1. D

    Adam Marano & Lil Suzy

    Hey Everyone! I FINALLY just got my copies of Adam Marano's and Lil Suzy's new Greatest Hits CD and I must say they are AWESOME! Every track on each CD was rerecorded. Lil Suzy especially sounds great, since some of the songs she originally recorded when she was only 12/13. It's great to hear...
  2. Kenny Guido

    My lil sister & my nephew!!!

    :) thanks sexyangel!!
  3. P

    Lil Suzy..FEAT. Stephanie...New MUSIC

    For all you Lil Suzy fans, she has a new song coming out w/ Stephanie. It's called "Just a Freak" The single will be released by 24/7 Records. No date for release yet...BUT i'll be sure to post more when i find out. If you want to view the cover of the single Feat.these 2 lovely ladies check...
  4. P

    Lil Suzy Day here at CF......?

    How about we make today Lil Suzy day here @ CF.... Happy Birthday..... :cool Gonna miss the 3/9 show....duty calls! :crap
  5. 1sxychica

    Li'l Billy Jokes

    LITTLE BILLY ON ..... PHILOSOPHY A teacher asks her class, "If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?" She calls on little BILLY. He replies, "None, they will all fly away with the first gun shot." The teacher replies, "The correct answer is 4...
  6. K

    Can't Find This Lil Suzy Song

  7. F

    Why Do A ot Of You People Hate Lil Suzy So Much...

    ...I hear many things like she has a screechy voice and some of her beats were played out. I think she’s a pretty good singer and her songs are tight. And how do you say Take Me In Your Arms is a bad song. Im just wondering how people thinks she suck. Thanx Frankie Shaj (Shy)
  8. F

    lil suzys greatest hits

    its out now 18 traks 3 new ones sounds great go get it and it dosent include treat me right what a shame but you get your moneys worth with 18 tracks and has anyone heard the rythmmaster electro track mixes perfectly with freestyle
  9. A

    Does anyone have Lil' Johanna "Take Me In Your Arms Again" Funky Melody Mix on MP3?

    Does anyone have Lil' Johanna "Take Me In Your Arms Again" Funky Melody Mix on MP3? I really want this song. :confused:

    a lil MIguel Reyes news

    whats up cf peeps just wanted to give a update on miguel reyes whoever dose not know him he did those where the times plus other great tracks well i was just told by him he wants me to let everyone one know that he had something in the works but dose not know when it will be out and he wants to...
  11. F

    Lil Suzy and Collage

    Does anyone know the release dates for Lil Suzy's and Collage's Greatest Hits cds? Thanks! :) Randi (FreestyleGal)
  12. F

    Lil *Suzy " look a likes "?

    wassup freestyle-etts! i made this post to see if there were any Lil Suzy " look a likes " out there. to be honest..i'm looking for someone that looks like her(to be with), so if you're that *Special one..I hope we can get to know each other Better;) ! Let me know Wassup..leave me a Reply or...
  13. J

    Lyrics of "Real Love" by Lil' Suzy

    Hi! Does anybody know the lyrics of Lil' Suzy's "Real Love"?? Thanx
  14. djslim313

    just lil ole me

    this is me and my brother joe, i'm on the left :D
  15. F

    PARTY HOUSE 3 -johnny O - Lil suzy

    Lil Suzy and Johny O are schedule to be at the 95.3 PARTY Anniversarry Concert Feb 2 in Orlando FL
  16. D

    look its just lil ole me

    im not photogentic bare with me
  17. E

    Feel You From The Inside (Johnny Budz & Lil Suzy)

    "I wanna feel you from the inside" that song remix by Johhny Budz on KTU Sunday nights with that trancey beat. Is this song available on CD?!? It's the phatest mix i ever heard borrowed from a freestyle song! -Antonio
  18. Company B

    Lil Johanna/ Pajama Party??

    I just saw that Freestyle Mom posted that Lil' Johanna is singing back-up for PAJAMA PARTY??????? What's this about? Is it true??? Anyone got any info on this.....PLEASE let me know! Thanx! : )