1. E

    Ladies of CF...why? (Heavy earrings)

    I notice on some females big holes on their ears and its because of excessive heavy earrings that stretches out the earlobe. It hurts me looking at it and also big holes on the ears kinda looks yucky. So I wanna know why many females continue wearing heavy earrings and not caring that their...
  2. Nyasia

    Hey LADIES...

    did the Midnight Bandit come by last night?...LOLOLOL :shush :sperm
  3. Sexyangel329

    FYI for the ladies

    Now I know how to get a good workout in lol In a revelation that lends new meaning to the phrase "fast women," a German sprinting coach says research proves that female sprinters who have sex before competing generally perform better. The coach, Uwe Hakus, told the aptly named German magazine...
  4. E

    Ladies of CF!

    How many birthmarks you have on your ass?
  5. Edalgiere

    Hey Ladies OF CF

    HOW ABOUT A W.O.T :heee
  6. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Ladies, This Is My Friend~*~

    This guy has been my friend for over 15 yrs now.........He used to live here in NY and lives in Florida now. He's Married. Was a NY Detective and is now a Florida cop. He's also helping my husband and myself to move out there by June. :)
  7. La Mas Grande

    The Ladies in Fl part II

    Here are my pic's....... 1st Krys and Heavenly 2nd Ness and Me 3rd Chuck and Me :)
  8. Krystal

    The Ladies in FL...

    These were taken before the show on Friday... 1 - LMG, Nessa and me 2 - Heavenly, LMG and Nessa 3 - Nessa, Me, LMG and Heavenly
  9. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Ladies and Some Men~*~

    Do you wax, thread or tweeze your eyebrows? I have threaded mine but find it's no different in the amount of time the hair grows back. So I went back to waxing them. Tweezing I used to do years ago. No more.
  10. nessa's302

    Question for the ladies...

    Ok ladies, I want to take a poll as to which uniform u prefer ur men in if u like them in uniform at all........
  11. M

    Happy Valentines Day to my CF Ladies

    Even though I'm glad It's raining today. Happy Valentines Day to all the CF Ladies :hyes :heartbeat
  12. Edalgiere

    Happy Valentines day To the Ladies of CF

    A HAPPY VALENTINES TO Dayer @>-;----- Krystal@>-;----- labettyboop@>-;----- myonlysweetie@>-;----- jazzy@>-;----- delisious@>-;----- laindia320@>-;----- liz torres@>-;----- nyasia@>-;----- ashley@>-;----- sweetheart@>-;----- mzcrazybtch @>-;----- crazygirl@>-;-----...
  13. Edalgiere

    need a big fav from the ladies of CF that have met me

    lets say a ladie contacted you about me trying to find out what iwas like how would you descibe me? please do it as a PM need to be honest trying to compose an ad for yahoo personals
  14. Edalgiere

    ladies need your help

    what are the non verbal signs a girl might be interested?
  15. kxrider375

    ?? for the ladies from the Followers/Stalkers (Part 2 Enigma Thread)

    This is for you ladies because I have always been curious about what it took to actually talk to you with out getting slapped. Now that most of us have admitted to following beautiful women (Enigma thread). I was wondering how one would approach a lady such as yourselves and not look like some...
  16. Edalgiere

    To the ladies of CF

    the ladies of CF are so sweet, nice and pretty hot. ladies of Take A BOW
  17. Company B

    Sweetheart & ladies, (Dancer)

    Hey, this is one of my best friends, one of my "Boyz", & yes ladies, ...HE's STRAIGHT!!! (Sweetheart, he's a stripper/dancer, & a bartender). Enjoy! :)
  18. E

    Ladies of CF I need your Christmas help!

    Ladies of CF I need your help here. In my job we did a which whoever's name comes up you have to give them a gift. Problem is I want to give a gift to all my co-workers. It's 3 girls and one guy. I am on a budget. The guy I don't worry about cause I can give him one of my spanky new...
  19. Kris_Vega

    Rich Ladies Look Here

    If you are hot, rich, and single (or almost divorced) call 1-800-SEX-VEGA. Send nude pics, bank statements, and credit card numbers to 123 Livewood Lane, Athens MA, 99999. Hobbies and interests must include, sex, blackmail, and spending money on your man. Which will be me. Honesty is...
  20. latinocop

    For the ladies

    Vin Diesel fans