a kid.. But I...
  3. ChuckD

    Thursday morning shoutouts!

    Here's a big "HOLLA" at you all on cf right now!!! Angelino Chris-TheNuk ChuckD crazygirl Dianita DJ DEE X-Man djjerme DJ Soul James Anthony Jazzy4U muzik Pete J Sexyangel329 tanktruck yburgos7
  4. E

    WWE Eddie Guerrero passed away this morning WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3. :sosad! Oh man I can't believe it!
  5. spanishfly053177

    What are you doing this Fine Sunday Morning

    Just wondering what all you CF freaks are doing today, all I have planned is getting a haircut, its to cold to do anything,
  6. P

    This is my Saturday night /Sunday Morning shout out

    Wassup to my peeps on here.. I haven't been on much..I've been madd busy over here..I got some news that really bothers me & I had to get away for awhile. The problems still here...but I'm trying to face them & *TRY* to work them out. I'm just still figuring stuff out w/ this issue. But...
  7. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Morning~*~

    Happy "middle of the week" day to you all. :) Thank god we're half way through. Work has been heeeelllll! Very busy. Hope you all have a good day today. You guys that are going to the benefit this weekend, have a wonderful time. Tell Krystal, we send our love. :wave
  8. L

    morning sunrises

    This isn't really a poem, but a short story. The whole story is written in alphabetical order (ex. A few days... Back when I... Caffeine wasn't...) all the way from a to z. I kind of got rushed, and just threw the last bit together, so I apologize for that, let me know what you all think...
  9. Sexyangel329

    Morning Everyone

    Not feeling to well today goign through the motions of reality knockign me on my ass so its a lil shitty this mornign plus its Monday ughhhhh. First thing I did is put my Keysha Cole on I just want it to be ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa have a blessed Day CF.
  10. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hi familia have a great day and make the best of it. mmuaaahh:walk
  11. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hi familia have a good day and make the best of it. :walk
  12. ChuckD

    Happy Monday morning!!!

    Holla cfers! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!! I was busy as all hell........Softball game, Martini Lounge on Saturday, and Harvest Fest on Sunday. I'm tired, and need more sleep. How many more days to the weekend????? :lol
  13. Sexyangel329

    Morning guys and gals

    Wzuppppppppppppppppppppp I am sleepy almost woke up late didnt hear my alarm go off but I slept throught the night lol have a blesed day everyone :yeey
  14. Sexyangel329

    Morning Everyone

    Hey Everyone I am here on time got to get to work hope my day allows me some free time today cause I been so busy here and with studying I got time for nada. have a good one everyone :)
  15. B

    morning sickness sucks!!!

    I am puking left and right! this is not fun! My husband gained like 15 pounds! he gets up at night to eat like a lil pig, then I barf it in the morning. this is so cool hes gaining the weight!
  16. La Mas Grande

    Good Morning Club Freestyle

    Just wanna pop in and say a quick hello. Been pretty busy lately with school and the kids so I don't have much freetime. I havent forgotten about ya and I hope all is okay. :)
  17. Jennylicious

    Morning CF

    Good morning peeps and Happy Hump day...still shitty out over here in Philly so I'm veryyy sleepyyy!!! Hope yall have a nice day
  18. Sexyangel329


    I got to work 15 minutes early today I am so proud of myself lol I saw wanted to stay sleeping with my lil man . Hope everyone has a great day :)
  19. Sexyangel329

    Its Morning

    Morninggggggggggggggg hiya everyone Im hungry :hithere :dancepuff
  20. Sexyangel329

    Tuesday Morning

    Happy Tuesday morning or not whatever you choose I got no sleep thanks to my son this whole situation has got me even more sleepless then before today I go to the Library I put in a good workout last night go me go me lol :)