1. D

    Synthia Figueroa - You Were Meant For Me (Help me complete this lyrics please)

    Hi, I am a huge fan of Synthia Figueroa and I am trying to figure out how to complete the lyrics of the song called "You Were Meant For Me". I will post what I already have (maybe it is not completely right). I need some help to complete the part that I did not understand nothing while listen...
  2. D


    Hi, how are u freestyle fans, i'm kinda stumped on a song as i found it on a old cassette from back in the day and i don't remember the artist name or song name.... and don't know if this is the right forum,..... all i know are these lyrics "Am I The One Who's Gonna Take Your Love And Steal...
  3. Y

    I Write Lyrics n i currently have over 30

    Ey, i have over 30 lyrics writeen, i just need them produced. So Hit me up at Thxxx.
  4. N

    Johnny O - "I Gave My Heart To You" lyrics

    Hello, Can someone tell me please what the lyrics are in the following part of the song: "...But now make up your mind...<part I don't know>...I'll love you til' the end of time...<he says one word here which I also don't know>..." Thank you! Nader
  5. B


    you should know by now how much i love you and you cant play the games it make me take so long for me to forget you i spent so many night looking for you
  6. L

    I have the lyrics but need to know who sings it.. please help!

    two years ago when i left him that night to think that he could be so right, the one for me for as long as i live, please understand my heart is what i'll give. don't let me fall.. i'm young but not a fool. if time is what you need, i'll pray on my hands and knees and if i wait too long don't...
  7. B

    Can anyone give me the lyrics to these songs?

    First Class-- Sweet Rose Nu Image-- Tears in my Eyes Sammy C-- Other Part of Me Chase-- It was you Thanks,
  8. ElementFreestyle

    need lyrics for Mari P ~ 'Search Within'

    Guys I really want the lyrics for 'Search Within' by Mari P, this is one of the hottest freestyle songs I've heard in a long time. The lyrics I can make out are amazing but I'd like to know for sure what the words are! Please help me out thanks . God bless our nation as we remember the fallen.
  9. brunocpd

    Leather Lace - Tender Heart (Lyrics?)

    Leather Lace - Tender Heart Can someone help to find these lyrics please? Thanks a lot.
  10. brunocpd

    Paradigm feat. Stefanie Bennett - Back for my love (Lyrics?)

    Hello. I'm looking for the lyric from Paradigm feat. Stefanie Bennett - Back for my love. Can someone help me, please? Thx
  11. M

    Can't figure out the artist to these lyrics?

    Hey y'all... all I know about this song, is that it's from the mid 80's, and it used to be the intro for a Puerto Rican Wrestling show on Telemundo in NY, from back in the days called World Wrestling Council (Carlos Colon, Abdullah the Butcher, Hector Ayala, etc...) Anyways.. the lyrics were...
  12. brunocpd

    Need Lyrics Korell - Paradise

    Please, people, you need to help me. i've been looking for these lyrics for days, but i can't find. I need so much to got these lyrics. Thanks!!!
  13. B

    need lyrics for 'Swing My Way' - Stephanie Bennett

    hi and Happy New Year everyone ^__^ I am trying to find the lyrics for Stefanie Bennett's 'Swing My Way' thanks!
  14. babydolllisa

    Does Ne 1 Know Samantha's-Be Sure Lyrics???

    Does ne 1 know Samantha's-Be Sure Lyrics??? If U do plz post em here. Thanks in advance. Muah!!! Btw: Does ne 1 know what happened 2 her??? I Luv Her Songs!!!
  15. babydolllisa

    Does Ne 1 Know Pain's-It Cud Of Been Luv Lyrics???

    Does ne 1 know Pain's-It Cud Of Been Luv Lyrics??? Plz post em 4 me if U do here. Thanks in advance. Muah!!!
  16. L


    Song: When The Pieces Fall Artist: Yolanda Milla Please, Luis
  17. L

    song lyrics

    Artist: Jammy Song: Walk Away Please, Luis
  18. L

    Lyrics of this song

    Artist: STATE OF GRACE Song: HELLO Please, Luis
  19. L


    I'm looking for this lyrics Song: So good for you Artist: Sasha Thanks, luis
  20. L

    Lyrics of this song

    I'm looking for the lyrics of this song; song: For Always artist: Randy Kendall Please, Thank you Luis