1. Nyasia

    Hey LADIES...

    did the Midnight Bandit come by last night?...LOLOLOL :shush :sperm
  2. ChuckD

    Hey, has anyone seen.......

    Tank Truck and Ivan? haven't seen them online......wondering where they are...
  3. O

    Hey You!...Rate my mixes! (56K, A-ok)

    I've been asked to share my stuff with the world, and since I won't have time to press these and pass them out, I'm doing it the Hi-tech way; through the Internet. That's right folks, I'm placing some of my mixes online so you can rate them. Let me know if you likes or if you don't, and if...
  4. B

    hey my cf fam

    hey my cf fam how is everyone as for me well my husband thought i could use a vacation so we went to PR on 4-1 it was a very last minute thing well my mom called on the morning of 4-14 and said my grandfather would not make it past that night we werent scheduled to come back till monday the...
  5. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hey, It's 9:23am...~*~

    Do you know where your fellow CF'ers are??????? :blah
  6. Lamatrix

    Hey Chuck look at what the Blood bank wrote back

    "Comments: The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) also requires that blood centers defer male donors who respond affirmatively to the question "have you had sex with another man, even once, since 1977." I find this to very disturbing. Everyone who gives blood should be welcomed except for those...
  7. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~HeY It'S WeDnEsDaY~*~

    Happy Wednesday everybody. :D The middle of the week has now arrived. Wooooooohoooooooooo! I'll be on the road at this exact time tomorrow on my way to the :sunshine state. :yeey Everybody have a wonderful day today. :heee
  8. nessa's302

    Hey Ppl!!!

    Yes ya'll I got my comp at home!!!! I can't wait till i'm on, on the reg. unfortunately right now i have to get going b/c my daughter has a game tonight but i'll try and be on later....MUA
  9. SONYA

    Hey All

    Hey all... I know I've been MIA lately but I was in Europe got back a couple of days ago just wanted to pass by and say hi :hithere
  10. Edalgiere

    hey there cf peeps

  11. Edalgiere

    Hey Ladies OF CF

    HOW ABOUT A W.O.T :heee
  12. L

    Hey Ya'll

    Hello people... I'm Latin_Ladie, just wanted to stop in and say Whats up! I'm in Michigan originally from san francisco california.... just moved 2 years ago with my husband! Always been a freestyle music lover and always will be! Just surfing around looking for new freestyle jams! :dancepuff
  13. Edalgiere

    hey cf sleepy heads

    its morning so ]!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!! :dwink :dancepuff :nah
  14. Edalgiere

    Hey Chuckd

    Hey Chuck Can I Ask You Something
  15. Edalgiere

    hey hey hey cf hump day is here

  16. Edalgiere

    hey hey hey its thurday

    how About some roses for the ladies of CF @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;----- @>-;-----
  17. sexymay

    hey back again

    well here I am again looking for help here goes.. the song goes like this when you leave slam my door don't have to put up with your lies any more something like that female sings it . So any one knows what i'm talking about?:boing
  18. Edalgiere

    hey hey hey cf happy......

  19. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hey CF.........~*~

    What up???? What ya' doing right now at this minute? Don't think about it just jot it down quick right here! :D I'm bored as hell and needed to start and "anything" thread for the hell of it! :lol
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hey Mommy & Daddy~*~

    Let's talk about our kids okay................ My almost 16 yr old daughter dances salsa professionally, is involved a hip hop competition she's preparing for now for March 19th, is going to dance at Madison Square Garden on March 13th when the knicks play against the Sonics at half time, and...