1. G

    Where can I find the lyrics to .. ?

    Elissa - Look Who's Crying Now I have been looking for months now and no luck. Please help!
  2. G

    Look Who's Crying Now Lyrics

    Anyone??? Please ...
  3. C

    tomax lyrics

    does anyone have regrests only lyrics..please help thanks :director
  4. SpeedTribe

    Please Include Complete Lyrics

    this is a statement and a question about freestyle lyrics there are artists, producers and industry workers in here so this is to them. im wondering why that they dont always 100% include the full lyrics of all the songs in the CDs/records? maybe its to expensive to print it? but is it that...
  5. D

    Looking for "Yanda - Stay With Me" Lyrics.

    Hi All, I am looking for "Yanda - Stay With Me" Lyrics. This song is very beautiful. I can understand some parts of the song, but not completely. I am asking, please, for anyone with good heart to write here down the lyrics of this song. Thank you very much. - denth0r.
  6. G

    Heyyy I need lyrics =]

    Anyone have the lyrics to Lia Marquis-Dreams?? thanx in advance
  7. brunocpd

    lyrics - Natalie

    I am looking for these lyrics: Artist: Natalie Songs: "I want your love" and "I used to" Please, Bruno;
  8. P

    Who made this with the lyrics....

    I am wondering the title and artist of this old freestyle mix. All I remember is a girl saying, "Another day, another time(or maybe she said night), another place, another (?????),...... security" Then it goes into this nice transformer mix. It is circa late 80's. Anyone can help? Thanks so...
  9. P

    Anyone know the lyrics for "If you only knew" by Chip E

    Anyone know the lyrics for "If you only knew" by Chip E
  10. I


    Does anybody know, or know how to obtain, the exact lyrics to Up Front's 1983 hit "Infatuation?"
  11. J

    Help me find this lyrics

    Where can I find the lyrics to the Erotic Exotic song Take me as I am, I would also like to find this song, since they dont sell it.
  12. L


    Hi, I'm looking for the lyrics of this song, Artist: TKA Song: Come Get My Love Please, thank you, Luis
  13. L


    I'm looking for this lyrics, artist "Sasha" song "So Good For You" Please, Luis
  14. L

    Lyrics of this song

    Hi, I'm looking for the lyrics of this song, Artist "Soave" Song "If you want me" Please I'm going crazy, I have to find the lyrics before my birthday on 9/11/05. Thanks, Luis
  15. E

    The Complete Lyrics to this Song & the Artist Name

    I just remember listening to a song like this before and I could never find out who the artist was or the lyrics. So if any of you guys know the lyrics and the artist please help. Thanks a lot. + Part of the song went something like this: Isn't it beautiful to know we won't let each other...
  16. Edalgiere

    for thos looking for lyrics lots of freestyle lyrics
  17. L

    LooKinG for LyRiCS.....

    hey! u all what'z up? anywayz, I waz wondering if anyone knew where I could go to download LyRIcZ for FreeSyTLe MuSiC.....If Ya KnoW Holla Bak.. and ThAnKz very MuCH AmoR=)~BleSHinGz.
  18. brunocpd


    Does anyone know the lyrics for "Randy Kendall - For Always"? :sadsmile
  19. M


    Does anyone know the lyrics to "You Look So Fine". Thanx if you do!:hearton
  20. brunocpd

    Can someone help with this lyrics?

    I'm searching for lyrics "Tony Marino - One Love" can someone help me? thanks!